Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 168

After waiting for the people to leave, Lu Ziyan went to open the window again to let the pungent odor in the president's conference hall dissipate before saying, "Third Brother, there's no more smell. Let's stay and work overtime later."

"No." Huo Mushen picks up his computer, looks down at his wristwatch, and walks towards the president's office with his long legs at a steady pace.

Lu Ziyan has always been a fanatic about working overtime, but today he's in a happy mood and comes up behind Huo Moushen, asking, "Third brother, you're in such a hurry to leave, what are you doing?"

"Picking up my wife from work."

Huo Moushen doesn't give Lu Ziyan the chance to ask again, grunting slyly as he continues to stride.

Chu Huaibei sees him and lights up with excitement, "President, wife is about to get off work, let's hurry over, it's all ready."

"En, Xiaozhu is at the door now?"

The man asked.

Chu Huaibei nods, "En, Mrs. hasn't come out after working in the office in the afternoon, Su Xue Ning also looked for Mrs. before this, went in for about ten minutes, didn't know what to say and left."

Huo Mou Shen's deep pupils quickly flashed a flash of calculating vicious: "Said what?"

"I don't know, Mrs.'s office we didn't plant a camera, much less go in and look." Chu Huaibei wrinkles his eyebrows in a low voice.

Huo Moushen looked at Chu Huaibei as if he was seeing a face through him, his thin, light lips lifting up in a smile-like arc: "I'll ask in person, you're responsible for getting things ready."

Chu Huaibei immediately understood, deliberately added: "There are quite a few people at the door, everyone can see that Mrs. will be very happy."

Huo Mushen's lips hooked up in a faint arc, then he said, "En."

"Third brother, what have you prepared? Can you reveal a bit?"

Huo Mushen casts a sidelong glance, his eyes cool and zingy, "I'm preparing for my wife, if you want it, then it's only fists."

"Then I don't want it!"

Lu Ziyan hastily shook his head, followed him into the elevator, and went straight to the entrance of M&R.

And at this moment, Song Zhi didn't know that she was in a slightly heavy mood.

Her mind slowly recalled the conversation she had with Su Xue Ning an hour ago, and her heart grew colder and colder.


An hour ago.

Su Xue Ning found her with half-flowering makeup and said, "Song Zhi, do you think you've won?"

Song Zhe looked across at Su Xue Ning, the corner of her mouth hooked up, "What do you want to say when you come to me?"

"Huo Mou Shen was with me during his college days, he doesn't love you at all." Su Xue Ning's eyes were strong with pride, she couldn't help but say sarcastically, "I'm not afraid to tell you frankly, uncle has already said that the reason why Huo Mou Shen married you is because of your family's lucrative shares as well as the dowry that your mother left for the Huo family. If it wasn't for these, I don't think Huo Mou Shen would even look at you."

"...... "Song Zhe raised his eyebrows, signaling Su Xue Ning to continue.

"Song Zhi, you're still thinking of relying on the Huo family and not leaving now?"

"What about you?"

Song Zhe asked back.

"Me? Huo Muchen and I are in love, he's just waiting for you to hand over the dowry now, I don't mind waiting until you're penniless, then even your clothes have to come off and roll out of the Huo family." Su Xue Ning is arrogant.

"Then you wait slowly." Song Zhe shallowly smiles out an arc, pointing at the door, "The door is right behind you, this is my office, if you waste my time by talking more nonsense, I don't mind letting you get out right now!"


Su Xue Ning stood up from the stool in a mischievous manner, glaring at Song Zhi.

Song Zu's eyes were much bigger than Su Xue Ning's, and they were more divine.

She looked at her contemptuously, "Su Xue Ning, you're better at lying than I am! If Huo Mou Shen really loved you, he didn't even look at you when you held up your information with both hands and the Su family shares, do you know why that is?"

"......?" Su Xue Ning couldn't guess what Song Zhi wanted to say.

The arc of Song Zhe's lips grew bigger and bigger, "Because your Su family, he still can't look at it!

If you mess with me again, I don't mind telling my husband and letting the Su family go bankrupt!

Do you believe that when the time comes, the one with no clothes to wear will be you ah."

"Song Zhi!" Su Xue Ning's image as a famous lady completely collapsed, and she was a bit flustered, "You think you're any better! We're still the same!"

"We're not the same!"

The depths of Song Zhi's deer eyes surged with a rolling thick fury, she held back the urge to whip Su Xue Ning: "The Song family and Tang City are just more powerful than the Su family! Uncle Huo in your mouth is more willing to utilize me, Huo Mushan is just willing to marry me, what do you think I can do?"

Song Zhi again brightened the diamond ring in his hand in front of her, refracting a blinding light that made Su Xue Ning squint, "Look this is the ring that Huo Mushan put on me when he got married, you can see that the Huo family just agrees with me!"

At the end, she added a grudging remark, "Look at me, I've already married in, the dowry has all been given out, and I'm not still sitting steadily as Mrs. Huo! Su Xue Ning, if you are not blind, you know that I have already gained the recognition of the Huo family.

Could it be that Huo Dong didn't tell you any of this?"

Su Xue Ning bites her lip as she listens.

Huo Xishen told her that Huo Muchen didn't marry Song Zhi because he loved her, but that it was a matter of interest, but Song Zhi was right, Song Zhi had already gotten the shares and dowry when she married in, and she could have kicked Song Zhi out a long time ago.

However, Song Zhi has always been Mrs. Huo, and has never shaken her position!

Song Ru looked down at her wristwatch and scanned her computer, and couldn't help but be angry at Su Xue Ning: "Huo Mou Shen all left the Huo family for the sake of it, and M&R was also created by him for me, can you?"

You can?

You can?

This sentence in Su Xue Ning left and right ear hovering, straight into her eardrums, let her color trance for a moment, and then quickly step away from the office of Song Zhi, straight to the restroom to wash the cold water face.

She had to calm down and calm down again.

Song Zhe was lying to her about everything!

The Huo family didn't use her, Huo Mushen really liked her and that's why he wanted to marry her!

Song Zhi was the one who failed!

Song Zhi doesn't know what Su Xue Ning is thinking and just looks at the half-door in silence.

The bride price given to her by the Huo family, Song Ru doesn't care if there is one or not, that's because she knows that the bride price is all in the hands of Huo Mushan, but Song Ru didn't know in two lifetimes that she still had shares and a sky-high dowry in the hands of the Huo family, and Huo Mushan never mentioned it to her.

Could it be that Huo Mushan didn't know either?


"Director Song, what are you thinking about, why aren't you leaving yet?"

A colleague next to her suddenly voiced a reminder, causing Song Zhi to return to her senses from the conversational meditations she had just had in the office.

Her gaze froze for a few seconds as she awkwardly said a couple sentences, "This is going this is going."

"Mrs. Huo wouldn't be waiting for Mr. Huo to get off work." The surrounding coworkers joked.

Now that they have all familiarized themselves with Song Zhi, they all know that Song Zhi is easygoing, doesn't have the stance of a mansion's wife, and is capable and good looking, so none of them have too much fear now.

Song Zhi blushed, "No, I didn't, I'm leaving!"

With her eyes lowly concealed she headed for the door, and just as she stepped out of the revolving glass door, she was stopped in her tracks by the sound of wheels rubbing the ground in front of the door.


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