Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 116

Wei Yingzhou was dumbfounded!

  Gao Guangyao is dumbfounded!

  Zhao Binghua was dumbfounded!

  Everyone was dumbfounded and stupefied!

  Especially those who attended Wei's banquet last night.

  Each and every one of them was so scared that their faces turned pale!

  "How is this possible ...... this is absolutely impossible ......"

  Wei Yingzhou was shaking like he was having a stroke and couldn't even stand up!

  To think that even Vice Director Zhuang of the Kunlun Group had to follow Ning Tianlang's orders?

  And Ning Tian Lang also had absolute say over the final hiring list?

  This really wasn't a joke?

  Wei Yingzhou's two lips lost all blood color, and his eyes went dark for a while!

  He couldn't figure it out!

  Isn't this Ning just an orphan from an orphanage?

  He's powerless and idle all day long!

  He doesn't even have a proper job!

  How can such a person order the Vice Chairman of Kunlun Group?

  Is there any justice in this world?

  Gao Guangyao and Zhao Binghua were even more confused!

  Isn't this guy a womanizer?

  How could he have so much power in the Kunlun Group?

  "What in the world are you ...... you?"

  Wei Yingzhou's voice trembled, without the slightest bit of the commanding air that he had just had.

  "Where the fuck do you have so much nonsense?" Shangguan Hong reprimanded in a cold voice.

  "You're not qualified to know this one's identity! For the sake of the Wei family, I advise you to be less curious!"

  This was what Zhuang Yucheng had said to him earlier!

  At this moment, he said it all to Wei Yingzhou as it was!

  "What ...... what ......"

  Wei Yingzhou couldn't believe his ears!

  Even Shangguan Daoshao was so terrified!

  Then wouldn't Ning Tianlang's identity be unimaginably honorable?

  Thinking about this, Wei Yingzhou couldn't help but tremble!

  He remembered!

  At the Wen family banquet, Ning Tianlang had made a bet with Wen Guangyi.

  The bet was on who would be the first to negotiate a cooperation project with Kunlun Group between Kang Yang Group and Rhyme Ting Department Store.

  At that time, everyone thought that Ning Tianlang was bragging, but now it seems that every word he said was the truth!

  A person who could order the deputy director of Kunlun Group, taking down one or two projects wasn't an easy task?

  The so-called bet was simply teasing Wen Guangyi! When he thought about those five invitations from the Gu family, Wei Yingzhou's two calves had already started to cramp up!

  Without a doubt!

  Those invitations must have all been given to the Gu family by Ning Tian Lang!

  What Gu Xingguo said was all true!

  It's just that these narrow-minded and self-important people don't want to believe it!

  Thinking of this, he only felt a dizzy spell before his eyes and almost fainted in place!

  It turned out that Big Brother had been by his side all along!

  It was just that he was too stupid to realize it!

  At this time, Gao Guangyao and Zhao Binghua beside him also understood everything!

  That man they had been sneering at all along was not only not a piece of trash who ate soft rice, he was even a supreme existence that they could never reach!


  Zhao Binghua's heart and mind shook!

  He directly spat out blood in fear!

  He had already been kicked by Ning Tianlang and had not yet recovered from his serious injuries, but at this moment, his five organs were appalled and shocked, and a mouthful of blood spurted out wildly!

  Gao Guangyao wasn't much better!

  Although he didn't spit out blood, he didn't have any control over his lower body, and was directly scared to the point of incontinence on the spot!

  A foul stench came from his pants, so disgusting that Shangguan Hong almost didn't vomit!

  Shangguan Da Shao was extremely disgusted by dirty and filthy things!

  At this moment, someone was actually pooping and peeing in front of him, he let out a disgusting dry retch and shouted angrily:

  "Gao Guangyao! You are expelled! Permanently fired! You may never set foot in Kunlun Group!"

  As soon as the words fell, Gao Guangyao's legs directly went limp!

  "With a plop, he sat down on the ground!

  He no longer cared about the dirt in his pants!

  There were only two words in his mind now - it's over!

  He was finished!

  Completely finished!

  He had offended the wrong people, and his career had been ruined!

  They are not the only ones!

  Those who attended the Hongmen Banquet yesterday, all of them shivered and trembled into a ball!

  One by one, their faces were as pale as paper!

  There was even someone who, like Gao Guangyao, was so scared that he directly peed his pants!

  Looking at these carefully selected final candidates in front of them, some were vomiting blood, some were incontinent, and some were shivering like they were electrocuted.

  Shangguan Hong was all confused.

  He found it hard to believe that these people were the elites that he had personally screened through the layers!

  He looked warily at Ning Tianlang and said without tears:

  "Mr. Ning, they weren't acting like this when they were in the preliminary and reexamination before ......"



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