Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 114

Zhao Binghua said as he reached out to undress Wen Ruyun.

  He had long coveted Wen Ru Yun's beauty!

  Otherwise, when Wen Zixu usurped power last time, he wouldn't have kept asking Wen Ruyun to undress and search her!

  "Get lost!"

  Ning Tianlang bellowed, turned around and flew up a leg!

  It directly kicked Zhao Binghua to the wall!

  His eyes reddened as he hugged the shivering Wen Ruyun and bellowed, "You're fucking looking for death!!!"

  Killing intent like a blade erupted from his body!

  In an instant, it was as if the temperature in the entire box had dropped to below zero!

  The entire scene was dead silent!

  "Gu Dong!"

  Feeling his powerful aura, Wei Yingzhou subconsciously gulped his saliva.

  Not a single word could be uttered!

  Ning Tianlang swept a circle of the crowd with icy eyes, his voice bitterly cold as he said:

  "All twelve of you, I, Ning, have memorized all of you! The next time I see you again, you'd better not kneel down and beg me!"

  After saying these words, he kicked open the door of the box with a bang and left with Wen Ruyun in his arms!

  Back in the car, Ning Tianlang used a paper towel to wipe off the soup on Wen Ruyun's body bit by bit.

  Somewhat blaming himself, he said, "Big sister, it's my fault for not protecting you."

  "I don't blame you ......."

  Wen Ru Yun's pretty face was already so red that it was dripping blood.

  There was only a small piece of clothing in her white shirt.

  Ning Tianlang was so close to wiping her body that it could be said to be in full view ......

  "Tian Lang, I'll do it myself ......"

  She probed her body to get a tissue, but her body collided with Ning Tianlang's warm palm.


  Wen Ruyun let out a soft cry and shrank back again as if she had been electrocuted.

  Ning Tian Lang felt the softness of his palm, and his heart was also slightly shaken.

  "That ...... cough ......"

  He looked unnaturally dry and coughed twice, changing the topic, saying.

  "Big sister, don't worry, none of these people can escape today! I will make them kneel at your feet and pray for forgiveness!"

  Those people dared to harm big sister under his nose!

  In his heart, they were already in the same shape as dead people!

  "Tian Lang ...... What are you going to do about them?"

  Wen Ruyun came back to her senses, her eyes showing concern, "You must not kill again ......"

  "If you say not to kill, big sister, then I won't. But I will definitely make them regret their lives!" Ning Tianlang said to Wen Ruyun as he started the car:

  "Big sister, tomorrow is the Kunlun Group's bidding conference, you'll go with me. After settling those people, I'll introduce you to the deputy director of the Kunlun Group."

  Upon hearing this, Wen Ruyun's pair of beautiful eyes instantly glared, "The deputy director of the Kun, Kunlun Group? Really?!"

  Although Ning Tianlang had told her before that the owner of the Kunlun Group was his comrade-in-arms.

  But at this moment, suddenly learning that she was able to meet the deputy director of the Kunlun Group, she still had a burst of excitement and surprise!

  "Tomorrow morning you'll first go and see if there are any projects you're interested in, finalize them with the Kunlun Group's vice director, and then go to the bidding conference to go through the motions."

  "Good! I'll definitely prepare properly and definitely won't embarrass you tomorrow!"

  Wen Ruyun's two eyes shone with twinkling light, and there was a hint of a different color in her gentle gaze towards Ning Tianlang.

  This younger brother of his, had really grown up!

  No longer was he the little boy who had milkily followed him to ask for candy.

  He has already grown into a powerful man that he can't even see through ......

  Early the next morning, Wen Ruyun came to the living room wearing a slim white suit.

  After fastening the buttons, the slender waist that was in a firm grip was suddenly on display.

  She wore a pair of flesh-colored stockings underneath, which were natural and unobtrusive, wrapping around her smooth-lined calves, with a hint of extreme sexiness in her modesty.

  She stood in front of Ning Tianlang and spun around, excitedly saying, "Do you see how I look in this? Does it look good?"

  "Good looking! My big sister looks the best!" Ning Tian Lang beamed, "So good looking that I don't want others to see it!"

  "Poor talker!" Wen Ruyun gently smacked him, "Then let's get going quickly! It would be rude if we're late."


  Ning Tianlang answered and drove Wen Ruyun towards Kunlun Group.

  Today's bidding conference was held at the Kunlun Group's No. 1 Building.

  While the induction ceremony for Wei Yingzhou and Gao Guangyao and the others was at Building Number Three.

  Ning Tianlang directly parked his car at the entrance of Building Number Three.

  He wanted to get rid of those jumping clowns before talking about anything else!

  At this moment.

  In the conference room on the twelfth floor of Mansion No. 3, there were more than two dozen applicants waiting anxiously.

  Among them, the twelve from last night were all present.

  They were seated in one place, vaguely centered around Wei Yingzhou.

  Immediately, Kunlun Group's final hiring information would be released!

  Nervousness and anticipation were written all over each of their faces!



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