Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 176

"Third Sister-in-law is the biggest contributor, drink with us too!" Bu Yan proposed.

"Old Seven, don't encourage it! Who doesn't know that Third Sister-in-law is being eaten to death by Third Brother, if Third Brother didn't let Third Sister-in-law drink, and Third Sister-in-law is bullied at that time, can you take over?" Lu Zi Yan opened his mouth in a half-teasing manner, a few hints of flirting could be clearly heard in his voice.

Song Zhi sniffed and puffed up her cheeks.

So angry!

Hubby was too powerful, eating her to death.

After a few dozen seconds of pause, Huo Mou Shen's black soft eyelashes hang low, where there is still some hostility around him, his body is wrapped in a languid and reserved atmosphere, his thin lips curled up and he looked at Song Zhi diagonally, his low and dull voice rolling, "I was eaten to death by Xiao Zhi."

Song Zhi was stared at by his burning gaze and his breathing intensified, his face huffed out hot air, his body unconsciously contained.

"Third brother, you're joking." Bu Yan got up to personally serve Jiang Jing Xing, pouring him a full glass of whiskey.

Lu Ziyan's side passed the red wine to Jiang Jincheng and Jiang Jiu: "Third brother, don't you dare try to fool my fiery eyes. Ever since Third Sister-in-law went to work for M&R, the cold air pressure over M&R's head has all been reduced by quite a bit, and its efficiency has also dawdled."

"I think it's also true that right now, Third Brother just can't wait to put Third Sister-in-law on the waistband of his pants and carry her around with him, right?"

He added.

"There is this idea." Huo Mo Shen's dark eyes swept over with favor, his voice adding a touch of sexiness, "My heart is locked tight by Xiao Zai!"

"Third brother stop, you can stop here!" Lu Zi Yan couldn't stand the sour odor of love emanating from men with wives and raised his glass yelling for everyone to raise their glasses together.

Song Zhi's heartstrings trembled slightly, and her face suddenly turned a few shades of red again.

Her brain couldn't speak, her mind kept echoing his sentence 'My heart is locked tightly by Xiao Ru', the kind of warmth and sweetness in her heart was softer than marshmallows, the whole person was in a trance, like stepping on a cloud, even the air wasn't enough to breathe.

"What are you thinking about?" He whispered, blowing a tantalizingly hot breath, "Baby, everyone is watching you, drink a little less, it's okay, eh?"

Song Zhi leapt back to her senses and raised the wine that Huo Muchen had poured for her, raising it with everyone else.

She had just dipped into the whiskey when a spicy liquid rolled down her throat.


Song Zhe grabbed her little bun face and couldn't help but spit out her tongue.

"Oh ...... have some red wine, these are all collector's edition red wines that have a market and no price in the market." Huo Mou Shen faintly explained.

"When are you so able to drink, how do I not know?" Song Zhe's eyes are puzzled.

"There's a lot you don't know." Huo Mushen wrist shakes the scarlet wine in his hand, his handsome features adding a touch of charm, lowering his voice so that only the two of them can hear, "It's okay, tonight I'll let you delve deeper."


Nima, there's no way to continue this topic!

Big brother big brother, there's a big bad guy here, can I ask you for help?

If Jiang Jing Xing were to hear what she said, Big Brother would definitely smile once, "Scram! Don't involve me in your couple's business!"

If Lu Zi Yan had heard the words, he would have smiled, like a sly fox, with a 'you know' look, and said, "Someone come, prepare a small dark room for third brother and third sister-in-law, let them go in!"

Song Zhi swallowed and gently asked, "Can I not understand?"

"No. ......"

The first syllable hasn't even spilled out of his throat yet, a wisp of warm fragrance with a hint of alcohol intoxicates Huo Mou Shen's mouth curving more and more, followed by an incredibly soft kiss that prints straight onto his rigid cheeks, 'baring' it, and then it's gone.

Huo Mu Shen's eyes were stunned, just paused for a few seconds the, finally reacted, licked his tongue, low and sexy voice flowed out from his throat at one point: "Little heart, are you hinting at me?"

Song Ru was also dumbfounded.

She was just trying to coax the big man to let her go at night!

"Nope, I'll eat and eat my vegetables." Song Zhi lowers her head and buries it in the bowl.

Huo Moushen's eyes are smiling, and with a glance, he catches a glimpse of her rosy earlobes and tilts his head back to down the strong whiskey.

Lu Zi Yan saw Huo Mushan happy, and glanced at each other to persuade a few more glasses of wine, as a way to make up for the regret of not having dinner at the last wedding banquet, even Jiang Jing Xing accompanied and drank a bottle of red wine.

I don't know how long, in addition to the leftover food on the table, there are more than a dozen empty red wine bottles.

Everyone was drunk.

Song Zhi sits next to Huo Mu Shen, feeling the lazy drunkenness of the man on her side, his white shirt is twisted open with two onyx buttons, leaning towards her.

"Xiao Ru."

Song Ru never knew that her name could sound so good when called out from Huo Muk Shen's mouth.

She looked sideways to see that the man's face was still cold and condensed, not seeing half a hint of drunkenness.

There was a 'grunt'!

Song Zhu pursed her lips and asked, "Are you drunk?"

Half of Huo Mushen's body was pressed on her, but not even a fraction of his weight was pressed on Song Zhi, making it hard to tell if he was drunk.

"What do you think, my little Ru."

Song Zhi's heart tip was soft, she inhaled deeply, straightened up in his arms and looked him squarely in the eyes, "You're not drunk."

"There's a prize for guessing right."

Huo Mu Shen contains a lazy and sexy sinking accent, electrifying Song Zhi's body with a shiver.

"What reward, is it chocolate?" Song Zhi asked.

"I'll tell you what the reward is if you guess right?" Huo Mushen nudged the tip of her nose.

Song Zhi was poked and puffed up her cheeks in anger, "Then you're still not telling me?"

Huo Moushen sees that she's cute enough to tease the tip of her heart and raises his hand to poke her in the cheek again.

"Huo Mou Shen, you still say I'm not good, you're even more bad than me!"

Just poke it a little, but you're still addicted to poking!

"Don't poke me." Song Zhi's face was almost played out.

"Just poke!"

Huo Mou Shen laughed.

"......" This Nima, must be drunk, or else play her face to what for?

"Third brother ...... we ...... we come back!" Buyan took the red wine bottle from the table and continued to blow.

Song Ru swept the wine table a hundred times, the people with the best wine taste are still only Jiang Jing Xing and Lu Zi Yan, Lu Zi Yan is always socializing, as for Jiang Jing Xing, maybe it is because of the need for work.

Even Huo Mou Shen is a little drunk, Jiang Jing Xing can still keep calm, really rare.

Lu Ziyan wobbly stood up from the stool, hands propped on the edge of the table, gangly tone, "Third brother, it seems like you can't drink anymore."

"Third sister-in-law ......," Lu Zi Yan looked at Song Ru with a sly sidelong glance, "We'll leave first, not to delay you and third brother in love, hahaha!"

Song Zhi glared at him.

Jiang Wine followed suit and stood up, helping Jiang Jincheng walk outside.

"Xiao Ru, I'm leaving too, I'll just take care of sending the few of them back, just stay home with Third Brother." Jiang Wine suggested.

Song Ru looked at Jiang Jiu and suddenly stood up, but didn't even stand for a total of two seconds before being directly yanked back by Thuja's strong arms.

She sits on Huo Mushan's lap with a fart, being firmly circled in his arms, her neck being rubbed again.


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