Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 120

Wen Ruyun said with a cold face, "Miao Wei, watch what you say! I'm not that little girl who let you abuse me back then!"

  "Hehe, what's the matter? Becoming a female president makes you bullish?"

  Miao Wei laughed disdainfully.

  Then he showed a lewd face, "Not to mention, the stronger you are, the more excited I am!"

  At this time, he suddenly glanced at Ning Tianlang beside Wen Ruyun and said indistinctly, "I said why you keep rejecting me! It turns out that you like the bite of a little white boy!"

  Wen Ruyun's pretty face was icy cold as she forced down her anger, "Miao Wei, you'd better stop insulting me and the people around me!"

  "So what if I insult you?" Miao Wei crossed his legs in triumph, "Aren't orphans like you meant to be insulted?"


  Wen Ruyun was so angry that she clenched her silver teeth, itching to slap the other party's arrogant and ugly face!

  "Big sister, don't pay any attention to him." Ning Tianlang said indifferently, "He'll regret it later!"

  "Hehe, regret?" Miao Da's mouth turned up, "This young master doesn't know how to write the word regret!"

  Right at this moment, Shangguan Hong walked onto the main stage and announced the official start of the bidding conference!

  In an instant, all of them banned their voices!

  Even the arrogant Miao Wei obediently shut his mouth!

  After Shangguan Hong briefly introduced all the leaders and guests present today, he said aloud:

  "Our Kunlun Group has always put efficiency first, so the bidding, bid opening, bid evaluation and the final signing of the contract for this bidding conference will all end within today!"

  Upon hearing this, the crowd of business bigwigs nodded their heads straight in satisfaction.

  For the likes of them, time really was money!

  Soon, all the sealed bids were submitted and finished!

  The people in the arena were all sweating nervously.

  Anxiously waiting for the bid evaluation and opening!

  Under Shangguan Hong's methodical presidency, soon, the results came out!

  "The first project, the Qing'an Light construction project worth thirty billion dollars, the winning bidder is - Founder Regulus Group of Qing'an City, West Phoenix Province!"

  As soon as the words fell, the crowd applauded.

  With such a huge project and the local advantage involved, they were all self-aware and not many of them dared to try.

  So apart from a few bidding bosses who were showing regret, everyone else just had a look of envy on their faces.

  Most of them cast their eyes on the two five and two billion dollar projects.

  Immediately afterward, Shangguan Hong announced again, "For the second project, the winning bidder is--Red Heart Group of Dinghua City, Xifeng Province!"

  "The third project, the winning bidder is - Yun Yuan City Long Xin Technology Company Limited, Xifeng Province!" "The fourth project, the winning bidder is - Yun Ting Department Store, Qing An City, Xi Feng Province!"

  All four projects were read out, and the crowd had different expressions on their faces.

  Some were excited.

  Some were disappointed.

  Some were envious.

  There were also people who were puzzled.

  The first three enterprises were all notoriously powerful existences in Xifeng Province!


  What the hell is the fourth Rhyme Court Department Store?

  How did such an unheard of dark horse suddenly break out?

  Gu Xingguo and Feng Yunhui glanced at each other and immediately understood the twists and turns here!

  Feng Yunhui cursed in her heart, this Wen Ruyun didn't know what kind of foxy methods she used, but she even charmed Ning Tianlang into giving her a project!

  Gu Xingguo secretly decided that when he went back this time, he would marry his daughter to Ning Tianlang no matter what!

  By any means necessary!

  Even Miao Wei was a bit surprised, "Crap? Wen Ruyun you have some ability! How could you even win the bid? I really underestimated you!"

  But in the next second, he laughed wildly:

  "It's a pity that you only got a small project of 2 billion dollars, which is not comparable to our Red Star Group's big project of 8 billion dollars!

  However, if you are willing to accompany me to the side of the hotel to stay a night, I can consider giving your small broken company a little bit of leftovers! Hahahahaha......"


  His laughter had not yet fallen!

  He heard Shangguan Hong on the stage say in a loud voice, "Wait a minute! I just received a text message from the leader! There's a change in the winning bidder!"


  The moment this statement was made, the entire room was invigorated!

  Everyone rekindled their hopes again!

  Miao Wei raised his chin in contempt:

  "Wen Ruyun, it must be you who's been eliminated! I knew it, how could your small company win the bidding? It's true that Kunlun Group has made a big mistake!"

  Ning Tianlang lightly swept him a glance: "Don't jump to conclusions yet."

  "Damn! Which turn is it for a little white boy like you to open your mouth and speak!" Miao Wei angrily rebuked, "Just by virtue of you, you are also worthy of talking to this young master ......"

  Before he could finish his words, he heard Shangguan Hong continue:

  "The winner of the second project, from Red Heart Group of Dinghuah City, West Phoenix Province, to Sunrise Group of Dinghuah City!"


  Miao Wei only felt a nuclear bomb explode in his mind!



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