Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 28 - Mr. Huo's Little Heart


Ding ding ding!

Song Zhi cast a sidelong glance at the ringing cell phone and looked down at her wristwatch just in time for lunch.

She put down the paper and gently tapped the connect button.


Hearing Song Zhi's unhurried voice, Song Yuancheng's suppressed and stifled anger rushed straight to his mind like a volcano erupting and exploded violently.

This time, the anger was much, much greater.

"Song Zhe, you white-eyed wolf hurry up and get home! Apologize to your sister now!"

Rage spewed out of Song Yuancheng's mouth, and from the other end of the phone came the sharp, piercing sound of a kicked wooden stool.

"Dad, why do I need to go home and apologize? I'm at the company with my husband right now."

Song Zhi picked up a cup of warm water and slowly savored it.

Song Yuancheng's brain kernel twitched with anger as he contained his rage, "You still have the face to ask! How did you falsely accuse your sister at Huo's press conference today? You're going to post a statement online right now!"

"Dad, am I wrong?"

Song Zhe straightens his spine from the sofa while the paper resting on the coffee table is drawn with countless design logos.

"Song Zhi!"

"I'm here, Dad."

Song Zhi has a painless look that leaves them with no way out, Song Yuancheng absolutely does not dare to go up to Huo Mou Shen's hands to snatch someone, and can only wait for Song Zhi to obediently come to the door on his own, as if he were a sheep in a tiger's mouth.

He Meiping listened to Song Zu's light tone, and her face twitched in anger.

She took the phone and tried her best to use a gentle tone, "Xiao Ru, your father just accidentally got angry before yelling at you, don't take it to heart, Aunt He made your favorite dishes, you'll be back first in a while."

"Aunt He, today is a return visit, I'll ask my husband to join me."

"Everyone in the Song family misses you, Aunt He also has something she wants to give you, we can also catch up when you come back." He Meiping softly persuaded, not mentioning a word about the scandal in the media.

Was it catching up, or settling scores?

Song Zhe slightly pulled up the corner of his lips, "Good, it just so happens that I also want to have something to bring back to the Huo family, but Mu Shen is still in a meeting, he might not go over until the evening, don't mind, Aunt He."

"Won't won't." She can't wait for Song Zhi to come to her door to die.

Song Zhi hadn't changed much, she still had the same big boobs and no brain.

As long as Song Zhi came back, they had ways to force Song Zhi to personally admit that the woman was her!

After hanging up the phone, Song Zhi did not hesitate to pick up the signing pen and fill in the last stroke on the paper.

Looking at the satisfactory painting, Song Ru's eyes flooded with anticipation, and took out his cell phone to register a scarf account.

ID account: Mr. Huo's little heart.

After Song Zhi finished his name, he touched his cheeks, his baby fat cheeks bulging, cute to the point of explosion.

Outside the door there were a few people who came to look at the peepers saw the president's wife, holding the phone and giggling, but really beautiful as an explosion.

Song Zhi was completely unaware that her picture had already exploded on a small scale in the M&R tube group, put down his water cup and called Chu Huaibei.

"Assistant Chu, I want to go back to Song's house first, get some things and come back, can I trouble you to send me there first?"

Chu Huaibei frowned slightly, "Doesn't this matter need to be reported to the president?"

"Report ah, but can it be a little later ah." Song Zhi's voice was clear and crisp, her praying eyes looked at Chu Huaibei, "If we tell Mu Shen it will definitely disturb his work, why don't we go quietly and then return quietly."

"This ......"

How precious Huo Mou Shen is to Song Zhi, that is simply like a palm pet.

Even if Song Zi wanted the stars or the moon, he could build a ladder to climb up and pick it for her.

"Just once." Song Zhi gestured with her fingers.

"...... Okay."

He used the excuse that Huo Mushan loved his wife very much and would satisfy her with everything and agreed.

Chu Huaibei gave himself a waxing in his heart, but hopefully it's really fine.

