Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 165

"Yeah, Vice President Su still says that Song Zhi doesn't deserve Huo Mushan, I think the one who doesn't deserve Song Zhi is Huo Mushan!"

AK's people were talking, making Song Zhi, who was on the other side of the corner, want to laugh as he listened.

"You look very pleased with yourself, little thing." Huo Mou Shen wrapped his arm around her waist and held the person down against the wall.

Song Ru shallowly hooked her lips, "Mr. Huo is eating soft rice oh."

"Mrs. Huo, you're very naughty." Huo Mushan pinched the tip of her nose and rubbed his head down, "My people are yours, so what if I eat your soft rice! Besides, who can do anything to me in Huacheng?"

Extremely impetuous words from the man's thin lips spit out half of the sense of contradiction.

Song Zhe muttered in a low voice, "Yes, Mr. Huo is the greatest."

"Your tone is perfunctory."

"You got up quickly, it's not good for them to come over and see us like this in a while." Song Zhe urged in a small voice.

"How bad?" Huo Mushen favors the idea of teasing her.

Song Zhi rubbed herself in his arms and said vaguely, "To save some people from saying that I'm seducing my own husband in broad daylight."

Huo Mou Shen hears the flirtation in her tone, and gradually condenses a piece of cold gloom that gathers in the bottom of his eyes, "Certain people are what they are! This kind of person one more word, can be directly abolished!"

After a pause, she added: "Besides, I just like to be seduced by you."


Song Zhi's heart was delighted as she withdrew from his arms, and the moment she raised her head coincidentally collided head-on with the AK executives on patrol!

The AK executives were startled, their hearts beating with a thump, and let out an exclamation, "Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo, why are you ...... here?"

"We were here just now." Song Zhu guffawed.

AK executives awkwardly tugged at the corners of their lips, just now here, so although they lowered their voices to discuss the two big men of M & R were heard by others, the key to these two still do not change their color right in front of them staring at them with a smile on their face.

At once, they felt a creepy feeling behind their backs, and their spines were penetrated by layers of cold sweat.

"Mr. Huo, Mrs. Huo, we were just gossiping just now! It was purely our own mouths! Otherwise, we'd like to apologize to you and Mrs. Huo on behalf of AK, and we didn't mean to make things difficult for Mrs. Huo during the test today." Furthermore, they want to request Mrs. Huo to restore AK's network, and although the power has been turned on over there, all of AK's systems and information are unusable, which is equivalent to still being paralyzed.

"I'm not blaming you guys, gossip is in everyone's heart." Song rhetoric is not cold and gloomy smile.

Obviously smiling cheerfully and generously, but it looked like a little devil.

Especially the curvature of the corners of the lips, as if the little devil is awakening.

AK: "Mrs. Huo really deserves to be from a famous family, it's our fault, we have no eyes."

Song Ru doesn't want to be polite, and laughs, "You guys are quite eyeless, especially when it comes to choosing a leader."

A few people tugged their lips in embarrassment again and nodded their heads in succession, "Mrs. Huo, this matter is our fault, we apologize to you, so ...... can we trouble you to cancel AK's firewall.

After you hacked our firewall, it seems like you set up a brand new firewall additionally, and now all of our information and systems can't be systematized, and the entire company is in a paralyzed state."

In response to such a request, Song Zhi leans against Huo Mou Shen, standing in front of the most powerful backer, Song Zhi isn't half terrified and naturally curves her lips, "You guys asked me to destroy your AK's firewall, and didn't ask me to help you guys in remedying it back again.

But you guys don't need to be grateful to me, your AK's firewall is simply too weak.

No, I was kind enough to add an extra one for you guys, and now no one will be able to hack through it again."

AK: "......"

Now yes, no one can hack in, but they can't use it either.

What kind of kindness is this?

It's all Su Xue Ning's fault!

She pissed off Mrs. Huo and then patted her ass and walked away, now leaving a bunch of messes behind to throw at them as subordinates, and now they have to use their hot faces to stick their cold asses on, and the key is that it's still a question of whether or not people will give their cold asses to them!

AK executives also hate Su Xue Ning with a passion, and then looked up to see that Huo Mou Shen had already left their presence with Song Ru, and busily turned his head to catch up, "Mrs. Huo, please can you ......"

Song rhetorically tilted her head to look at it, naively narrowing her eyes, "I'm not sure about this, M & R is all about my husband, I listen to my husband, you guys just ask him!"

Walked two steps, Song resigned to stick to the husband arm, shook two, hooked his little finger: "Oh yes, my husband is not eating soft rice oh, he is eating ...... hard rice."

Huo Mou Shen embraced her tightly, long arm held down her small head melon, low voice reprimand: "Don't mess around, not afraid of long pinhole, go to work, I pick you up after work to go shopping."

"Can shopping?"

Song Zu's eyes are so bright that they simply can't be any brighter.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes sank cool, and his icy voice revealed softness, "Don't you want to?"

"Think about it, thank you husband!" Song Zhi stood on her tiptoes and barred a kiss on his chin, as sweet as it could be.

Showing love, it was simply showing to the international level!

"Good boy, go on."

He patted her, the soft tail of his eyes disappeared in the last moment of Song Ru's figure disappeared in the pupil of his eyes, suddenly gloomy, black smoke rolled out from the depths of the tumble, back to Rin with a crowd of AK executives: "Say, how many other bad words you guys said about Xiao Ru?"

AK was scared by the man's instantaneous change of face and convergence of breath, completely unresponsive, sincere and truthful: "Mr. Huo, where do we dare to say bad things about Mrs. Huo, it's all about Vice President Su saying some words that Mrs. Huo is not worthy of you, and that we think that Mrs. Huo is very good."

They all came to Huacheng from AK for the first time, they don't know the truth at all, they don't even understand the intricate relationship of the characters in Huacheng, plus Su Xue Ning is determined to get stuck on a man, all her thoughts are used to seduce men, they are even more leaderless, they are very suspicious of Su Xue Ning seducing Huo Mou Shen, and even sell AK's internal business secrets!

But after a few matches, they truly felt that Song Zhi was a formidable character.

Unbeknownst to them, it was precisely because they said a few more good words about Song Zhi that the man slightly restrained the cold air that was leaking out in all directions, and his voice line was biting cold as he said, "Go into the office and then we'll talk about it."

AK's people nodded their heads in succession.

They follow behind them step by step, in fact, they are not staying at M&R to receive the cold air wrapped around them, but because Mrs. Huo is putting more firewalls in their system!


The office.

The layout is simple, and at a glance, you can't find a trace of emotion in the cold.

A few people take their seats opposite Huo Mou Shen, nodding and cutting to the chase, "Mr. Huo, we want to request that Mrs. Huo help us get rid of the firewall, this I don't know if we can do it."

"What favor are you giving us?" As a businessman, Huo Mou Shen loves negotiating the most, especially a one-sided crushing, which makes him hook his lips and can't help but raise an eyebrow.

"...... This, AK's shares can't be given anymore, Mr. Huo don't make it difficult for us." The person in charge of AK states in advance that they can die in Huacheng if they cede any more shares, I'm afraid.


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