Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 163

Song Zhi twisted even more seriously powerful, a small white face caused even more red, even the shirt was twisted wrinkled out of shape, the blue and white forehead collapsed tightly, and the veins on the neck are also rooted clearly.

"I don't, I'm not having a son with you!"

"I'm not going to have you!

As long as you give birth!"

"Huo Mu Shen, you son of a bitch!"

"Good ah, all know will scold me, see this mouth more and more powerful!" Huo Mou Shen held down her arm, straightening it so that it couldn't even move.

Song Zhu bit her lip, "Huo Mou Shen, you bullied me, I'm ...... going to find mom now!"

She got up and was about to leave, but was backhandedly twisted by Huo Mushen's arms, and he lowered his head just to block her chattering red lips.

The pupils of Song Zhu's eyes trembled violently, and a pair of watery eyes glared to their maximum in an instant.

Her eyelashes fluttered.

Huo Mu Shen grabbed Song Zhi's arm, lips pressed against Song Zhi's, feeling the sweet scent that ran into his nose, he trembled in an instant, and his gasp was heavy.

No longer hesitate, Huo Mu heavy bite, he kissed without discipline, until the faint taste of blood spread from the lips.

The two separated, time in this moment, as if stopped.

The tide of love but the mountains and seas like a heavy surge ......

For a long time, Song Zhi's ears burned.

The root of her ear was nipped by the tip of her teeth, itchy, and she was electrified by a trace of electricity running through it.

"Little heart, tell me and I'll let you go." The man's eerily hoarse voice brushes into her cochlea, "Good girl, gasp!"

Huo Mou Shen pressed against Song Zhi's thin and reddish ear, biting it from time to time, his black eyes burning with a silky soft sensual blossom of fire, the corners of his lips always wearing a doting yet indignant smile.

He had to correct Song Zhi's fault of lying to him as well!

Fresh breath scurries into Song Zhi's lungs, and only then does Song Zhi seem to come back to life, gasping for air and glaring petulantly at Huo Mushan.

"Say it or not!"

Huo Mushen sidestepped and pushed Song Zhi down into the long sofa.

The two bodies instantly sank deep into the soft cushions.


Song Zhi is quite a bit annoyed, stretching out his hands that had been untied at some point to push forward.

Huo Mushen looked up from beside Song Zhi's ear, gazing at Song Zhi with a fixed eyebrow, the thick, deep ink in his eyes not half-relaxed.

Song Zhi narrowed her eyes and looked at Huo Mushan who was covering her head, her cheeks puffed out, her delicate skin had nothing but teeth marks from Huo Mushan's bites, and water vapor filled and blurred Song Zhi's vision.

She was too wimpy!

And obviously resisted, actually surrendered easily in the end!

But her hands had just pushed in front of his chest when he suddenly gasped a few times and once again ruthlessly blocked her lips.

Along with the pressure came Huo Mu Shen's hot, boiling body.

Song Zhe's brow bones jumped viciously, and her palms, along with her entire body, heated up.

She was lying underneath him, her eyelashes long and thick, flickering with water vapor.

The whole person is delicate and tender, especially the face is white with tender red, like a little milk cat.


Only wanting to be pampered even more deeply.

"Huo Mou Shen, you bullied me, you can't let your son bully me too!" Her glistening, pure pupils ripple and fluctuate, dense with water vapor.

Huo Moushen's taut face also begins to penetrate with gloom, his face seems to be concealing unbearable pain.

Suddenly, Huo Mou Shen waist slightly retreat away, long arm from Song Zhi back waist through, force to pick her up from the sofa, overbearing clasp the back of her head, thin lips to the beginning to the end have not left her lips.

In the gap between her lips, a low, dull, magnetic voice rolled out, "Say, or don't say, eh?"

Her arms were resting on both sides of the man's shoulder blades, and the pain of her skin being viciously cut violently came from her crotch.

Despite the fact that it was through her suit pants, Song Zhi could still realize what that pain was, and the blood in her body was rolling and boiling.

Song Zhi drew in a tight breath and just stared at him intently.


The man stifled a grunt and stopped all movement, his black eyes staring deeply at Song Zhi.

The corner of Huo Mushen's lips were bitten, and Song Zhe's face and tongue were no better.

Both of them were a bit of a mess.

In particular, Huo Mushen's shirt was still open with a few buttons, revealing the knot of his throat.

And Song Ru's zipper was all torn to her waistline, her dress half-drooping, while the hemline had long been materialized to her thighs, exposing her thin legs.

"Want to bite me to death?"

Song Zhi's face red and white, drooping eyelids, the atmosphere does not dare to come out, boldly meet his eyes.

"I ......"

"Figured it out?"

Huo Mou Shen a big hand of strength also remained clasped on her zipper, not moving.

Although she hadn't retreated to the last step, this fragrant and charming scene made Song Zhi's cheeks roll crimson.

"I can say it."

Although Song Zhi said this, she didn't dare to let down her guard in the slightest.

"Say it, I'll listen."

Huo Mou Shen stared into Song Zhi's deep eyes, from the intensity of the growing blackness to the undisguised possession, to the lethargy, seemingly smiling but not smiling eyes all with a hint of teasing flirtation.

"I ...... I want to go to the restroom."


Huo Mu Shen's forehead tendons jumped and jumped, coldly humming from his nasal cavity.

Song Zhi in his death-sweeping gaze to go to enough of his own zipper to put his clothes in order.

But ......


The hem of the skirt along with the waist was completely ripped open!

Her wrists were held in wide, large hands.

Song Zhi's eyebrows jumped as she glared at Huo Mushen, "I'm wearing this one dress, if you tear it, how am I going to wear it out in a while!"

"Then there's no need to go out."

Huo Muchen's handsome eyebrows raise, a thin layer of red appears on his handsome face, and he looks quite serious: "Anyway, you can just stay in the lounge in the afternoon without having to go out!"

"Don't, I need to go to the restroom now, you ask Assistant Chu to send a set of clothes over!"

"I'll let you out if you tell me the answer." Huo Mushen didn't want to use his business tactics on her, but nay, his wife was just too infuriating!

Song Zhi unconsciously lightens her breathing and quietly looks at Huo Mushan in this moment.

His eyes teasingly flirted with her, which really made people hate her.

"Have you thought about it, baby?"

Song Zhi puffed her lips and pursed the corners of her lips, unloading, "Because I've done that program, and I came into contact with it once again by chance in college, and then I knew how to do it."

Okay, lying again in front of Big Brother.

There was really no way for her to tell Huo Mu Shen the truth now.



This believing process, Huo Mou Shen wrinkled his brows as if he was choosing whether or not to believe.

"For the time being, I'll believe you once."

Huo Mou Shen puts her clothes back on casually, the fingers of the torn thing pause, lifting his eyes to stare at Song Zhi, his tone flat: "But this is not over, I'm not cleaning you up now, wait until we get home!"

Throwing down these words, Huo Muchen hugged her and went to the restroom of the lounge, using a towel dipped in some water to gently wipe her sweat-stained cheeks.

Song Zhe arched into his arms twice with a bit of impatience.


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