Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 115

Zhao Binghua's face was still a bit pale, obviously he was not lightly kicked by Ning Tianlang's kick yesterday.

  He whispered, "Young Master Wei, it looks like it's almost time, why haven't the people from the Kunlun Group come yet?"


  Wei Yingzhou made a silent gesture and lowered his voice, "What's the point of panicking, all of us will definitely be accepted anyway!"

  Just as they were tense and uneasy in their hearts, the door of the conference room was slowly pushed open.

  At that instant, everyone simultaneously raised their heads and looked towards the door.

  The ones who entered through the door were none other than Ning Tianlang and Wen Ruyun!

  Wei Yingzhou was first slightly stunned, then he was surprised, "Why are you guys here?"

  Yesterday, after Ning Tianlang left, he sent the video of Ning Tianlang's "confession" to all the second-rate families.

  Originally, he thought that Ning Tianlang would definitely leave this circle after losing such a big person, and would never show up again.

  But he didn't expect that at such a tense and critical moment, the other party appeared in front of him again in a dignified manner!

  Zhao Binghua's eyes were resentful, and he coughed while saying:

  "Cough cough ...... This is the waiting room for Kunlun Group applicants! It's not a place where scum like you can come in?!"

  He hated Ning Tianlang!

  Yesterday, he was kicked in the face, and even now, his internal organs were still aching!

  He was now completely holding his breath and insisting on applying for the job here.

  Gao Guangyao laughed coldly and teased, "Maybe he's here to apply for a job as a security guard, isn't he also a job applicant?"

  As soon as the words left his mouth, the crowd let out a burst of laughter.

  Ning Tianlang walked in front of them, casually yanked over a chair and slowly sat down, saying to Wei Yingzhou:

  "Didn't you ask me yesterday if I could still make it impossible for you guys to be inducted? I'll answer you now, yes! I can make all of you return home in defeat!"

  "Heh heh heh ......," Wei Yingzhou despised and laughed in shame.

  "Surname Ning, what kind of place do you think this is? How dare you say such big words?"

  Gao Guangyao chimed in:

  "That's right! This is the Kunlun Group! You little trash dare to act like a pussy on the Kunlun Group's turf, you really don't know what the hell you're doing!"

  As soon as his words fell, Shangguan Hong walked into the conference room with two small secretaries.

  Gao Guangyao and Wei Yingzhou and the others immediately shut their mouths!

  They didn't dare in the slightest to be rude and make a fuss in front of Shangguan Dajiao!

  Everyone all stood up and bowed respectfully, "General Manager Shangguan."

  For a moment, everyone present's heart was like a drum, starting to thump wildly! The turning point of their lives was about to arrive!

  Whether they were hired or eliminated, success or failure was at stake!

  Shangguan Hong came close to the crowd and was just about to open his mouth to speak when he suddenly saw Ning Tianlang sitting next to him.

  He couldn't help but be slightly stunned.

  Why had this great god come?

  Could it be that he had come to inspect the work?

  Thinking of this, he immediately opened his mouth and reported to Ning Tianlang, "This is recruitment ......"

  But, before he could finish his words, Wei Yingzhou's eyes rolled and he pointed at Ning Tianlang and reprimanded:

  "This is an important place for Kunlun Group's recruitment! Is it not a place where trash like you can come in? Get lost!"

  He thought Shangguan Hong was going to question why a stranger was here.

  So he cleverly took the lead in speaking out against Ning Tianlang.

  Attempting to leave a deep impression in front of General Manager Shangguan.

  Just as he was congratulating himself on his wit, Shangguan Hong's face turned green!

  Being picked up by Wei Yingzhou like this, his meaning was completely distorted!

  Shangguan Hong was so frightened that his stomach chilled and he hurriedly waved his hand to Ning Tian Lang and said:

  "I didn't say that! This is all what he said! I didn't say anything!"

  He didn't want to offend Ning Tianlang, the big man with a mysterious identity, anymore!

  Ning Tianlang smiled faintly, "No harm done, I'm just here to see what kind of talents you're planning to recruit for the group."

  He emphasized the word "talent" very heavily.

  Hearing Shangguan Hong, he broke out into a cold sweat!

  Wasn't this just blaming them for their poor work!

  Shangguan Hong licked his instantly dry and cracked lips and stammered, "We haven't, haven't decided on the final hiring list yet ......"

  Ning Tianlang glanced at Wei Yingzhou and the others and faintly asked:

  "General Manager Shangguan, I wonder if I have some say in the preparation of this final hiring list?"

  "Dang, of course!" Shangguan Hong wiped the cold sweat from his forehead and respectfully said.

  "Even Vice Director Zhuang has to listen to your orders, of course you have absolute say!"


  The moment Shangguan Hong's words left his mouth, the entire conference room directly froze!

  Everyone was like being struck by lightning!

  Their minds roared!

  All of them stood motionless in place!

  As if they had been pointed at a dead spot!



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