Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 164

"Don't move."

Huo Mo Shen's voice was unusually muffled even as he exited, gently wiping a plain cheek.

His arms are extremely powerful, and he can lift Song Zhi with one hand, the same as holding a child.

Song Zhi honestly allowed her to wipe it clean and put it on the side of the lounge bed.

Huo Mushen didn't let her go in time, and Song Zhi was again very good at sitting on the edge of the bed and watching him, staring tightly.

Huo Mushen wrapped his straight and powerful leg lines under his suit pants, and his well-tailored suit pants were ironed, while Song Zhi stared at him until he took off his white shirt without changing his face, and then took off his suit pants, revealing his muscular body lines, which were visually impactful all over, filled with explosive power.

Song Zhi felt that her eyes were blinded by the brightness.

In her heart, she belabored, "Hubby has a good body, handsome and well-built, the maker is really amazing, making some people so flawless!"

She slowly moved her line of sight downward, just for a drop, and then she saw a 'beautiful scenery line' near his shorts!

Simply ......

incomparable in strength!

In addition to admiring Huo Muchen, she also admires herself a bit!

Just a small body like hers could actually withstand it every time!

Song Zhi used every ounce of her self-control to show that she was calm, but in reality, the angle at which her neck turned was unparalleled and awkward.

Huo Mu heavy new from the cabinet took out a set of clean shirts and threw out a plain and clean skirt, jaws casually swept the eye, tightened his eyebrows, low voice commanded: "Change, after the toilet I send you back."

Song Zhi woodenly received the skirt, the pupils of his eyes were pulled back a trace of color, a few points of embarrassment.

Putting on his suit pants, the bare chested man half squatted in front of Song Zhi, tilting his head up, his soft gaze looking at Song Zhi, lifting his hand to rub her small face, "What, your own husband doesn't dare to look at it?"

Song Zhi softly 'en' from her nasal cavity.

The little girl even admits to shyness softly, what to do, only good?

The corner of Huo Mu Shen's mouth hooks up, then straightens up and hums softly, "Help me buckle up."



She just admitted to being shy and let her button up her clothes, testing her nosebleed tolerance, is that it?

She pursed her lips slowly, her eyes looking nothing but fake calmness, but only strong dissatisfaction, "I don't have long hands, you button it yourself!"

"Oh, then I'm long, I'll help Xiaozhu undress?"

Huo Mou Shen softly threatened, angry Song Zhi miso stood up from the edge of the bed, the whole person stood on the bed, higher than Huo Mou Shen a head, but the aura is still abysmal burst!

"I'm buckling still not okay! Huo Moushen, you're always bullying me, bullying me doesn't make you rise in value!" Song Zhe frowned tightly, his eyes clearly flirting.

Huo Mou Shen reaches out just enough to touch her waist, the part of the skirt on both sides of the waist is broken, the pink flesh under the epidermis is faintly visible, the man's eyes flash with complexity.

He didn't get an answer, not that he didn't want to know the answer, it's just that he couldn't bear to push any further, or else according to the state of affairs at the time, Huo Mou Shen could totally want her!

Afterwards, he said!

Song Zhi slightly bent down, took the initiative to fasten the onyx buttons for the big man, and asked with a lowered eyebrow, "How come you have women's clothes in the rest room?"

"Where there are my clothes, there will be your spare clothes."

Huo Mo Shen calmly said.

Song Zhe couldn't help but be stunned and gently lifted his breath, "Spare?"

"En, M&R had them the day it was founded."

Huo Mou Shen gazed sideways at Song Zhi.

"I hadn't married you at that time, so how can you be sure? In case you married not me and bought my size, wouldn't it be a loss ...... ah!" Song rhetoric tears a spike, the pain of Xiu Ya's small face seized into a bun shape.

"This kind of words take back! You can only marry me, and I will only marry you!" Huo Mushen let Song Zhi fasten the last button before wrapping his arms around her neck and biting heavily on her right cheek, "No one can stop me from marrying you, whoever dares to stop me, I'll exterminate them!"

Song Zhi was bitten to the facial twitching, breathing a little unsmooth, clenched the heart of the hand, suppressed the sweetness of the corner of the lips: "In addition to you, I have not thought of marrying someone else!"

"Good boy."

Huo Mou Shen patted her head, "Don't jump around, fall down and cry have you look good!"


Song Zhi was fished into her arms, stoically confronting Huo Mushan.

She sits down to change her skirt, which is just right on her skin, outlining her delicate figure.

Huo Mou Shen naturally saw Song Zhi's stoicism, but she could still only be listening to him, even if she was dissatisfied again, what could she do!

Huo Mou Shen puts on his suit and tentatively asks, "What are your recent preparations?"

"What preparations?"

Song Zhe tilts his head in confusion.

Huo Mou Shen frowns, looking askance at her slatternly little face, his countenance buttoned up with gloom, as if he hadn't asked anything just now.

"Nothing prepared even if."

The little girl whose mouth is not her heart!

In reality, Song Zhe did get clouded by the question.

The two of them pack up and then walk out of the office, Huo Mushen sends Song Zhi back to the 16th floor E Star department, they take the president's special staircase, so the elevator quickly arrives at the door.

Song Zhi walked out of the elevator in a dignified manner, and instantly seemed calm and unruffled as if nothing had happened.

Huo Mou Shen, however, saw her hurried footsteps with a hint of fleeing aggression, and the faded tide of love surged back a little, the corners of his mouth hooked, and he held the woman who was walking fast in his hands.

"You wear high heels, don't walk so fast."

Song Zhi deflated, and could only accompany the big brother as he slowly walked his steps.

She blinked and glanced at the man who was walking idly.

Huo Moushen hummed, his voice was clearly tinged with flirtation, and laughed at Song Zhi, "I'm your husband, I can look at it openly and without charging you."

"Who wants to give you money, I'm your wife, I look at you all bright and square!" Song Ru deflated the corner of his lips and said with a straight face, "And the money for the last design, you didn't give it to me either, it's purely a pitfall for your wife!"

"M&R is poor, you count family members, you don't need to give money." Huo Mushen said in a shallow voice.

Song Ru casts a sidelong glance, her face is still calm, but her teeth are already clenched, "You're the one who's poor."

She decides that she won't go with Huo Mou Shen tonight, and is going to look for her mom, a wine out to buy snacks.

The two of them walked, the sixteenth floor direction elevator separated by a corner wall.

From around the corner came the sound of sizable chatter.

"I thought M&R's Mr. Huo was a more than capable person, I didn't expect the capable one to be Mrs. Huo!"

"Who says it's not? This design is made by Mrs. Huo, and the program is also made by Mrs. Huo, I really don't know what Huo Mushan does?"

"What else can he do, of course he's a soft eater." One of the men mockingly raised his eyebrows, "A man who eats soft rice can let you know that Song Ru is also a powerful character, I secretly inquired about the daughter of the founder of Tang City, do you think such a person is bad? I think Song Zhi is much more powerful than Su Xue Ning, Huo Mu Shen is not worthy of Song Zhi."

"So he's a soft eater."


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