Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 169

Song Zhi watched in a daze as eight black low-profile Maybachs spun and floated in front of her, lining up in a heart shape.

The black Maybachs were fixed in place and slowly drove in towards Song Zhi at the same time.

Before Song Zhi was able to have her pupils shaken by the dazzling car shapes, she again saw the back cover of the Maybach ejectively open, and countless heart-shaped balloons slowly floated out from the back, each heart-shaped balloon writing 520.

Song Zhi immediately reddened his eyes and covered his mouth.

The Maybach with the 520 balloons on its leash drove a little further towards Song Zhi, followed closely by a phantom that could not be seen at the end of the road.

The black phantom car is full of fiery red roses, blooming brightly and charmingly, slowly surrounding the Maybach.

"Wow, how many flowers should this be?"

"It should be all the roses in Huacheng are all here, no wonder I didn't get any roses for my girlfriend today, I could only buy a carnation to give to my girlfriend, she almost didn't hammer my dog's head!" The male colleague next to him recalled the embarrassing incident at noon.

"Who is this who can be so big to bag roses all over the city! This is a unique favor!"

The female coworkers were envious, pink bubbles coming out of their eyes.

"Who else could it be, of course it's Mr. Huo to make his wife happy."

"Right, Mr. Huo is such a doting wife-lover, this must be Mr. Huo's way of pampering his wife."

"Mr. Huo is really good ...... romantic oh! Today you guys didn't see, I secretly saw AK's Su Xue Ning intentionally fall towards Mr. Huo's arms, guess what? Mr. Huo directly backed up a step, covered his nose, hard to let Su Xue Ning fell straight to the ground half did not help!"

"Our Mr. Huo only loves Mrs. Huo alone, what kind of demonic mistresses are all as far away as they can get!"

Song Zhi's eyes were filled with tears, and as she listened to her coworkers' whispers, her heart felt as if it had been smeared with honey.


Several unmanned airplanes drove from the air, hovering above their heads, and when the crowd was stunned, rose petals slowly sprinkled down from the airplanes, like a shower of flowers.

Song Zhi's lips pursed straight, looking up again to see the roses on the first phantom car slowly rise up in the air under special support, directly laying a red-red rose road in the air, surrounding Song Zhi from all sides.

She bit her lower lip with her shell teeth and tilted her head to let the tears completely tilt back.

Can't cry, can't cry, she's a little fairy!

"Hoo-look guys, that's Mr. Huo!"

Huo Mushen's well-tailored black suit was ironed onto his toned and powerful muscles, so he naturally stepped away from his long legs and walked towards Song Zhi.

Song Zhi watched steadily as the man stepped on the flower petals and walked towards her, finally clenching her teeth and unable to hold back her tears.

Her eyes were red, her voice choked, wanting to open her mouth and call out his name, but she found that not a single word could come out, and all of them were stuck in her throat.

Instead, the M&R employees behind Song Zhi were a bit anxious.

They have urged.

"Mrs. Huo, Mr. Huo is waiting for you right in front, hurry over!"

This kind of display of love is something that how many girls can't even beg for in their lifetime!

520 heart-shaped balloons, all the roses in the city were bought by Mr. Huo to make her a unique little public figure on this day!

And how many girls dream of a rain of roses in their hearts!

Who says Mr. Huo is a cold king who doesn't understand love?

Mr. Huo is clearly the most romantic man in the world!

Of course, this romance of his is only for Mrs. Huo alone!

"Mrs. Huo is silly."

"If I were the subject of a confession, I'd be silly too! No, I'd just faint! The fact that Mrs. Huo can still stand strong in front of them is already amazing."


Song Zhi couldn't help but burst out laughing, then looking up again Huo Mushan had already walked from the rose path to the center, his eyes full of doting, and was continuing towards her.

His steps were steady but not large, as if he was waiting for something.

"Mrs. Huo, hurry up and get over there."

I don't know who it was that pushed Song Zhi directly from behind!

Song Zhi was pushed and stumbled a step, but she didn't blame the employees behind her, instead, she inwardly thanked them!

If it wasn't for their push, Song Zhi was afraid that she wouldn't be able to move her feet properly even now.

Her legs and feet were heavy, like nails stuck in the floor, and she was even so agitated that she was walking with a bit of a double crutch, looking funny and a bit ...... cute.

"Go Mrs. Huo, we're your little fairy support group!" They're all a little teary-eyed at the moment, how come they all have the vestigial feeling of old mothers and fathers who are watching 'my family's daughter grow up'?

The daughter raised by their own family was well and truly gripped.

Song rhetoric is undoubtedly beautiful, beautiful as porcelain white doll, but also full of animation, knitted brows and smiles are revealed in the sweet breath.

She walked stiffly towards Huo Mou Shen.

Huo Moushen did not take flowers in his hands, but when they were only an arm's length away, he suddenly stretched out a hand and swung it towards Song Zhi.

Song Zu was uncertain, and the corners of her eyes were still flickering with a fine light.

Immediately afterward, she saw Huo Mushen kneel down on one knee.

Song Zhi was instantly stunned!

Huo Mushen was such a proud man, how could he kneel?

"Huo Mushen, hurry up!" Song Ru's legs instantly went weak and she almost followed suit, her voice carrying an urgent sonorous tone.

"Xiao Ru, I've come to take you home."

The man's low, sexy voice was as pleasant as a cello, making one's ears pregnant.


There was another gasp behind him.

The way big brothers picked up their wives and brought them home were all so unique!

Song Zhi, however, understood the meaning better than anyone else.

Huo Mou Shen really knew what she wanted better than she did.

She was most afraid that Huo Mushan wouldn't want her, and she was most terrified of lying on the operating table listening to Huo Mushan say he'd take her home, but only being able to watch as his figure disappeared in front of her eyes, and then finally disappeared into her life.

Huo Mou Shen understands, never understood what she wants!

Song Zhi pressed back her sobs, crystalized teardrops rolled down her cheeks without a sound, and her plain white small hand heavily gripped Huo Mou Shen's large, broad palm.

"Let's go home."

"Xiaozhu doesn't cry."

Huo Moushen rises directly on her arm, his long arm pulls the person together into his arms, one hand clasps her waist, and the other hand is not free to come down, directly cupping her cheeks, and kisses her lips deeply right there in public for a long time before letting go.


A burst of cheers erupted behind them!

At this moment, nightfall.

All around was bright starlight.


Another burst of joyful calls!


All the lights inside M&R turned off in an instant!

Lu Ziyan sat in one of the Maybachs controlling the operation of the computer, changing all kinds of patterns on the dark LED screen, sometimes it was the word 520, and under the LED screen there was a rain of flower petals like a waterfall.

Finally, the background pattern of the M&R turned into the Milky Way, displaying the pattern of pluto and charon (Pluto and charon).

Song Zhu could see it.

This was Huo Mu Shen's deep love.


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