Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 174

Song Zhi looks back at the man in the kitchen, lifting her slippers and walking to the kitchen to see the man frying vegetables.

She couldn't help but move over and said with a smile, "Mr. Huo, is there anything I need to help with?"

Huo Mou Shen cuts the vegetables and casts a sidelong glance, "Mrs. Huo's IQ is not enough to be able to cut and fry vegetables."

"Why?" Song Zhi hums a small voice and asks with extreme dissatisfaction.

"A person who can't even distinguish between salt and sugar, are you sure you want to come and do it?" Huo Mou Shen teased.

Song Zhi's face collapsed and she pouted, "You can learn if you didn't know how to do it before, who wasn't born with it! You don't have to learn everything, we're all the same!"

Huo Muchen hooked his lips and smiled helplessly, "At least I'm not like you, I need to be taught everything, and I was born with some things."

Song Zhe's showy eyebrows raise slightly, "Mr. Huo give me an example."

"For example ......," the man paused, then put down his knife, picking up her chin with one finger, letting Song Zhi face his dark, bottomless, deep eyes, "For example, I was born to like you, and that's engraved into my bones, I don't need to learn it. "


Song Zhi's face explodes red and retorts back, "Then I was also born to like Mr. Huo, we're even."

"I didn't teach Mrs. Huo to be unreasonable." Huo Mu Shen looks at her with a contained smile and pats her head, "Go sit outside with Xiao Jiu, leave the cooking to the men, you guys stay out of it."

In the hearts of several of their brothers, women are born to be spoiled, what else would they marry into the family for?

Song Zhi listened to him, couldn't help but raise the corners of his lips, and inwardly there was a little bit of envy, Jiang Jiu was simply the group's favorite ah.

"Xiao Jiu has suffered a lot in the past." Huo Mu Shen explains in a low voice, in his words, there is only a brother's care for his own people, "We brothers naturally take more care of her, once upon a time, when Jin Cheng did not return to the Jiang family, Xiao Jiu suffered a lot of aggression in the Jiang family, and a lot of things happened. After Jincheng's strong return to the Jiang family, he took the lead for Xiao Jiu, and only then did the current situation come about. I am only brother and sister to her, don't be jealous."

Song Zhi was poked and prodded and grunted, "I'm not jealous, Xiao Jiu is my good base."

"Well well well, my home Xiaozhu knows best." Huo Mou Shen looks helpless, his slightly lowered curtains with a hint of favor, like a shooting star, "Xiaozhu, you are her third sister-in-law, we are men, there is no way for us to penetrate deeper into her heart, hard work for my family's Xiaozhu."

"This is of course, I met the man who caused Xiao Jiu to be sad last time, that man's name is Ji Yu, husband next time you see him, don't let go!" Song Ru said through clenched teeth.

"Won't let go." Huo Mu Shen lowers his vocal cadence, his unusually cold pupils glancing at the arm that was pinned green last time.

He stretches out his fingers, rubbing the white arm delicately, narrowing his cold eyes slightly, "Wait a little longer, I'll make them pay a heavy price!"

"I'm not in a hurry, I know my husband will stand up for me."

"En, good boy." Huo Mou Shen releases her and tells her to go out and wait.

Song Zhi nods her head.

Huo Mou Shen turns around and continues cooking, he cooks all the flavors according to Song Ru's tastes, and also 'specially takes care' of the ginger wine, only it's entirely because Jiang Jincheng purposely asked for it, and it's still exchanged for a dish with just a five million dollar check.

Jiang Jincheng had a moment of meat pain, but once he thought that it was a meal cooked by a business bigwig in Huacheng, he was instantly able to feel quite comfortable.

An hour later, Huo Mou Shen will be done with a few meals, just a few men playing underhand on the white table to set the plate.

Buyan is the first to rush in, rubbing his deflated stomach, "Hurry up, I'm starving."

"Buyan, don't eat like a starving man! How can others eat if you get saliva on them?" Lu Ziyan snorted coldly.

"If you can, you don't eat it for a while." Buyan pointed at one of the dishes and sighed loudly, "I'm telling you, this dish is worth five million dollars, if you don't eat it now, when he appreciates in value later, you won't have a chance to eat it again."

"Fear not, M & R has now signed the E-Star program, immediately M & R is the company giant standing at the top in Huacheng." Lu Ziyan teased.

Jiang Jingxing, who is eating silently on one side, suddenly hears Lu Ziyan speak, looks up and meets Huo Muchen's unmoving and condensing brows, and asks, "E-Star is going public so soon? I heard you and Lao Liu say last time that the contract hadn't finished being drawn up."

"Xiao Ru finished writing it."

Huo Mushen said calmly.

"What! It was actually Third Sister-in-law who finished writing it!" Buyan looks up in surprise.

In the next second, before his words of praise could come off, the back of his neck was slapped hard by Lu Zi Yan: "Bu Yan, if you startle me again and spray saliva into Lao Zi's bowl, I'll kill you!" Lu Zi Yan pressed his eyebrows and could only change the bowls and chopsticks, raising his head and hooking his lips triumphantly, "I'll tell you, third sister-in-law is more powerful than you think! The fact that M&R was able to get 70% of the shares this time is also due to Third Sister's hand!"

Song Zhi smiled awkwardly, "It wasn't me."

If Huo Muchen hadn't given her enough to rely on, I'm afraid she wouldn't have been so 'capricious and arrogant' in front of AK!

Huo Moushen chucks vegetables and meat onto the plate in front of her, coaxing in a low voice, "Eat more, talk less."

"Heh!" Jiang Jing Xing suddenly put down his chopsticks, his body leaning back, his voice laced with lingering anger, "I thought M&R was negotiating, AK was trying to figure out how to cooperate with the Yan family, and it was Su Xue Ning who went and did it, right?"

"What! This little bitch, just came to M & R to defect this morning, and before the night was over, she went to the Yan family, what a no-nonsense little bitch!" Lu Ziyan was so exasperated that he didn't have much of an appetite either.

Huo Mushen narrowed his eyes, the depths of his pupils gradually deepening, like an overturned ink stone.

Song Zhi also tasted like chewing wax and ate, not expecting Su Xue Ning to not die, actually went to find the Yan family to cooperate.

"She this belongs to the leakage of business secrets, third brother do we want to take advantage of the opportunity to make a move to hollow out AK, it will allow AK to pour money back to us again!" Lu Ziyan proposed.

Huo Mou Shen uses his left hand to refill Song Zhi's food, his right long arm resting casually on the chair behind her, half-ringing Song Zhi: "No need."

"You spared the Yan family?" Jiang Jingxing asked in a cold voice.

"Won't let go, clean up with the Chi family." Huo Mou Shen sits there, stolidly unmoving, his eyes glowing with a cold, ghostly chill, the corners of his lips tugging, "Wouldn't it be better to hold someone and then drop them hard?"

Just after the words came out, everyone's eating movements stopped, only Song Zhi ate quietly.

The crowd couldn't help but admire Song Zhi for being able to eat peacefully under Huo Mu Shen's anger, and eating with a clear conscience.

"The Su family has the AK at their back, and the Yan family is supported by the Chi family, what do you want to do now?" Jiang Jingxing reminded slyly.

Huo Mou Shen lightly scorns his eyes, his jawline reveals a perfect arc, and his exit voice is hard and cold for a few minutes, "Aren't there still you guys?"

"Didn't you say before that we should not intervene in M&R and just sit back and wait for the money to be shared? Now come to us again." Jiang Jingxing fished out a cigarette and couldn't help but smoke one, but Huo Mushen threw a piece of smoking cessation candy.

"Don't smoke at the dinner table."


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