Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 27 That feeling made Song Zhi feel a little scary

Chu Huaibei saw Song Zhi's lost and drooping eyes, and seemed to want to comfort, "Mrs. don't be too upset, the president stayed up all night and all night these days, and will soon overcome this difficulty."

Blah blah blah!

This is not as good as not saying it, saying this is not adding to the wife's problems?

"Mistress, I still have work to do." Chu Huaibei left the lounge as if escaping.

Song Zhi's gaze froze for a few seconds, a hint of chafing in her wooden expression, so guilty that she buried her head even lower, not knowing what she was thinking.

The quietness of the heart beating emitted a shocking rumble from the left side of her heart, a feeling that made Song Zhi feel a little terrified.

It was as if the next second, the heart would pop out of her heart in blood.

She raised her hand and pressed down on her heart, trying to appease the restless heart.

But before she succeeded in soothing it, she heard her cell phone ringing on the coffee table.

As expected, it was Song's!

She shrunk her little legs into the soft crevices in the sofa and let Song Yuancheng furiously bombard the phone, just sitting coldly in the sofa, her gaze calmly looking at the screen that was automatically hung up and rang again.

The ringtone of the cell phone in the quiet lounge was shriller than the other one, seemingly hissing and roaring.

The coffee table was also shaken and buzzed.

It was as if the next second, Song Yuancheng would jump right out of the screen and break her neck.

Song Zhi bent down and watched the two typed words 'Song family' pop up one after another, with a big picture of 'if you don't answer it, I'll keep on typing' obstinacy.

She saw it and just didn't pick it up.

I guess Song Yanran went home and started acting.

Beep beep beep-

"Song Ru!" Song Yuancheng's veins parted in his forehead, seeming to jump out.

He was so angry that he couldn't catch his breath, a picture of him wanting to dismantle Song Zhi in a big way, "This beast who eats and eats! Actually helping the Huo family to pour black water on the Song family!"

He Meiping and Song Yanyan stood next to each other, seeing Song Yuancheng so angry that he swept the papers all over the floor, smashing all the photos I have with Song Zhi on the ground, stepping on them fiercely with his feet, coincidentally revealing a hint of triumph.

He Meiping gentle and virtuous hang up the corner of the lips smile: "Yuan Cheng, don't be angry, Xiao Zhi this girl just has a mouth but not a heart, speak not too much over the brain."

"I think she just has no brain!" Song Yuancheng was like a bomb that exploded at the slightest point.

When he saw the news on the screen, his eyes were dark and solitairy, and when he heard the sound of the phone being busy, he was so angry that he directly slammed the phone screen on the table, spewing anger from his nose, as if he wanted to burn the surroundings into ashes, "Rebellious girl, Song Zhi this rebellious girl, actually dared to not pick up my phone call! I have to skin her!"

The corners of He Meiping's eyes narrowed, and she put her arm on the back of his hand, purposely blaming herself in a low voice: "It's better not to blame Xiaozhu, I've always felt guilty all these years as well, leaving Xiaozhu without a mother, it's just that this time ......"

She paused, with a sobbing tone in her voice: "This time, Xiaozhu actually lied in front of so many people, in order to defend the Song family, and also let Yanyan's reputation insulted, how can I let Yanyan get a foothold in the upper class society in the future."

Song Yuancheng stared tightly at the news that had just been printed out, each one was enough to discredit the Song family.

[Surprise! Mrs. Huo is Tang Shi's real daughter, and Song Yanyan is actually the daughter of a mistress?]

[Tangcheng Group President Song Yuancheng is suspected of cheating on his wife, and the cause of death of the former Tangcheng Group President is a mystery!

[Huo Shao protects his wife's heart, and Mrs. Huo is a childhood sweetheart, so envious of each other!]

"Mom, this is all our fault, I didn't think that usually Xiaozhu and I are so close, but it turns out that behind our backs, we've always hated us." Song Yanran cried her heart out, causing pity: "Xiaozui tells me to do whatever she wants, I've been listening to her so much, why would she still want to harm me?"

"It's all mom's fault, we shouldn't have come back for your dad." How could He Meiping not know what Song Yanran meant, her tears were like a blistering rain, she hugged Song Yanran's trembling shoulders and sobbed in a low voice: "We'll leave right away, mommy won't let you suffer any wrongdoing, and there's no room for us in this home anymore!"

"Alright, shut up!"

Song Yuancheng suddenly roared.

The sound of wailing upset Song Yuancheng, he favored the two women hugging and crying, especially Song Yanyan, this daughter had also helped him a lot over the years by his side.

Song Zhe this beast, can't count on it anymore, the elbow is still turning outward.

If Song Yanyan folded again, then the Song family would have no foothold in Huacheng.

His eyes half narrowed, his fire slowly subsiding, his brows showing weariness and helplessness, patting He Meiping's trembling, cold shoulders, ''The Song family is your home, where do you want to go? No need to listen to that white-eyed wolf, wait for me to call her back and let her apologize to you."

Song Yanran furrowed her nice eyebrows, she wanted more than just Song Zhi to apologize.

"Dad ......"

She raised her head.

Surplus tears fell.

"Now the media has me and mom are ......"

She was difficult to speak, so that Song Yuancheng also stayed in pain, a trace of guilt welled up from the depths of his chest.

"Yanyan you don't worry, you are the Song family's thousand gold, wait for tomorrow dad will open a press conference to announce that your mother is my explicitly married back to Mrs. Song, you are the Song family's rightful thousand gold, no one can shake your status!"

"Then Yanyan's age ......" He Meiping reminded slyly, and Gu yawned her words.

"I will think of a way, you guys don't worry, feel at ease as Mrs. Song."

Hearing Song Yuancheng's assurance, He Meiping jumped into Song Yuancheng's arms and hooked the old man's neck.

Perfume mixed with the cozy fragrance of a mature young woman drifted into Song Yuancheng's mind, he was tickled to the core, he wrinkled his eyebrows and was full of seriousness, "I naturally have a way, the most urgent thing is to get that white-eyed wolf to go home, this matter needs her to come out and admit it!"

He Meiping let out a long sigh, "Xiaozhu that girl doesn't know what's going on, obviously they are all Song's family members but they are helping Huo's family, they even gave their shares to Huo's family, if Yanyan marries over ......"

"Yanyan knows more than that white-eyed wolf, if you can marry Yanyan over there wouldn't be so many things." Song Yuancheng teeth clenched tightly, looking at the Song family shares in the set of decline, pupils up the accumulation of anger is also gradually thick.

He Meiping poured a cup of water and handed it to Song Yuancheng, handed Song Yanyan a wink, and said to Song Yuancheng as if she didn't mean it, "If Yanyan can marry over and is the daughter of the Song family, she will definitely be able to block the mouths of those Tangcheng Group executives, and will also be able to whitewash the feud between the Song family and the Huo family."

She came over to Song Yuancheng's side, her small hand soft and boneless patting Song Yuancheng's chest.

"And hasn't Xiaozhu always disliked Huo Shao, and the Huo family isn't happy with Xiaozhu, so since this is the case why don't we just go along with what they want?"

"I will consider this you said." Song Yuancheng's eyes sank like the sea.

"Give Xiaozhu another call, you are her father, if she doesn't listen to you, who else can she listen to, the Song family is her mother's family after all." He Meiping was as attentive as a flower of interpretation.

Song Yuancheng was hooked by He Meiping's three souls and hooked his cell phone again, dialing Song Ru.


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