Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 162

"I won't hit you, don't be afraid."

He strolled his taut chin and gently rubbed the top of her head, all the anger and the hammy feeling of not being able to catch it slowly built up in his chest, but in the end it turned into a helpless sigh.

Song Zhe's body slowly settles down.

Only after Huo Muchen sees that the person in his arms isn't trembling anymore does the corner of his mouth slowly pull up a cold, ghostly cracked arc, dragging her face with one hand, forcing her to only tilt her head back to look at him, "But, Xiao Ru, you have to be good as well, right?"

Song Ru nodded numbly.

"Be good, tell hubby, how do you know AK's trade secrets?"

He thought about waiting for Song Zhe to say it himself, but when Song Zhe was slow to speak, Huo Mu Shen's patience was almost worn out.

He needed to know, and he needed to know now!

Song Zhi's heart and liver trembled, making up excuses quickly in his mind as he looked at Huo Muk Shen and forced himself to calm down, "I hacked it myself."


After Huo Mou Shen coldly snorts from his throat, the hand dragging her face turns to pinch her with his user's mouth.

The 'fleshy' delicate cheeks that had barely held up these past few days were, just like that, easily pinched out into a small nest of flesh.

He looked at the bullied Song Ru, but he actually felt a hint of cuteness, so he was really angry and laughing at the same time.

"Xiao Ru, you lied, you forgot what your husband does, whether you've done it or not, I'm more clear than you." Huo Mu Shen said in a cold voice.

Song Zhe's heart 'thumped'.

Her face went white, her shell teeth grinding her lips, deliberately avoiding Huo Moushen's gaze.

Huo Mou Shen's gaze stared as if he wanted to crush her.

"Behave yourself, tell me while I'm not angry right now, hurry up and tell me exactly how you know AK's secrets and ...... I still don't know that my Xiaozhu is so powerful that she can break AK's firewall with ease."

Huo Mu Shen held down Song Zhi's thin waist and pressed her against his hot palms.

His strong chest radiates unshakeable strength, and his long, slender legs tautly support Song Zhi's almost weightless body.

He slightly bent his head down, his forehead because just beat Lu Zi Yan out of a layer of thin sweat, a few clusters sticking to the sides, staring at Song Zhi's dark eyes deep and dangerous, thin corners of the lips taut.

The whole person's aura is impetuous and cold!

The left side of Song Zhi's heart unexpectedly jumped two times.

Without waiting for Huo Mou Shen to speak again, she herself was shocked two times, but she was afraid that Huo Mou Shen would see her heart's weakness, so she was busy containing her lower chest, her eyes unconsciously drooping.

"Look at me!"

Huo Mushan ordered.

Song Zhi now feels like her small waist is about to be strangled by him, where would she dare not listen to the big brother.

She raises her head, her eyes soft and innocent as she looks at Huo Mou Shen.

"Song Ru, lying is punishable, do you know what happened to the last person who lied to me?"

Huo Mou Shen hold her face tiger mouth gradually tighten, leather smile meat not smile admonishment: "Xiao Ru, you know I most pain you spoil you, hate to put you into my heart tip on the pain, no matter what you want I give."

Song rhetoric scared ...... scared actually ......

"But I didn't expect me to put my little heart's guts also fattened up, now actually have the guts to say false words under my eyes."

Huo Muchen is angry not that Song Zhi is telling lies, he is angry that he actually knows nothing about it.

This feeling of not being in control of everything is very, very bad.

He said coldly again, "Tell me, if you don't say anything again, how am I going to punish you?"

Song Zhi's blood turned cold around her.

She never wanted to tell lies under his nose, okay?

Heaven and earth!

Just a few times before!

Next time, and the next time, Song Zhi would never lie in front of Huo Mu Shen, who was too scary.

"I won't say it next time!"

Song Zhi laughed awkwardly, it wasn't that she didn't want to tell the truth, but the truth was so unbelievable that no one could believe it!

"If there's one, there's two, you've done it several times, do you want to have another time?" Huo Mou Shen bared his soul in a sinister manner, "Other than you, anyone who dares to lie to me will not have a good ending!"

What does he mean by this?

Song Zhu wailed in her heart, "Big brother, I'm your own wife, don't lay a hand on me!"

Huo Mou Shen didn't ignore the panic in her eyes, the corner of his lips hooked and his tone was cold, "But now you've angered me!"

"Hands, and feet, you choose one!"

Huo Mou Shen said unexpectedly, his black eyes surging with bloodlust.

Song Zhi was horrified, her small face was pale, her small voice trembled with a trembling voice, "I ...... I don't choose either one!"

"Then I'll default you to both!"

Huo Mou Shen spoke, then violently grabbed one of her arms and twisted it hard, twisting Song Zhi really fast felt that his hand was about to be pinched off.

"Don't! Huo Moushen, you're not doing this right!"

She screamed, afraid that Huo Mou Shen would be so angry that he would break her arm by twisting it off and he would take it back on himself.

He had this kind of ability, and Song Zhi was all too aware of it!

"Why, eh?"

Huo Moushen said.

"Huo Moushen, I'm your wife! You're murdering me! If you dare to do this to me, I'll just crawl, crawl I'll crawl to my mom and grandpa to complain!"

Song Zhi was scared out of her wits, all the guts that had been practiced by Huo Mou Shen were gone.

"You think I'll be afraid if you crawl to the Huo family to complain! The Huo family all has to listen to my command and be led by my rope!

However, my Xiao Zhi really did remind me." Huo Mushen narrows his eyes, forcing himself to the edge of her earlobe, cutting and rubbing against her ear snail, "Breaking off one hand and one leg still allows you to crawl to mom, then I'll just break off both of your hands and two of your legs, then tie you to the bed, so you can only spend your time in Huo Garden's master bed, it couldn't be better."

As he spoke, Huo Mushan's originally slackened force re-drew tight again, almost scaring Song Zhi's heart out with it.

"I don't want it, you let go of my hand! Huo Moushen, I won't serve you, I'm not going to spend the rest of my life in bed, on bed, eating, drinking, and pooping on that one bed, on bed!" Song Zhi wailed, almost crying like a 'replica of Meng Jiangnu', "I don't care, let go of me! If I get pregnant in the future, and your son sees me like this, he'll laugh at me! I don't want to be laughed at by him!"

"Then I'll let him not see it, isn't that better?"

Huo Moushen coldly said, adding a few more cuts, "It's just the right time to use you as a negative example, to tell him that if he lies to me like his mom, this is the spot!"

"Huo Mou Shen, you son of a bitch!"

Song Zhi directly cursed out.

"Your mouth is also powerful, let me see if that mouth underneath you is also powerful!" Huo Mushen's eyebrows pressed together, and without supporting her waist, he directly clutched another of her small hands into his palm.

Both hands are easily twisted behind her back, then picks up a leg and presses it away heavily.

"Huo Mu Shen, if you really treat me like that, I'll ...... I'll ......"

"Xiao Ru, you don't have an uncle, don't struggle!" Huo Mou Shen hooped her, said to do, let Song resign in his arms simply can not turn over a wave out, profound eyes dark tide surging, staring at Song resign fast crying out of the watery eyes, the knot in the throat rolled down I, low voice dull hoarse: "Since you do not want to tell the truth, then I suffered out of a son before it was too late, so that he laughed at you!"



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