Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 118

Wei Yingzhou's eyes were full of begging!

  Almost everyone knew about him coming to Kunlun Group to apply for the job!

  If he was really eliminated, what face would he have in Qing'an City in the future?

  At that time, I'm afraid he wouldn't even be able to return to the Wei family's business!

  Countless gossip and cynicism could bury him alive!

  Thinking of this, he winced and kowtowed even harder!

  In a short while, his forehead was already covered in blood!

  The others saw that Wei Dashao had completely withered, and knew that there was no more room for maneuver.

  They all followed Wei Yingzhou and kowtowed frantically to Ning Langtian and Wen Ruyun!

  Even Zhao Binghua, who was spitting blood from his mouth, struggled to get up from the ground and kowtowed along with the crowd, begging for forgiveness!

  Looking at the humble manner in which they knelt before him and kowtowed as if they were pounding garlic, Ning Langtian's eyes remained devoid of any emotion.

  Although he had promised his big sister yesterday that he wouldn't kill anyone, it definitely didn't mean that they would be forgiven!

  He would make these people, disappear forever before his eyes!

  Right at this moment, Shangguan Hong had walked in with a camera of the latest style.

  Seeing this scene of kneeling in a heap, he couldn't help but be slightly stunned.

  But he didn't dare to ask more than a single word!

  He quickly supported the camera with a tripod and respectfully said to Ning Tianlang, "Mr. Ning, you can start recording now."

  Seeing that camera, all the people kneeling on the ground looked horrified!

  They seemed to have understood how Ning Tian Lang was going to deal with them!

  Returning the favor in the same way as the other!

  Ning Tianlang lightly tapped his fingers on the armrest of his chair and faintly said:

  "Didn't you guys let me record the video yesterday? Now, it's your turn!"

  Wei Yingzhou's face turned pale, shivering his lips as he stammered, "Record, record what ......"

  "Don't be anxious, you'll know soon!"

  Said Ning Tianlang, turning to Wen Ruyun.

  "Big sister, the next footage is not suitable for girls to watch, you take these two secretary young ladies out first."


  Wen Ru Yun answered and left the conference room with those two little secretaries.

  For Ning Tian Lang, she had already unconsciously started to submit!

  Only after they left did Ning Tian Lang point a finger at Zhao Binghua, "Don't you like to take off people's clothes? Starting with you, strip for me!" Zhao Binghua was instantly scared out of his wits and kowtowed like crazy, "Don't ah ...... don't ah ......"

  "Give your face no face! Mr. Ning let you take off and you still dare to beg for mercy?"

  Shangguan Hong bellowed at the sight, then said to those unrelated applicants next to him, "You guys come and undress him!"

  Those people saw that the opportunity to perform had arrived, and all of them walked over with fists and palms ......

  In a short while, Zhao Binghua's clothes were stripped naked.

  Seeing Zhao Binghua being stripped of his clothes as if he was being skinned, those twelve people led by Wei Yingzhou were all scared silly!

  This was even more cruel than killing them!

  If this video were to be circulated, then all of their lives would be ruined ah!

  "Mr. Ning ...... I was wrong ...... Please let me go ......"

  For a while, the entire conference room wailed in all directions!

  But Ning Tianlang wasn't the kind of person with a soft heart!

  Having been on the battlefield millions of times, he knew the truth that to be merciful to the enemy was to be cruel to oneself!

  "Take off!"

  An order was given!

  There were howls of misery!

  The twelve men were all scared out of their wits and were powerless to resist!

  In a short while, the people who were just dressed like dogs were all stripped into bare white chickens!

  Only after all the videos were taken did Ning Tianlang let them get dressed again.

  Ning Tianlang coldly swept a circle of the crowd, "Do you know the consequences of these videos being circulated?"

  "Know know know ......"

  Those twelve people who were not dressed properly were all scared and bloodless, busily answering!

  "Good to know." Ning Tianlang said with a cold voice.

  "From now on, if I see any of you in Qing'an City again, I will not hesitate to release the video! Do you guys understand what I mean?!"

  As soon as the words fell, the crowd cried out in pain and swore:

  "Understand, understand, I will absolutely not appear in Qing'an City from now on!"

  "I'll immediately book a plane ticket and settle in another country! I'll never set foot in Daxia again in my life!"

  "Me too! I'll take my entire family and relocate, and will never appear in front of you again!"




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