Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 29 My husband has always been a germaphobe

Song Ru sneered, in this life, she would not let anything happen to that child who called her 'sister' and ended up having to stay in a mental hospital for the rest of her life, living in a wheelchair.

He Meiping saw her eyes flickering, especially worried, and helped her push open the door of the villa: "Xiao Ru, what else haven't you taken? Today is the return door, you don t have to take too many things, in fact ......"

The voice ends abruptly, He Meiping is a bit surprised to see her only taking her handbag, Song Ru is actually that uneducated.

She thought that the Huo family would all have a cart full of gifts for her, but it turned out that both of them were empty, not even a hair.

Vanity not being satisfied, the corners of He Meiping's lips are stiffened, forcing her composure to ask, "Xiao Ru, are you forgetting something?"

"Ah, still Aunt He has a good memory, I did forget." Song Zhe lived up to He Meiping's 'gracious invitation' and got up to open the trunk.

He Meiping's face cleared up a little, then she followed behind Song Zhe, but saw that there was nothing in the trunk, and she took out an empty bag.

"Alright, Aunt He we can go now." Song Zhe said lightly, "I forgot to take something, I came back today I just purposely took away all my mom's things."

She took out a note from her bag, "This is what my mom left for me, the bank records were given to me, I took advantage of returning to the door today one by one just to take them all together."

He Meiping's feet were so weak that she almost fell.

How could she calculate that she would never expect Song Zhi to return to the door in three days, not bring gifts even if, but also to take things from home.

"Aunt He, the look on you today is very nice, just like my mom." Song Zhi's gaze was like a poisonous snake, spreading and wrapping around her, using his poisonous fangs to tease and tear apart her cheongsam.

She was so weak that she dodged, secretly squeezing her palms tightly, feeling that she was stripped naked and thrown in front of Song Zhi, subconsciously holding her wrists.

Song Zhi when did not see, directly over her, towards the driver's seat on the Chu Huaibei favored eyes.

Chu Huaibei received Song Zhi's eye color, snapped the phone over and kept it open all the time.

On the other side of the headset, Song Zhi's voice could be heard.

He Meiping was a bit surprised to see her carrying a bag and reached out to grab it, "Xiao Ru, it's not easy for you to come back once, let Aunt He help you with your bag."

"Aunt He, my husband bought this for me." Song Ru dodged over, taking lazy steps as if taking a walk, until she saw Song Yanran at the door, then she said word for word, "As you know, my husband has always been a clean freak, he doesn't like people touching his things and people."

Song Zhi lengthened his trailing tone, deliberately piercing into her eardrums, "But things or people that others have touched, he dislikes being dirty."

Song Yanran's smile abruptly stiffened, her eyes red and swollen like peaches.

What was she discovering?

"Xiao Ru, you're back. Dad and I have been waiting for you for half a day, and the whole family is waiting for you to eat." When she saw Song Ru's pretty red and white cheeks, there was a kind of jealousy that spread infinitely in her heart, clenching the hem of her skirt, her eyes deep red, "Didn't brother-in-law come back with you?"

"My husband is still busy." Song Ru tilts her head, innocently asking, "Don't you work at Huo's company? Don't you know?"

She crossed over to Song Yanran and didn't even give a look.

"I ......"

Song Zhi asked knowingly, in order to let Song Yanyan know who was more important in Huo Mu Shen's heart.

Don't fantasize about a husband that doesn't belong to you!

"You still have the face to know to return to this home!" Song Yuancheng stood on the second floor, glaring angrily and interrupting them.

Song Zhi's body stiffened for a moment, but her eyes were without any semblance of fear, and she frankly met me Song Yuancheng, forcing Song Yuancheng's spine to chill.

Walking down the stairs, Song Yuancheng stood up for Song Yanran, grunting coldly from his nose: "Kneel down! Apologize to your sister!"

The atmosphere was instantly tense, Song Yanran turned her head and still maintained a look of pain, "Dad, Xiao Zhi didn't do it on purpose, it's enough for her to apologize and send out a statement, you're a generous person, don't hit her."

"Yes, Yuan Cheng you don't scare the child." He Meiping saw that Song Ru did not dare to move and her face was pale, the corner of her lips hooked up in triumph.

She sang a white face, revealing an amiable gaze, "Xiao Ru already knows the wrong, in a moment, she will go to happen Ming, we can wait until after the meal, it's not easy for the family to get together."


Then acted.

He Meiping and Song Yanran directly wanted dirty water poured on her.

Song Yuancheng wanted to sing red and white with He Meiping, how could she not cooperate.

