Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 24: Two Great Gifts!

Giving face to Tu Gongyan?

The crowd was so shocked that their jaws dropped!

This was too rampant, wasn't it?

Ning Tianlang, however, didn't see any problems.

He was the Great Xia Empire's number one God of War, sealed with the title of Kunlun, and being able to make friends with an ordinary person was indeed considered giving face to the other party ......

As he watched Ning Tian Lang and Tu Gongyan enter the Xiang Gongfu Pavilion together, Xiang Chen's face was grim, "Damn, why is this trash so lucky?"

Qi Xiaoyun said, "Xiang Shao, let him make a good fool of himself at the birthday banquet in a while and Mr. Tu will know what kind of goods he is!"

"You're right." Xiang Chen narrowed his eyes in a stabilizing manner.

"I've been sucking up to Mr. Tu for so long without any luck, so why should he be able to rise to the top as soon as he appears? I must clean up this lowly man today!"

Entering Xiang Gongfu Mansion and looking at the carved beams and decorations, Ning Tianlang's face gradually turned icy cold.

This should have been his home!

At this moment, the Xiang family had taken over and was living a cozy life!

His parents, on the other hand, had their heads strangled off in the flames and were miserably burned!

Now, their charred bones were nowhere to be found!

The comparison between the two compartments made him almost gnash his teeth!


Seeing his icy face, Tu Gongyan's complexion was somewhat subtle:

"This little friend, up until now I still don't know how to address you."

Ning Tianlang quickly suppressed his hatred and resumed his bland expression as he blandly said, "My surname is Ning, Ning Tianlang."


Hearing this surname, Tu Gongyan's eyes instantly released a bright light, "Your father is Ning Zhixue?"

"How did you know?!"

Ning Tianlang was shocked.

After seventeen years, this was the first time he had heard his father's name from someone else!

Tu Gongyan's expression was very excited, "I knew that his son was still alive!"

"Why do you know my father's name? Who exactly are you?"

Ning Tianlang looked at Tu Gongyan warily.

"My name is Tu Gongyan, I'm your father's friend."

"You're from the Tu Family?"

"That's right, the Tu family head is my father."

Seeing that Ning Tianlang was still distrustful, Tu Gongyan sighed:

"As the heir of the titular Tu Family, why would I come to Qing'an City to talk business with a mere Xiang Family?"

Ning Tian Lang seemed to have guessed something: "For my father?"

"That's right, I was abroad when Zhixue and my siblings died. When I returned to Daxia and came to Qing'an City to look for them, this place had already become the Xiang Gongyan."

Tu Gongyan continued:

"Although I could have used the Tu Family's power to bring about the Xiang Family's direct demise, Zhixue couldn't die in vain. Therefore, I decided to investigate the truth of the fire back then under the pretense of talking business with the Xiang Family."

Ning Tianlang saw that his expression didn't look like he was faking, and his heart was a little touched.

It turned out that in this world, there were people other than him who wanted to avenge the Ning Family's injustice!

"Tian Lang, after the birthday banquet, why don't you come back to Shengjing with me, meeting my father will help you in the future."

"Meet the Tu family head?"

Ning Tianlang was a bit surprised.

In the north of Jianghuai, Tu Honglin, the Tu family head's position in the Jianghu was equivalent to that of an underground emperor.

How many people could not see him even if they dumped all their money?

Ning Tianlang frowned slightly, ''What exactly does my father do? And what's the relationship with your Tu family?"

The fact that Tu Gongyan was so special to him made him detect a hint of something strange.

Perhaps, his father's identity was not simple!

"Your father ...... he is an excellent person, there are some things I can't tell you, also for your safety."

Tu Gongyan wanted to speak and patted his shoulder, "Let's go, the birthday banquet is about to start."

Since the other party wasn't going to say anything, Ning Tianlang didn't pursue the matter.

With his status as the Kunlun War God, sooner or later, he would be able to dig out all the truth from the muck of history by the roots!

The center hall of Xiang Gongfu Mansion.

It was already filled with distinguished celebrities.

Each and every one of them was well-dressed and highly luxurious.

Ning Tianlang was sitting amongst them in his everyday casual clothes, which was rather unusual.

However, with Tu Gongyan sitting beside him, no one dared to say anything to kick him out, but could only keep scanning him with contempt and disgust.

It was as if sitting at the table with Ning Tianlang was a blasphemy to their status.

Not long after, Xiang Zhongyuan walked onto the main stage with a spring in his step.

In a loud voice, he said, "Thank you all for honoring me with your presence at my birthday banquet, please forgive me if I have not entertained you well."

The crowd at the bottom were polite, "It is our honor to come to Chairman Xiang's 50th birthday banquet ......"

Ning Tian Lang skimmed his mouth, only fifty years old and organizing a big birthday, he was really afraid that the King of Hell would forget about him.

After saying a few words on the scene, Xiang Zhongyuan came to Ning Tianlang's table with a glass of wine, excitedly saying:

"Mr. Tu, for you to come to my birthday banquet, my humble self is truly blessed! Come, I'll toast you!"

Tu Gongyan raised his eyelids and swept a glance at him, faintly saying, "I don't drink."

With one sentence, he directly refuted Xiang Zhongyuan's face to the dust.

Xiang Zhongyuan's old face turned red with shame, but he didn't dare to say anything, so he could only smile and return to the main stage with his tail between his legs.

Seeing his father's face not looking good, Xiang Chen's eyes turned, pinched Qi Xiaoyun by his side and whispered:

"Isn't that little star from your modeling agency here today? Get her over here to cheer up my father."


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