Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 119

No one dared not agree to Ning Tianlang's conditions!

  They are all prominent business elites.

  They would rather leave their home towns than lose their reputation and become the laughing stock of everyone!

  After dealing with these people, Ning Tianlang brought Wen Ruyun to Zhuang Yucheng's office.

  Wen Ruyun was so nervous that her hands and feet went cold when she saw the legendary deputy director of Kunlun Group.

  It was neither good to stand nor sit.

  When Zhuang Yucheng saw the God of War of Kunlun, he was also nervous and stiff.

  He wanted to salute but was afraid that it would be out of place.

  Looking at the two of them standing there wide-eyed like terracotta warriors, Ning Tianlang lost his smile and said:

  "Sit down, what are you waiting for?"

  Hearing Ning Tian Lang give the word, only then did Zhuang Yucheng sit back in his chair in a formal manner, took out a pile of documents and said to Wen Ruyun:

  "Ms. Wen, at the bidding conference in a while, we will put out four projects for you to review."

  Wen Ruyun received the documents, her eyes suddenly glazed over, "This ...... this biggest project is actually worth thirty billion dollars?"

  "That's right, this project is in cooperation with the Qing'an city government, if Miss Wen looks favorably on it, we can directly set it up internally."

  Hearing Zhuang Yucheng's words, Wen Ruyun hurriedly waved her hand and said, "No, no, no, no, we're just a small department store, we can't eat such a big infrastructure project!"

  After saying that, she couldn't help but glance at Ning Tianlang, her heart shaken beyond belief!

  Kunlun Group was actually willing to look at his face and give themselves the biggest project!

  I'm afraid that the entire Xifeng Province couldn't find a second person with such a big face!

  Ning Tianlang smiled faintly and said to Zhuang Yucheng, "That state-owned brand building quoted at two billion dollars is very suitable for a department store, why don't we give that to Rhyme Ting Department Store to do."

  Wen Ruyun also nodded, "I am also more favorable to this project."

  "Good." Without the slightest hesitation, Zhuang Yucheng directly finalized, saying.

  "When the bidding conference is held in a while, Ms. Wen, you can just directly write and draw whatever you want on the bid, this project will definitely be handed over to Rhyme Ting Department Store in the end!"

  Having received the promise from the vice director of Kunlun Group, Wen Ruyun was so excited that her little face turned red!

  It was simply flattering!

  This was the first time that she had ever "gone through the back door" in the business world.

  She didn't expect it to be so great!

  After organizing the documents, Zhuang Yucheng looked at his watch and respectfully said to Ning Tianlang:

  "Mr. Ning, the bidding conference is about to start, let's go there now." After their group of three arrived at Building One, in order to avoid suspicion, Zhuang Yucheng did not enter the hall with them, but instead went to the staff area through a side door.

  At this moment, the inside of the bidding conference site was already filled with bigwigs from all walks of life who were dressed in fancy clothes.

  It could be said that the top bosses of the entire Xifeng Province had gathered here!

  Ning Tianlang took Wen Ruyun and sat in a corner that was not very noticeable.

  Seeing the two of them, Gu Xingguo, who was not far away, immediately waved his hand in surprise: "Good son-in-law, you're finally here!"

  Those celebrities, nobles, and business enterprise owners in the arena had a minimum worth of nine figures or more.

  He, a second-rate family head, was sitting amongst these people, literally on pins and needles!

  He felt like an ugly duckling mixed in with the swans, not even daring to raise his head!

  It was only when he saw Ning Tianlang that he had some confidence in his heart.

  Ning Tian Lang and Wen Ru Yun had just taken their seats when they heard a surprised voice from the side: "Wen Ru Yun?"

  The speaker was a man with slicked-back hair, covered in top-of-the-line brand names.

  He raised his hand to deliberately reveal the Rolex Green Aqua Ghost on his wrist and said to Wen Ruyun, "It's really you! What a long time no see!"

  This man was Wen Ruyun's college classmate, named Miao Wei.

  Wen Ruyun didn't expect to meet him here either, and nodded with a cold face as if she had said hello.

  "Yoo-hoo, still how high and cold?" Miao Wei said in a conspiratorial manner.

  "Back when I went to college, I threw money in your face, and you wouldn't even go out with me to get a room! I didn't realize that after so many years, you're still so capable of pretending to be a goddess!"

  Wen Ruyun's brows furrowed slightly, "Miao Wei, back then, after I refused your advances, you insulted me with money. I don't want to bother with you about this matter anymore! You'd better not mess with me again either!"

  "Pursue you?" Miao Wei, his face reminiscent of the past, laughed coldly and said.

  "Wen Ruyun, why do you think I, as the young master of the Red Heart Group in Ding Hua City, would go after you? That was a bet I made with a few of my brothers! Let's see who can be the first to sleep with you, an orphan with some good looks!

  Pity, pity, if you had slept with me back then, I would have won Young Master Xu's sports car!"

  Saying this, he looked up and down at Wen Ruyun with a lustful look and licked his lips:

  "But after not seeing you for a few years, you're even more flavorful than you were back then! I heard that you even became the goddess entrepreneur of Qing'an City? Tsk, this young master likes to subdue strong women like you!"



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