Song Ru cast a 'grateful' look at Aunt He, as if they were the real mother and daughter.

"It's still Aunt He who loves me the most." Song Zhi blinked her eyes, her heart wary for one more minute.

Song Yanran hated her teeth from the side.

If it wasn't for the fact that her mother had explained that she couldn't be hasty, and would definitely make Song Zhi lose his reputation, Song Yanyan couldn't even sink her teeth into it now, and would definitely pounce on Song Zhi's 'lying' face and tear it apart.

But immediately thought that she will drink that cup of tea, by then even allergic, she can use this to send to the Internet, everyone knows Song rhetoric that face!

Several people were sitting in the sofa, Song Yuancheng was sitting in the center, with his left and right arms around his petite wife and his beloved daughter, while she was isolated as an outsider across from them.

They were the family.

As for Song Ru, she could only cling to this villa.

"Xiao Ru, we're all family, what happened on the internet, you can't help the Huo family and forget about the Song family, the Song family is your mother's family, did Huo Mu Shen threaten you?" He Meiping cast a sidelong glance and gently said.

Song Zhe, however, shook his head and said without moving, "Mou Shen didn't give me any aggravation, he also said that whatever I want, as long as I can give it to me by waving my hand, he will fulfill it.

Aunt He, are you guys having any misunderstandings about the Huo family, should I call Mu Shen over right now immediately, and let's talk frankly and openly as a family."


If Huo Mushan came over to listen to them 'stirring up trouble', would they still be able to sit here unharmed?

Song Yuancheng gripped his teacup tightly, his voice serious: "You go online right now and issue an apology statement, saying that the words in the morning were just inadvertent, none of them are true, your sister even if she is older than you hit, that's the Yanyan that dad only had before he met your mom, you don't want to be cynical about your Auntie He and your sister because of this."

Song Zhi lowered her eyes and eyelashes, listening to his brazenly made demands, her eyelashes gradually turned cold.

She slowly lifted up her teacup, sniffing the different tea aroma inside, pretending not to know, "Dad, when did I ever hate my sister and Aunt He, all these years it's been Aunt He who has been treating me with sincerity, and I'm grateful for that!"

Against his will, Song Zhi said without his face turning red or his heart skipping a beat.

"Then how on earth did the news come out on the internet!" Song Yuancheng tensed his jawline, his voice raspy.

"Dad, you haven't listened to my explanation, why are you blaming me for everything?" Song Zhi looked up in aggravation, innocently looking at them, "What did I say this morning, how come I don't know anything.

I have nothing to do with whatever the media writes.

Moreover, today is my and Mu Shen's wedding launch, everything is authorized by the Huo family, dad do you think I have the ability to stop the media or the Huo family?"

At those words, Song Yuancheng's chest rumbled and shook, his low cold aura loomed up towards the entire room.

The tea in his cup was almost spilled as he squeezed it.

They forgot that the news was published in the Huo family's newspaper, and it was all authorized by Huo Mushan.

He really underestimated Huo Mushan, and it seems that it wasn't Song Zhi's elbow that turned outward, but it was all Huo Mushan's encouragement.

Let's just say, this chesty, brainless daughter of his, how could she suddenly be smart?

Huo Mushen, a junior, actually had a heavy heart and wanted to marry Song Zhi and take away Song Zhi's shares in the Song family.

What a joke!

He Meiping snuggled beside Song Yuancheng, her face with flattery after the gaudy makeup, "Xiao Ru, you and Mou Shen have such a good relationship, as long as you make a statement, he will definitely not be angry with you."

"And look at your father being caught in a scandal right now, your sister is being scolded on the internet, aren't you heartbroken? If one day the Song family falls, in case the Huo family bullies you, you'll have no one to back you up." He Meiping spoke wistfully, "Xiao Ru drink some tea, there are no two family feuds in one family."

Song Zhi's IQ isn't off the charts, but it's not so bad that she has lived two lives and is still blind in the eyes and heart.

She blew on the tea but didn't drink it, and put it on the glass coffee table when she tilted her head back to drink it in He Meiping's expectant and lost eyes, whetting He Meiping's appetite.

"Auntie He is right, I also heart my sister and father."

Seeing her take the bait, He Meiping's beautiful eyes were full of mockery, "Then hurry up and make a statement, and in a moment, Aunt He will take you out shopping to buy a few sets of nice clothes."

Then, send me on my way?

Song Zhi thought, the time she was almost sold into the hands of human traffickers, it was He Meiping's move, right?


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