Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 167

Huo Mushen sneered and pulled up the corner of his lips, "Wait, wait for AK to apologize."

Lu Ziyan was unsure, "You're asking Su Xue Ning to apologize to third sister-in-law?"


Huo Muchen converges his sinking light.

"I won't mention it." Lu Ziyan suddenly turns away from the conversation, his aura much calmer than just now, "There was also the last time at the banquet, at the celebration banquet those few celebrities sneered at third sister-in-law, all my information is ready, just waiting for an order from you, third brother, all their scandals can be blown out of proportion!"

"En, go operate in the wee hours of the morning and close the market fully tomorrow morning." Huo Mushen commanded in a cold voice.

"Early morning?" I'm afraid it's not good to mess with the company in the middle of the night to go all bankrupt, but ...... he likes it.

Operating in the wee hours of the morning, not even giving them a tiny bit of buffer opportunity, directly declaring them bankrupt.

Lu Ziyan's eyes flashed through a dark and bizarre aura, licking his tongue, "I'll do this thing."

At the end, he mentioned, "Third Brother is going to have an entertainment in a few days, and it's related to the Song family."


Huo Mushen asks in a low voice.

"For the project in the Southern District, Song Yanyan from Tang City is in charge, but their collaborator has found us and wants to sell us a bit of information." Lu Ziyan raises his eyebrows and says with interest, "This is a perfect opportunity to take advantage of the opportunity to pull Song Yuancheng down, and also give Third Sister-in-law an outlet for her anger!"

He added the latter half of his sentence entirely on his own, if he hadn't added it, he doubted that Third Brother would have made a move.

"Hang on for now, I'm going to leave the project for Xiao Zhi to clean up personally." Huo Mu Shen's eyes deepen when he says this, and are laced with transient doting, "Go for remote monitoring, have Jin Cheng monitor the foreign markets, I'm implanting surveillance in the AK project, and there are detailed records regarding the close dealings between the Yan and Chi families."

"Third brother, why do you suddenly want to deal with the Yan and Chi families? It's true that Jincheng has been fretting over the Chi family for a while now, but as for Third Brother, you're not going to stand up for Xiao Jiu, are you?"

Lu Ziyan was still puzzled, after all, Huo Mushan had never stood up for any other woman besides Song Zhi!

He even felt that all that was in Huo Mou Shen's eyes was not a woman other than Song Zhi!

"Go do it."

Huo Mushan doesn't give Lu Ziyan any more explanations, just gazes out the window with an expressionless face, then gets up, clasps the computer in his palm and steps towards the outside.

Push open the door.

A strong and pungent perfume odor came to the face.

Su Xue Ning's spent eye makeup was black as black as a dog's bear, and the delicate makeup on her cheeks had long been white and red, and stood with water droplets.

"Huo Mou Shen, do you have to make me apologize?" Su Xue Ning fixedly tilts her head to look at Huo Moushen, unwillingly gritting her teeth, "Why! I'm your schoolmate, aren't you afraid that the relationship between our two families will affect M&R's interests? It's just an apology, it's not like Song Zhi is anything even if she's less! You can't indulge in spoiling her like this!"

She hadn't even washed her face just now before she was forcefully ripped out of the restroom by AK executives, who mandatorily threatened her with the chairman of the board of directors that she had to apologize, and that it was an apology to ...... Song Ru!

The most ridiculous thing is actually ...... that this is actually a unilateral request from Huo Mushan!

"I don't spoil my wife, do you?" Huo Mushen asked rhetorically, "And it's none of your business if I spoil my wife!"

Each of his words is like one slap after another slamming hard into her face!


Su Xue Ning's face was devoid of light, her throat was stuck on the words, and it was only after a long time that she was able to find her voice, "But it's just an apology, the relationship between the two families, and you want to ruin it! Even if you don't care about me, you should care about uncle!"

Her using the Huo family to pressure Huo Mushen was the stupidest thing she had ever done in her life!

Huo Mushan can even detach himself from the Huo family for the sake of Song Zhi, he would still care about a mere Su family!

"What's a Su family?" Huo Moushen coldly pulls his lips, his brows gloomy, disdainfully saying, "If Xiaozhu doesn't like it, then destroy it!"

"What did you say! You want to exterminate the Su family?"

"If you're not deaf, you can hear it!"

Lu Ziyan's playful and sarcastic words from the side kept ringing out.

Su Xue Ning's eyes overflow with pain, her voice choking, "Mr. Huo, you're not afraid of cutting off your future by indulging a woman like this! You should have returned to the Huo family, betraying the Huo family and coming out of the Huo family for the sake of a Song Zhi, is it worth it?"

Proud as Huo Mou Shen has always been invincible in the shopping mall, if there is no Huo family, the steps are difficult, Su Xue Ning absolutely does not believe that a man like Huo Mou Shen will cut off his future for a woman!

She still firmly believes that only she is the most suitable person for Huo Moushen!

And Huo Mou Shen, is the man most worthy of her!

"Shut up!"

"I ...... just want to do you good!"

Su Xue Ning piled her long speech in front of Huo Mou Shen, and before she could even think of taking a step forward and pouncing over to hug his waist, sniffing the man's familiar scent, she was sidestepped by the man to take a step around.

She directly fell hard to the ground in a dog-shit position, falling in a lousy way, even the red eyes followed the flood out.

Su Xue Ning lay on the ground gritting her teeth and glaring twice, her pink fists fiercely pounded the ground twice.

When she raised her head again, her hideous sycophantic and cruel face suddenly became pathetic.

She stretched out a hand Huo Mou Shen trembling out, but the man just lightly inclined his head, lazy and cold look at her, eyes without temperature, there is only contempt disdain, look at her as if looking at a mole cricket.


She unconsciously swallowed, her eyes filled with tension.

The man didn't miss the subtle changes on Su Xue Ning's face, paused for two seconds, his thin lips pursed lightly, looking at her and opening a cold cavity, "If you don't apologize again, I don't mind personally letting the Su family go bankrupt!"

Almost without hesitation, he adds, "Get lost!"

Throwing down a single word, Huo Mou Shen can't help but press his fingertips against his nose, his long legs taking a big step backward, as if Su Xue Ning is some kind of plague.

Su Xue Ning's pupils are viciously stung, and her heart aches, "Is she so repulsive to Huo Mou Shen that he can't help but be disgusted by even taking a step closer to him?"

"Mr. Huo!"

"Vice President Su, even if you don't want to apologize, you don't have to disgust people to get back at Mr. Huo." Lu Ziyan couldn't look away, his tongue couldn't help but touch his lips and teeth and 'tsk tsk' twice, separating Su Xue Ning from Huo Mushan as she let out her disgusting line of sight.

"I'm talking to Mr. Huo, what do you have to say!"

Su Xue Ning said condescendingly after being disturbed.

"Su Xue Ning, don't forget that we're both vice presidents, what qualifications do you have to talk to General Manager Huo directly!" Lu Zi Yan has been beaten by Huo Mushan today to the point where his head is spinning, at this moment, his aura is all over the place, his face is grim with a teasing playfulness, "Didn't you hear that Mr. Huo told you to get lost? Don't roll!"

"Mr. Huo, uncle let you this ......"

"Scram, still want to be beaten by Laozi again? I don't care if you're a man or a woman!" Lu Zi Yan scratches from the table to the glass in his hand, and without saying a word, he smashes it towards Su Xue Ning's head.

Su Xue Ning was so scared that she hurriedly covered her face, stumbled and turned to run away.


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