Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 180

"My husband can't bully anyone but me!"

Huo Mou Shen simply loves her protective little look.

"Hehe, good." Huo Muchen laughed twice and pinched her ears, "Rest at home today, I'll go to work, you were too tired last night, eh?"

"I was so tired last night because of who?" Song Zhi pouted and glared, then said in dissatisfaction, "Please Mr. Huo, next time, less alcohol, go and sober up by yourself after you get into alcohol and then come back."

A layer of light surfaces on Huo Muxian's handsome face, and the two are so close that their breathing is audible.

"Sorry, didn't control it."

He said, his pupils were deep and contained a smile, "Next time, I'll hurt you slower."

Song Zhi didn't want to dwell on this issue with him, she just didn't move and changed the topic, "I have to go to work today as well, I don't want people to think that I don't have enough stamina for you."

By the time the rumor spread like crazy in M&R that the president's wife was tired at home by the president and missed a day of work!

She would probably be even more famous!

"You have enough stamina? Then I'll try again tonight." Huo Mou Shen looks askance, his cold, hard contours gradually softening.

"No try, I have to work recently.AK is trying to make things difficult for me, I need to finish the design drawings as soon as possible, and I'm working on the program." Song Zhe suddenly muttered, "You said I'm working two jobs, can I receive two salaries?"

"Can't." Huo Moushen puts her on the stool next to him and slowly and methodically uses his breakfast.

He ate elegantly, much better looking than Song Zhi.


"The entire M&R is yours." Huo Mou Shen doesn't make half a sound when he eats, and the only sound they have at the table is communication.

"And then I'm yours, and as a result it's still all yours right?" Song Ru gave an explanation, lazy and Huo Mou Shen said, suddenly thought of the content of yesterday's appointment with Jiang Wine, then said, "I let Xiao Jiu to work beside me, I've seen her resume, overseas to do business management, and very outstanding, if it is not because ...... of the Jiang family, I'm afraid that she will not even come back.

Such a talent I I don't want to miss, so I took it upon myself to let her come over to work for our M&R."

"It's fine for you to take the lead." Huo Mushen has complete trust in this.

He was capable enough to hold up the sky for Song Zhi.

"Do you understand Xiaojiu? What's her relationship with the Chi family?" Song Ru wanted to care more, but didn't want to find out from Jiang Jiu for fear of hurting her heart.

"Xiao Jiu's ability is indeed high enough, she's done a lot of business battles overseas and is capable enough to serve as the deputy director of the E-Star department, I trust her to help you manage by your side. Her relationship with the Chi family is very complicated, Old Four has always not wanted the Jiang family to have any semblance of relationship with the Chi family, the Chi family just won't let go." After a pause, the man's tail voice picked up, "It's fine for her to come to your side, only, except for work matters, you're not allowed to listen to her, especially not to be taught bad by her."

"...... Good."

Song Zhi answered and then continued to bury his head in his breakfast.

After they ate, Huo Mo Shen drove Song Zi to work.

The road is always quiet, Song Zi naps in her leather chair, and Huo Moushen doesn't move to adjust the height of her seatback to make her sleep a little more comfortably.

All the way to the parking lot, Huo Muchen woke her up and instructed in a low voice, "If you're going to be tired, rest in my office."

"Don't, I need to hurry to work."


Huo Mou Shen never wanted Xiao Zhi to be raised as a canary, since she wanted to grow, she let Song Zhi toss and turn in this heaven and earth.

Song Zhi came to the office early in the morning, a clear and beautiful little face written with high spirits.

The employees on both sides of the office snickered when they saw her greetings.

Song Ru stared suspiciously, then went back to the office to prepare for the morning meeting when she heard a few more 'thumps' on WeChat.

She scanned down.

Ginger Wine: ''Xiao Ru, I'm at the office, I'll go up later for breakfast.

You hurry up and open the headlines, what happened between you and Third Brother yesterday made the headlines."

Song Ru was actually not surprised, after clicking on the scarf she realized that the video of their 'courtship' yesterday had been captured online in its entirety, followed by countless comments at the bottom, all of which were words of blessing 99.

After she briefly scanned a few eyes, she used the official 'Mrs. Huo' scarf to Ait Mr. Huo.

"Mr. Huo, many thanks."


Within two seconds, 'Mr. Huo's' official weibo replied to 'Mrs. Huo' at the bottom

"Mrs. Huo, don't be stingy."

'Mrs. Huo': "Mr. Huo, please work seriously."

'Mr. Huo': "Little heart, wait for me to eat at noon."

Netizens: '......' are spitting out blood!

To not abuse dogs online!

Not a moment later, another top headline appeared, "Mr. and Mrs. Huo abuse dogs online, live streaming the post-wedding life of the bigwigs!"

'Mrs. Huo' returned aggrieved, "Mr. Huo, they said we abuse dogs?"

'Mr. Huo': "Then abuse it."

The rightful tone just blew up directly on the M&R official scarf!

The crowd of netizens: "......?!"

There was no way for them to live, do big brothers spoil their wives without a bottom line?

Song Zhi smiled, then looked down to see that immediately following them was what happened at the celebration banquet.

Her hand tearing AK as Mrs. Huo and her domineering protection of her employees had again turned many people black to pink!

Even though the post about Huo Mou Shen taking her out was previously misunderstood making some netizens think that they were putting on a show and everything was done to make M&R more home known to go with the traffic, most people still believed in them!

Song Zhi didn't know why Huo Mou Shen had delayed in removing the post, and as she was thinking about it, her mind remembered Huo Mou Shen's classic quote.

"Mrs. Huo, if you're just going to be on the headlines, you can only do it with me!"

Following closely behind, Song Zhi scanned the remaining headline content and was surprised to find that several of the celebrities who had taunted her last time had all been exposed in scandal one after another.

Not a single bit of their black information was left, all of them were exposed!

Moreover, even their companies suffered bankruptcy crises.

Song Zhi hooked her lips, "Unconscionable!"

She's not a good person, and M&R originally had a part in doing business warfare, it's perfectly possible to acquire them to expand the size of the M&R company, and she's even less likely to sympathize with them.

Huo Mou Shen is right, being ruthless in the mall doesn't require one to believe in relying on anyone.

What's more, these are completely Huo Moushen's actions to take the heat out of her!

How could she not accept a gift from her husband?

Thud thud thud!

The door was directly kicked open.

Song Zhi furrowed her beautiful brows, not looking up as she continued to scan the company behind those few celebrities.

She had thought it was Jiang Wine, but on second thought, if it was Jiang Wine she wouldn't be so rude.

Just before she could raise her head, the next second she was stabbed by a tricky and sarcastic remark!

"Song Zhi, was it you who did this?"

Song Zhi raises his head just in time to meet Huo Xin Xin's face that is covered in petulant anger, and after casting a faintly sidelong glance at her, he handles the morning meeting documents and coldly says, "Get out!"


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