Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 22: Identity is not simple!

"If you are obedient enough, I will let you see him."

"You mustn't mess with my teacher, I ...... I'll just listen to you ......"

Noborigawa Kohei was too important to him!

He was waiting to make a name for himself through this academic forum.

He absolutely could not allow Denkawa Kohei to have any problems!

"I promise you ...... to stay far away from Wen Ruyun ......"

Yang Ye said as he ran out of the box with his ass in the air.

He didn't even dare to return his head!

Looking at Yang Ye's back as he fled in fear, Gu Ningyu snorted a laugh:

"Haha, the so-called Qing'an City Talent, so that's what he is?"

Wen Quansheng's face was ugly.

He had wanted to raise his status in the Wen family through the marriage with the Yang Group.

Now it was a bad thing that the fingers of the Yang Grand Duke had been broken by Ning Tianlang!

It was already the best outcome for Yang Group not to find him in trouble, so what was the point of talking about cooperation and marriage?

"Ru Yun, in two days it'll be the Wen family's monthly meeting, you'd better make progress with the Kunlun Group before then, or else Wen Kang Sheng and the others won't let you off the hook."

The plan to climb up to the Yang Group had fizzled out, so Wen Quansheng could now only hope that Wen Ruyun would be able to negotiate a partnership with the Kunlun Group.

"Got it, Dad."

Wen Ruyun was unwilling to stay for long again, and after answering curtly, she left with Ning Tianlang and Gu Ningyu.

Back at Wen Ru Yun's villa.

Ke Dong'er and Ling Xuanzhi were not at home.

Wen Ru Yun packed out a bedroom for Ning Tian Lang:

"This is your sixth sister's room, but she only comes back once a year, so you can stay here first. I'll go buy you some daily necessities this afternoon."

"Big sister, take the time to let's change to a bigger villa, I want to live with my seven sisters."

"Eight people living in a villa?" Wen Ruyun was slightly surprised, "Is there a villa that big in Qing'an City?"

Ning Tianlang sat down on the sofa:

"Yesterday, I saw an advertisement on the big screen in your shopping mall, Qing'an City has developed a new Imperial Palace villa area.

The most expensive set inside is 300 square feet on a single floor, with a total of four floors. It also includes an outdoor garden and swimming pool."

"I've also heard of that development." Wen Ruyun said with some envy.

"The Imperial View Group bought an entire Mingshui Bay Scenic Area for this, and the price of housing there is astronomical."

Ning Tian Lang was just about to say something else when suddenly his cell phone shook and Tian Kui sent a message:

"We've already found out where the old site of No. 76 Pinghe Road is located."

Instantly, Ning Tianlang's eyes turned red!

No. 76 Pinghe Road, that was his childhood home!

He was only five years old when his parents were killed.

After seventeen years, he had long forgotten the way home, only remembering that his home was very large, with three large courtyards in front and back, and was the largest mansion among the several neighborhoods nearby.

He had thought that it would take a long time of investigation to get back to his childhood place.

After all, in those days, every family was a self-built house, and his home was burned to the ground by a fire.

Nowadays, the city of Qing'an is full of high-rise buildings, the old site is expected to have long been a sea of change. Finding it was even more difficult.

Therefore, as soon as he received Tian Kui's message, his entire body froze.

He, himself, was finally able to go home!

Although the house was gone, that plot of land still belonged to the Ning family.

He would rebuild the high-rise on it to comfort his parents' spirits in heaven!

He was going to announce to the entire city of Qing'an that-

The Ning Family is still here!

The glory is still there!

He would make his parents' murderers live in fear and have sleepless nights!

Until he dug up those people one by one and thrashed their bones!

Ning Tianlang stood up and said to Wen Ruyun, "Eldest sister, I have something else to do, I'm going out."

"What is it?"

Wen Ruyun saw that he didn't look right and hurriedly asked.

Right now, the person she was most nervous about was Ning Tian Lang, afraid that he would disappear again without a word.

"I ...... a friend of mine is moving, I'm going to help."

Wen Ruyun gave him a strange look, "Didn't you just return to Qing'an, why do you have so many friends?"

"Comrades, I have so many comrades in Qing'an City."

"Then go early and come back early, your fifth sister is also coming back tonight, so come home early and we'll have dinner together."

Seeing Ning Tianlang's serious look, Wen Ruyun couldn't ask any more questions and could only instruct worriedly.

After promising, he drove the broken Santana and drove toward the address sent by Tiankui ......

Arriving at the Ning family's old address.

Ning Tianlang looked at the scene in front of him, his eyes almost spitting out fire!

On the Ning Family's plot of land, there was a luxurious courtyard with a gilt plaque that read - Xiang Gongwan!

At this moment, the gates of the Xiang Gong Gong Pavilion were wide open, and luxury cars were flowing in and out of the entrance, so it was obvious that some kind of event was being held.

He clenched his fists tightly.

Did this really think that his Ning family had no one?

How dare he so openly and honestly hijack the Ning family's assets?

Ning Tianlang's eyes flickered, it couldn't be that this public house was related to the fire tragedy back then?

Thinking of this, he immediately sent a message to Tian Kui, "Check out this Xiang Gongfu on the old site."

Not long after, Tian Kui passed over a file:

"Xiang Zhongyuan, the head of the Xiang Family, suddenly struck it rich seventeen years ago, and has created a dozen or so enterprises led by the Xiangzhuang Group ......"

Ning Tianlang didn't continue reading further.

Seventeen years ago.

These few words shook his eyes raw.

If one said that Xiang Zhongyuan had nothing to do with the fire tragedy seventeen years ago, no one would believe it!

Xiang Zhongyuan, who made his fortune when the Ning family's house was destroyed, built Xiang Gongzhuan on the Ning family's former site.

Even if he is not the murderer, he must be involved!

Ning Tian Lang coldly looked at the luxurious lintel of Xiang Gong Gong's house, his face icy cold!

Just then.

"Knock knock knock ......"

A long-haired beauty in a cheongsam knocked on his car window ......


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