Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 26: She didn't even know Huo Mou Shen's birthday!

Song Yanran purposely picked the blocked area to stop sending Huo Mu Shen, in order to keep Song Zhe from seeing it.

"I don't think we have anything to say." Huo Moushen's brow reveals displeasure, his patience seems to have been consumed by the bystanders.

How can Song Yanran be willing to do this, seeing Huo Muk Shen taking out his long legs to leave, he hurriedly stops Huo Muk Shen, not moving, "Today is the three days back to the door, Xiao Ru is going home."


Seeing him promise, Song Yanran's heart was delighted, desperately suppressing her inner excitement, the corner of her lips hooked up a trace of proud arc: "Mu Shen, I apologize to you on behalf of Xiao Ru, Xiao Ru did out that kind of elopement at the wedding and lost your face. I heard from Lu Huaike a few days ago that Xiaozhu was going to give him your shares as a birthday present, you must not give the shares to Xiaozhu and cheapen the Lu family."

Huo Mushen's thin lips pursed into a straight line, a few clusters of anger dancing in the bottom of his eyes, lowered his head and habitually touched the wedding ring on his left hand, his handsome side face flushed with a dangerous aura.

Now in Song Yanran's eyes, Huo Muxian this man is completely the existence of a god, she was deeply attracted by him, even more determined to obtain this man's favor, let him fall under her pomegranate skirt.

"Mu Shen, don't get too angry, those shares can be given to me or the Song family." Song Yanran tilted her head to see the man's brow furrowed even tighter, and unbeknownst to God, she took a step forward, wanting to reach out to smooth the man's brow.

She moved a little bit closer, her heart at the back of her throat, her body slowly leaning towards the man's arms, her outstretched arm about to grip the man's arm.

"Mu Shen, I know that Xiao Zhi has broken your heart, if you don't like her, there's actually no need for you to force yourself.

Can you not let the media send out the scandal just now, it's not good for both families.

If you need a joint wife, Mu Shen, actually I ......"

Song Yanran obliviously approached, completely not noticing a flash of dislike and killing intent swept under the man's eyes.

She was still struggling with the morning's news, as long as Huo Mou Shen opened his mouth, the media's mouths would be blocked, and she'd still be the high and mighty Song family's daughter.

It was a pity that while she was fantasizing, reality heavily slapped her in the face!

The pungent perfume odor drills into the man's nose.

Huo Mushen wrinkles his brows in displeasure, and when the woman completely leans over, he doesn't move and steps back, watching Song Yanyan fall directly onto the cold, hard floor tiles.

Song Yanyan was thrown to tears and eyes, sprawling on the floor in a sorry state.

"Mu Shen ......"

She wants to be pouty and let Huo Mou Shen help her, but when she looks up, she meets the man's deep, bottomless eyes, which are flooded with dangerous arcs.

Huo Mou Shen contemptuously hooked his lips, exuding coldness and sternness, condescendingly looked at her and said, "I don't like to hear my name from anyone else's mouth, and also, Xiaozhu is fine, and the woman at the wedding has nothing to do with her, so I hope that Miss Song knows that."

"If Miss Song doesn't distinguish between occasions again,, I don't mind personally straightening up the Song family for them."

Song Yanran bit her lip, seeing the man's completely grim threat, a great shame welled up in her heart.

"I know, Mr. Huo." She takes a deep breath and tilts her head to see the man's distant figure, fiercely clenching her teeth.

Song Yanyan hung her head low, climbed up from the ground, and returned to her workstation.

Many of the surrounding employees knew that she wasn't Tang Shi's daughter, and looked at her with more than a touch of contempt, but because Song Yanran was still the Song family's daughter, she didn't dare to say anything, but was only secretly sarcastic.

She glared at everyone and turned around to see Chu Huaibei walking towards her.

"Assistant Chu, is there something you came to see me about?"

"Ms. Song, you've been dismissed." Chu Huaibei put down the dismissal letter and turned to stride away.

Song Yanran's breathing tightened, she had only been in the department for three months and hadn't even been alone with Huo Mushan yet, how could she be dismissed?

"Assistant Chu." She jogged and called out to Chu Huaibei, "Why did you dismiss me? I haven't made any mistakes, why should I be dismissed?"

She had always shown herself to be dignified and generous, but now she was forced by Song Zhi to ruin even her image!

"Miss Song has been working as a creative director for three months, a qualified creative program has not been provided for the company, but also absenteeism for seven consecutive days, is when the M & R Group is Miss Song's?"

Before Chu Huaibei came, his wife specially instructed that if Song Yanran asked back, it would be so back.

"I ......" Song Yanyan's lips shivered, and dissatisfied, "But I pulled a lot of investment for the company."

"Using the Song family's relationship to pull in investments, this in itself violates the company's relationship rules." Chu Huaibei was too lazy to listen to Song Yanran cry and whine, he still had to report to his wife.

The entire creative department heard it, and coincidentally revealed a strange look, it turns out that Song Yanyan is incapable of relying on the Song family, and still occupies the identity of Song Zhi.


Song Yanran's face turned white with anger.

She clenched her fists, her mind quickly thinking of countermeasures.

Song family.

Only the Song family could save her now and salvage the scandal.

No matter how arrogant Song Ru was, it was the Song family that he relied on behind him!

Song Yanran flipped through the pages of her cell phone, her eyes fixed on a few headlines that were brand new, her eyes went black, and she almost turned her back!

Her eyes narrowed and she directly sent the news to Song Yuancheng's cell phone, she just couldn't believe that her father would sit back and not personally clean up Song Ru!


When Song Zhi, who was eating and drinking in the lounge, heard Chu Huaibei describing how Song Yanyan had been resigned, how she had greyly and extremely unwillingly stepped off her high heels, and had been kicked out of M&R, a hint of redness welled up on her sickly face.

Song Ru tilted her head and looked at the man gratefully, "Huaibei, I'm troubling you."

Chu Huaibei was stunned and spoke resentfully, "Ma'am, it's better to call me Assistant Chu, I'm afraid that the president will send me to Africa."

"Hahaha, okay." Song Zhi spat out her tongue, then asked, "Where is Mu Shen now?"

Chu Huaibei truthfully said, "The president is now negotiating a contract with Vice President Lu, and there might be some problems with the cooperation."

"What problem?" Song rhetoric eyes tightened, she remembered that in his previous life, Huo Mou Shen business is from the marriage this year a leap rise, at that time, the Huo family also think that there is Song Yanyan on the side of the auxiliary credit, but they simply do not know that Huo Mou Shen's company is also in this year, suffered a huge blow, almost let Huo Mou Shen sink.

"It was the other party who was dissatisfied with the logo designed by the company and thought that there was no way to proceed with the E-Star project." Chu Huaibei sees Song Zhi listening attentively, and a picture of an extremely worried president with a broken liver, and lowers his volume, "The president disregarded the Huo family's objections, and broke away from the Huo family to start a business on his own, and is still in the process of starting a business."

Song Zhi gazes, she didn't know about LOGO, and hadn't paid attention to Huo Mushen's work from before.

She didn't even know about Huo Mou Shen's birthday!

Song Ru suddenly realized that she didn't even know as much about Huo Mou Shen as ...... Song Yanran did!

Not even as much as Chu Huaibei ...... cared!

Try to ask, Song Ru how can you be so heartless, can be blind to such a point!


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