Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 25: Waiting for you to admit defeat and surrender

"She's a puritanical person, she definitely won't agree." Qi Xiaoyun pouted and said.

"If it wasn't for the chairman personally pressurizing her today, she wouldn't even take this job."

"Stupid!" Xiang Chen slapped her ass.

"Why don't you just make up a reason and trick her into coming over? In front of so many people, how dare she turn her back?"

Qi Xiaoyun reluctantly got up and stood up to walk towards the backyard.

Xiang Gong Gong's backyard ceremonial modeling lounge.

A tall beauty with a nine-headed body took off her high heels and rubbed her slender jade feet wrapped in stockings as she complained:

"Isn't it just two crappy bucks? Surprisingly letting us professional models come to be his ceremonial reception?"

"Shhh! Yi-Qiu, just cut the crap!" A woman next to her with a slightly inferior figure made a silent gesture and

"Xiang Zhuang Group is a big enterprise in Qing'an City, see those luxury cars at the entrance? Their owners are all relying on the Xiang family to earn money!"

Right at this moment, Qi Xiaoyun pushed the door in and said in a conspiratorial manner, "An Yiqiu, go to the center hall and take a look, something's up."

"What's the matter? Isn't the pre-feast reception already over?"

"Just go if you're told to! The Xiang family is an investor in our company, don't blame the chairman for getting mad if you delay the big event!"

Qi Xiaoyun has always been jealous that An Yiqiu has a better figure than her and more resources than her.

So the words were also clipped.

The woman next to her hurriedly concurred, "That's right, Yiqiu you go take a look, don't drag us all down together."

An Yiqiu had no choice but to re-step on her ten centimeter high heels and follow Qi Xiaoyun towards the middle hall ......

As soon as Xiang Chen, who was drinking, saw An Yiqiu, his eyes lit up and his mouth almost watered.

This is really a special thing on earth!

He was secretly annoyed, but it's a pity that such a beauty is going to be cheap for his dad first.

There was no other way, he had to take advantage of his big brother's absence and hurry to coax the Xiang family's inheritance into his hands!

An Yiqiu followed Qi Xiaoyun to Xiang Chen's side and wondered, "What exactly is the matter?"

She was wearing a small slimming cheongsam, which emphasized her diminutive figure to the fullest.

The two words, plump and slender, blend very harmoniously into one on her body. ......

Xiang Chen was so greedy that his eyes went straight, as if his soul had been drained away.

After a long while, he came back to his senses and hehehe smiled:

"Miss An, you are a famous star model, I want you to congratulate my father on his birthday."

A trace of displeasure flashed across An Yiqiu's face.

Xiang Chen was a famous playboy in Qing'an City, completely inheriting his father's "fine tradition".

Without even thinking about it, she knew what Xiang Chen had in mind!

Seeing that An Yiqiu was going to refuse, Xiang Chen hurriedly stood up and said in a loud voice:

"Dad, this Miss An is the hottest model right now, and she has specially come to congratulate you on your birthday!"

This statement instantly attracted everyone's attention.

The crowd murmured:

"Oh my god, isn't she An Yiqiu? That popular sexy model?"

"Worthy of the Xiang Family, they even managed to invite her!"

There were even some men who were so excited that their faces turned red:

"Holy crap, she's my favorite, I have several copies of her sexy photo shoots at home!"

"Tsk, this body is simply invincible, any place can make one's blood run cold!"

Listening to the admiration of the men around him, Ning Tianlang also looked up curiously.

"Fifth sister???"

The moment he saw An Yiqiu, he blurted out!

Wasn't this stunning woman with a devilish figure his fifth sister?

Right at this moment, Xiang Zhongyuan had already walked up to An Yiqiu's side with a lewd expression:

"So it's the famous sexy model Miss An, come, come, come, quickly sit with me." Saying that, he raised his hand to touch towards An Yiqiu's waist.

An Yiqiu dodged and said unhappily, "Xiang Family Master, happy birthday, if there's nothing else, I'll leave first."

"Hey, Miss An, since you're here, why don't you have a drink with me?"

Xiang Zhongyuan held his wine glass and said colorfully, "Come, let's drink a cup of wine."

"Sorry, Xiang Family Master, I don't know how to drink."

An Yiqiu took a step back.

"Hmph!" Xiang Zhongyuan snorted coldly, "Don't you give your face away!"

Today was already the second person to refuse his toast!

He didn't dare to mess with Tu Gongyan, but couldn't he still clean up a small model?

Xiang Chen held her slender waist behind her, smiling fiercely, "You have to drink this cup of wine even if you drink it, or you have to drink it even if you don't!"

An Yiqiu was terrified like a deer, her eyes filled with panic.

Just at this moment.

She only heard a "bang" from behind her.

Xiang Chen's grip on her waist suddenly loosened.

The next second, a wine glass smashed on the ground and shattered, Xiang Chen covered his head and squatted to the ground.

He crouched to the ground covering his head, screaming "ouch, ouch, ouch" in pain.

Just now, Ning Tian Lang directly threw the wine glass in his hand, hitting Xiang Chen's forehead!

"Who? Who did this?

Xiang Zhongyuan roared with wrinkled eyebrows.

Ning Tian Lang leisurely stood up, raising his hand and faintly said, "I did it, how about it?"

"You ......"

Seeing Ning Tian Lang, Xiang Chen's eyes were about to spurt out blood.

"Dad! It's this kid who parked a broken Santana in front of our house! I think he's just here to smash the scene!"

An Yiqiu looked at Ning Tianlang, who was standing not far away, and a trace of a strange look appeared in her eyes.

Ning Tianlang stood in the middle of the crowd, with an upright posture and an imposing demeanor!

It was filled with a tough guy temperament that was rare among young people nowadays.

Coupled with the heroic rescue just now, An Yiqiu looked at him with spring in her eyes, and has already planted the roots of her love .......

The good thing was stirred up, Xiang Zhongyuan was so angry that his face turned blue, biting his back teeth and drinking:

"Come on people! Beat this man out of here with a messy stick!"

Ning Tian Lang disdainfully hooked up the corner of his mouth and shook his neck twice: "It's been a long time since I've done anything, so it's just time to loosen my muscles!"

"Tian Lang, don't be impulsive." Tu Gongyan, who was sitting beside him, suddenly spoke, "Don't startle the snakes."

After saying that, he slowly stood up and said to Xiang Zhongyuan:

"He is one of my sons and nephews, if there is any offense, please bear with me, Xiang Family Master."

This ......

The muscles on Xiang Zhongyuan's face twitched.

He did not dare to offend Tu Gongyan.

Even if he was embarrassed by having his face wiped off in public, he still had to greet him with a smile!

"Since ...... he is Mr. Tu's son and nephew, I won't bother with him in general."

Xiang Zhongyuan forced out an ugly smile, "The birthday banquet continues, don't let this little episode disturb everyone's spirits."

Upon hearing this, everyone laughed dryly and raised their cups, pretending to snort warmly.

The atmosphere was instantly falsely warm again.

Ning Tianlang beckoned to An Yiqiu, "Pretty sister, come over here and sit down."

An Yiqiu was in a fidgety state, and once she heard this, it was like seeing a savior as she quickly came to his side.

"Thank you."

After sitting down, An Yiqiu whispered her thanks with a red face.

"No need to thank you, just treat me to dinner at night."

"Uhm ......"

An Yiqiu hesitated slightly, somewhat embarrassed, and said.

"My favorite brother is back, I'm going to go to my big sister's house to get together in the evening, so I'll invite you some other day?"


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