Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 173

They looked over in unison to see the man with a gentle brow and lowered eyes, asking, "Hungry?"


Song Zhe tilted his head and said.

"What do you want to eat?" Huo Mushen lowered his eyes and asked softly.

"Oo...... want to eat you, okay?" Song Zhu flirted.

The corner of Huo Mou Shen's mouth hooked up with a seemingly smiling smile, "OK, take you into the upper floor at night, now there are a lot of people, I'm afraid I can't satisfy you." After saying this, he also brought an apologetic tone.

Song Zhi's gaze was embarrassed.

Bu Yan, however, ran over cheerfully, scratched his head, and said nonchalantly, "Third brother, I want to eat sweet and sour fish, salmon, stewed prawns, lotus pond moonlight, and drunken crabs and drunken prawns ......"

"None of them!" Huo Moushen furrowed his brows, swept over the ingredients on the table, and quickly spoke, "Eat hot pot!"

"Eat hot pot? Wouldn't that be like putting all the leaves of the vegetables in it and boiling them, fishing them up and eating them. Third brother, do you have to be so perfunctory? Just now, Third Sister-in-law was able to order the food, but now that it's our turn to have a large family, you don't even care." Buyan's complaining voice was similar to that of a girl's maiden.

At the end of the day, he thought about it and directly cast his gaze towards Song Zhi, squeezing his eyebrows and saying, "Third sister-in-law, just talk to third brother and let him personally cook a meal, you don't even know that third brother has been cooking since he was a child, but several of us haven't eaten before."

"That's right, even I haven't eaten in the many years I've been by Third Brother's side." Lu Zi Yan was happy to help Bu Yan encourage Song Zhi, with a flirtatious tone, commissioned syllables, "Third sister-in-law, you don't know that Third Brother didn't forget to specially learn to cook when we started our business in the past, and had to say that the first meal we made was for our future wives to eat, and we all counted it as a lemonade essence."


"Third brother, you ...... ah!"

Before the crowd could react, Lu Ziyan had a potato fly at him head-on.

He couldn't dodge and could only butterfly towards the back, directly planting himself on Xu Liangzhou's thigh, still pinching the potato in his hand.

Lu Zi Yan was not half embarrassed, but instead said in a gangly manner, "Fifth brother, your thighs are flexible, how come there are no girls pursuing you?"

Xu Liangzhou's eyes were sunken like an abyss, the brimming luster on the rims of his silver wire-framed glasses, but at this moment, they were tinged with austerity.

His gentle jade-like face revealed a hint of chafing, pinched Lu Ziyan's shoulder and pushed with force, directly pushing Lu Ziyan to the ground, falling out in a dog-shit maneuver.

"Hahaha, sixth brother deserved it!" Jiang Wine laughed unkindly.

Xu Liangzhou laughed in a gentle manner, the bottom of his smiling eyes stained with grimness, "It was deserved!"

Lu Ziyan stood up holding his old waist, "Each and every one of you bullied me! If it wasn't for the fact that I was beaten up by Third Brother today, and now I don't have enough stamina, you guys combined wouldn't be a match for me!"

"With your little kung fu, you can't even match Fifth Brother!" Jiang Wine pinched her waist, her bright little face was filled with the words 'Schadenfreude', "You're still flirting with Fifth Brother, in the future, if any woman looks for you, I'm really sad for Sixth Sister-in-Law.

Sixth brother, you'd better be a loner for the rest of your life, don't mess with other people's girls."

"F*ck, shut up! It's not like I don't have any women to send to my door, I have to share people too, okay!"

Lu Ziyan's eyebrows were filled with evil, even after being thrown to the ground, at best, his shirt was creased for a moment, but instead, it gave him more of a languid air.

"If the old man wants a woman, Huacheng woman's queue will send the door!" Lu Ziyan's eyebrows rose.

This is a true statement, Lu Zi Yan is a frequent visitor to the 1986 in Huacheng, more women want to climb into his bed, using this step to heaven, after all, in the upper class circles often come to the 1986 to mix with the male like Lu Zi Yan this superior quality of men are not many.

Only the people do not know, Lu Zi Yan people in the flowers, a leaf does not touch the body.

"So what! Your reputation is already stinking, and if you tell your sixth sister-in-law, who still doesn't know where she is, that you haven't touched those women, she'll believe it? You're doomed to a lonely life!" Jiang Wine spoke really nonchalantly.

Lu Zi Yan cocked his head and reached out to directly undo the tie around his neck, throwing it on the ground as he walked towards Jiang Jiu.

"Sixth brother, what are you doing?"

Ginger Wine's eyes widened and she took a step back.

"Xiao Jiu, what could Sixth Brother do to you? Laozi just thought about it, you may be right, I may not be able to find a wife in the future, but I remember Xiao Jiu put Yang'er abroad, I feel that Yang'er looks very cute, I quite like it, in the future it will be my wife."

"You are raising ah, sixth brother, I support support support!" Bu Yan hands in favor of it, because third brother is nurturing, Song Zhi is now married to third brother, look at how well-behaved and lovely she is being tempered by third brother, looking at it is soft and soft, so that people can't help but to want to love her two points more.

"Lu Ziyan, you dare to hit your niece's idea! I'll fight you!" Jiang Wine pounced over at once.

Lu Ziyan put one hand against the door of her head, his long arms and legs, Jiang Jiu couldn't touch him at all, and could only stare at him blearily.

"That can't be helped, who let you have short arms and can't get over." Lu Ziyan shook his head, revealing a helpless face.

"Lu Ziyan, let go of my sister."

A stern voice line pierced straight through the hall towards Lu Ziyan.

"Brother, save me, Sixth Brother is doing this on purpose, he still wants to lay his hands on Yang'er, do you think he's heartless?"

Jiang Wine's eyes glowed when she saw her brother coming.

Jiang Jincheng stepped on the dull sound of leather shoes, his long legs quickly drew step to Lu Ziyan, a hand grabbed the back of Lu Ziyan's neck collar, and carried the person up.

"Fourth brother, your sister control is not so controlled as this." Lu Zi Yan's aura steeply turned weak, his words still carried a gangly air, but this kind of begging for forgiveness in Lu Zi Yan's hands all carried an aristocratic air, "Fourth brother let me go, who let Xiao Jiu say that I can't find a wife, and I'm miserable too."

Jiang Jincheng let go of Lu Ziyan: "Don't lay your hands on Yang'er."

Lu Ziyan raised his head and swept his eyes thoughtfully, and did not speak.

"Still eating or not! I didn't come over on vacation to see you guys stand around and eat air!" Jiang Jing Xing, who had been sullen and silent on one side, suddenly opened his mouth, his voice low and condensing.

In an instant, the hall was quiet.

Jiang Jing Xing's power was still immense, and he had always spoken his mind.

"Let me interject to say, what are we eating?" Bu Yan spat out a sentence tremblingly, risking his life by the two big brothers KO, he also had to keep moving forward on the road to death.

"Hot pot." Huo Mo Shen said in a low voice.

"It's settled!" Jiang Jingxing agrees and directly finalizes it.

Buyan let out a long breath, "......"

Crowd: "......"

But with two big brothers up there suppressing them, they didn't dare to return even if they had opinions.

The hot pot was made fast, the ingredients were all prepared by Bu Yan and Lu Zi Yan, by the time Jiang Wine and Song Ru helped to arrange all the ingredients on the round table, surprised, it was simply a 'full banquet'.


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