Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 166

"I can't see past your AK shares yet." Huo Mushen's thin lips lifted in a shallow arc and laughed softly.

AK: "Then what did you say you wanted? As long as it's within our power to still oblige, we can do it."

AK being paralyzed for a day would mean evaporating several hundred million on multiple projects overseas and other projects, even if AK was a giant foreign company, it couldn't afford to be tossed around like this!

"It's simple, I want an apology from your vice president."

Huo Mou Shen makes his request gently, not even willing to say the words 'Su Xue Ning' for fear that these three words would taint his mouth.

The AK's eyes lit up, and he quickly responded, "Of course, this matter was originally Su ...... AK Vice President's fault, of course she should apologize, is it necessary for us to personally apologize at the door?"

"No need, I don't want to dirty the floor of our home, apologize publicly, let everyone know, apologize to Song Zhi in her personal name." Huo Mou Shen coldly said.

AK is even more delighted, suddenly realizing, "In M&R as long as you don't mess with Mrs. Huo, all cooperation is pretty much unimpeded."

Huo Mushen lifts her thin lips, her eyes glowing with coldness as she sweeps towards them, "Within three days, I'll only give you three days."

"Good." AK executives understand this, Huo Mushen is considered to let them off the hook, and they are not illiterate, requesting, "Then before that, can you restore our AK company's operation, and then delay, AK's shares are also evaporating, which will have a great impact on both sides of the cooperation. ak's influence is not enough, and there is not enough credibility to M&R promotions in the overseas, so ......"


Throwing down two words, the conference hall was quiet in an instant.

Huo Mou Shen opened the computer on the conference hall, put on the gold frame glasses, thin lenses with a sharp shadowy light, staring at the computer screen in front of him without changing color.

His long and slender bones struck the keyboard.

The people around him breathed in, their hearts were complicated and hard to resist: "It turns out that Mr. Huo also knows computers, and the husband and wife are both doing the E Star project, they are simply too ......"

The conference hall is quiet.

As time passes minute by minute, after a full two hours, Huo Mo Shen's jade-like finger bones loosen the computer keyboard, he 'snapped' the computer closed and then kneaded his brow.

"Mr. Huo." The AK executives carefully ask, "You did take care of it already, didn't you?"

"But only for three days." The man grimaces and stares at them coldly, "If the apology doesn't satisfy me, AK will face bankruptcy and I'll paralyze him forever."

"Yes, yes, yes, we promise to do it right."

AK guaranteed that it wasn't just a loss of face, anyway, they had lost face quite a few times when they came to Huacheng, so it wasn't too bad this time.

The trouble was caused by Su Xue Ning, so of course she's the one to do it.

Huo Mushen dials the phone at hand, "Huaibei, take the AK people out and invite them to the hotel they're staying at."

The AK executives stand up in a hurry and busily follow Chu Huaibei, who enters, out.

Chu Huaibei favored Huo Muchen with a glance, understandingly leading the people out.

Lu Ziyan came in around the same time as them, his chin still topped with a bruise, and carried a strong odor of iodine as soon as he walked in.

"Third brother, you've asked Huaibei to keep an eye on AK's people? I don't think the person who should be watched most closely should be Su Xue Ning?" The corner of Lu Ziyan's mouth curled up in a sarcastic arc: "And Su Xue Ning lost face by being so difficult, not to mention losing the trust of the person behind AK, it's kind of more loss than gain.

But she deserved it!"

Huo Mou Shen's tone is serious and looks at him with a serious face, "Your skin isn't tight anymore?"

"From time to time, you and big brother loosen it up a bit, and it hasn't been tight for a long time." Lu Zi Yan's pair of fox eyes revealed a long-lost calculating shade: "Third brother, what are you planning? If all the task volume is given to Third Sister-in-law, Third Sister-in-law will die of exhaustion. After my preliminary statistics about the design map task there is enough to have a month, there is also the design of the main core program, even if there is someone from the E-Star team as well, there is no complete guarantee that it will be completed in a short period of time."

"Old Six."

Huo Mou Shen looked up.

He asked, "What do you think of AK?"

"Third Brother, what kind of question is this? Do you really want to break the contract with AK?" Lu Ziyan frowned, puzzled, and asked, "After being by your side for so long, Third Brother, I've actually never known what your attitude towards E-Star is?"

"I want AK."

Huo Mushen spoke bluntly.

Lu Ziyan stares in shock, "You said you want AK, Third Brother you can't be joking with me.

AK is overseas, and the system behind him is huge, not something that can be acquired overnight!

You want to acquire AK because of Third Sister-in-law?"

The power of love is too great to make Huo Muchen think about acquiring AK.

Huo Muchen favored Lu Ziyan and drew a cigarette out of the cigarette box, his fingers clasped together, occasionally 'snapping' with a brightly lit spark.

"Xiao Ru understands AK and acquires it as a bride price for her." Huo Mu Shen's thick eyebrows close in, his dark eyes are filled with teasing, and he looks at Lu Zi Yan after he finishes speaking.

The corner of Lu Ziyan's eye twitches twice: "Third brother, I admire you!

Could it be that the Huo family didn't give Third Sister-in-law a bride price, I can remember that Huo Dong received a lot of bride price from Aunt Tang and the Song family, could it be that you didn't receive any of it, Third Brother?"

Huo Mou Shen wrinkles his brows, a signing pen gently turning between the man's slender knuckles, his black eyes gradually deepening as if he had spilled an ink stone, only after a long time did he spit out two words from his thin lips, "No."

"Actually no!" Lu Ziyan was stunned.

He slapped his thighs and stepped forward, "Third brother, I secretly heard it! At that time, we all disagreed when you married Third Sister-in-law, but I was the only one who could enter the Huo family. I heard at the door that the reason why Huo Dong agreed to you marrying was because Aunt Tang and the Song family gave the Huo family a large amount of bride price, enough to keep the third house firmly in the top decision maker.

So, I also always thought afterward that you married third sister-in-law because of the bride price as well."

Huo Muchen's eyes sank into a cool color, and his voice became more and more stern and compelling, "You think that I want to rely on a woman to get to the top?"

Lu Zi Yan laughed awkwardly, put away his gangly demeanor and straightened his body, pulling it up like a pine: "Of course not!

Third brother, we all know, you for marrying sister-in-law out of the Huo family, only I now do not know Huo family in the end who prevented you and sister-in-law married!

If in accordance with the Huo Dong idea, even if he does not like Song Zhi, will let you marry, after all, such a generous dowry, enough for a house to flip!"

Huo Mushen's shady eyes lazily pick up, pinching his fingertips, "Who do you suspect?"

"...... "Lu Ziyan thought for a few seconds before squirming his lips, "Is it the second house? The second house least expects you to be the heir, left or right but, Third Brother, you've already set your hands on them, so why don't you just do it once and for all!"

Huo Mou Shen looks at him, sees through his mind, and says nonchalantly, "No need, keep it."

"Keep it? Isn't this raising a tiger?"

Lu Ziyan's face became ugly all of a sudden, and his jawline sank taut as he said.

Huo Mushen's shoulders moved in a subtle arc, his black eyelashes slightly drooping, "When did I say I want to raise a tiger? The second house has done so many things to Xiao Ru, I am not in a hurry ...... to play slowly!"

"Then what's the next step?" Lu Ziyan tried his best to guess Huo Mou Shen's thoughts, but he couldn't find half a point of emotional fluctuation from his condensed face, and even when he was talking about calculations, he didn't change half a bit.


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