Otherwise the president would chop him up.

Song Zhi of course knows that if she really tells Huo Moushen, then he will definitely help herself out and get back the shares and mother's relics that belong to her, but it's easy to stop a gun in the open and hard to prevent a hidden arrow, she wants to get back what belongs to her personally without hurting the Huo family's interests!

She wants Huo Mou Shen to know that she is trying to get closer to him.

It was no longer a case of her taking one step back and asking Huo Mushan to take a hundred and one.

Song Zhi organized the drawings and secretly hid them in a magazine, then placed them on the coffee table and walked with Chu Huaibei to the parking lot.

Although Chu Huaibei promised Song Zhi, his heart was in a state of confusion, but he still called two bodyguards to follow the car.

Along the way, the Song family called one after another to urge, she narrowed her eyes and hung up directly.

Half an hour later, an illustrious and luxurious Porsche parked in front of the Tangzhuang villa.

Song rhetoric sitting in the car looking at the opulent three-story villa, a string in the bottom of her heart was touched fiercely, as if there is something burning her heart, until the five viscera and six bowels, so that her whole person has become incomparably gloomy, was shrouded in shadow.

Tangzhuang is still as she remembered, after she married Huo Mou Shen and hated the Song family, she never came back.

This used to be the place where she and her mother lived, but it was occupied by He Meiping and Song Yuancheng.

Even the Tang City Company was pinched in the hands of the Song family.

She had died in prison without ever visiting her mother until her death.

Her hand gripped the handlebar of the car harder and harder.

He Meiping's eyes were sharp, and when she saw the low-profile and luxurious Maybach from the doorway, she was more or less jealous in her eyes.

"Xiao Ru, why don't you get off the car when you arrive at the door?" He Meiping was wearing an aqua green cheongsam and walked towards Song Zhe.

Song Zhi raised his eyes, his gaze swept over the emerald bracelet on her wrist, emerald in the sunlight glazed brimming, dazzling color.

"Xiao Ru, what are you looking at?" He Meiping saw her gaze fixed on the emerald bracelet on her wrist, her face stiffened, her hand slightly gripping the emerald bracelet.

Song Zhi withdrew her gaze, pushed open the car door, and stepped out of the car with a calm gait.

"Aunt He is getting prettier and prettier."

"Is that so? I don't even feel like I'm young anymore." He Meiping smiled skinlessly and brushed her hand across her cheek.

Song Zhi saw the crow's feet at the corners of her eyes and smiled, "Aunt He is still young, dad just loves Aunt He, the feeling of being faithful till death do us part makes me look envious."

"In the future, you and Mu Shen will be like this too." He Meiping proudly hooked up the corner of her eyes to smile, straightened her hair, revealing the emerald necklace between her neck.

Song Zhe's eyes darkened another point.

The two of them played Tai Chi and talked, playing the role of a 'good mother and daughter'.

The time was almost up, Song Zhi was too lazy to play Tai Chi with He Meiping, and then tapped her cell phone and stuffed it into her bag.

After the motionless action was done, the arc of her lips involuntarily rose.

Being born again, it was natural to be more cautious than usual.

Song Ru didn't want to mess with the Song family yet, Tang City Group had her mother Tang Shi's heart and soul, if it was destroyed, her mother's heart and soul would also be destroyed.

But what belonged to her should never be placed in the hands of an enemy.

And He Meiping wrist is not low, can stoically until now, half not angry, but look at her calm face hidden anger, while shaking and twitching, Song Zhi wanted to laugh.

He Meiping will not always be young, she is already old, naturally she can not keep the flowery and famous Song Yuancheng in her gentle land.

Moreover, Song Yuancheng was like a phoenix man who favored sons over daughters.

And how could she endure the Song family without a son.

If He Meiping knew that her own heartfelt and loyal husband, in fact, had someone outside long ago, and had an illegitimate child what would happen?


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