Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 30: I will not allow it and I will not let it go

Song Ru's stance is slightly tilted back, after being inculcated beside Huo Mou Shen for a long time, she has also learned a few points of Huo Mou Shen's tone, her clear and cold voice carries an unquestionable tone, "But I'm just a small young lady nowadays, and I don't have much of a say in the matter, and the words that I say don't count, so why don't I just ask Mou Shen about it."

"Xiao Ru, you're so afraid of your brother-in-law, did you guys fall out and have some hard feelings.

If that's the case, sister is also able to understand you, after all, you loved Lu Shao so much before, how could you suddenly change?"

Song Yanran asked tentatively.

"My husband is indeed quite fierce sometimes." Song Ru sweetly smiled, grabbed the freshly released report on the coffee table and feigned surprise, "Sister, it turns out that you're two years older than me, if it wasn't for the media talking about it, I wouldn't even know it now."

Two years old, within two years ......

Tang shi had married Song Yuancheng for three years without a child, but Song Yanran was two years older.

"Song rhetoric! Don't you talk so eerily, I worked hard to raise you to adulthood, not for you to put on a face here!" Song Yuancheng was a little weak and yelled out in a low voice.

However, he was even more convinced that this was all a ruse done by Huo Mushan, wanting to use Song Zhe to throw dirty water on the Song family.

Song Zhi, this dumbass, was still idiotic enough to fall back on others to sleep with her!

But Song Zhi wasn't really stupid, she just liked to hold onto her husband's golden thigh, and to sit firmly on it.

She gave a low humming laugh, her voice humming out of her small voice.

This look of indifference made Song Yuancheng even more enraged, he stood up in miso, raised his cup and smashed it fiercely towards my Song Zhi's head.

If the hot tea was really poured on, Song Zhi's whole face would be disfigured.

"Song Zhi, are you listening to me or not! Do you realize how much trouble you've caused the Song family?" Song Yuancheng saw Song Zhi dodge past and roared in a low voice, "You're trying to force Yanyan to die! When did your heart learn to be so vicious, I've really grown accustomed to indulging you from a young age! Letting you lie in front of the media and still lie in front of your family."

Song Zhi raised his head, his face extraordinarily pale, "Dad, what are you saying? I never wanted to harm my sister, I only told the truth."

The truth, it was this great truth that caused Song Yanran to lose her reputation.

It became the laughing stock of high society within a few hours!

Song Yuancheng became even angrier when he saw the similarity between Song Zhu and Tang shi's eyebrows.

He disliked Tang shi the most for suppressing her at every turn, making him look like a soft eater.

Now that she was dead, there was still a little scourge left in the world that was working against him!

"Did that asshole Huo Mou Shen teach you to say these things in front of the media? Huo Mou Shen is just playing with you, you don't think about your family, you still look towards outsiders, I really raised a white-eyed wolf!" Song Yuancheng finally roared his face red and could only yell and scream, "Butler, bring the family law over, I'm going to beat this rebellious daughter to death!"

"I should have strangled you to death if I had known you were born!"

Song Zhi saw Song Yuancheng cursing senselessly, directly spitting out the words in her heart, the corner of her lips raised a subtle arc, understanding that the purpose had already been achieved, the corner of her eyes in the end showed a touch of disappointment and sarcasm.

In this world, she no longer has any relatives, only Huo Mu Shen.

Only he would protect her unconditionally.

Song Zhi closed her eyes, thinking that Chu Huaibei should have already made a perfect recording and sent it to Huo Mushan.

She just wants Huo Mou Shen to hear the Song family's true colors!

She just didn't want the Song family to use her name to claim benefits from Huo Mushan anymore!

"Then you can just strangle me!"

Song Zhi changed her face in an instant, so arrogant and capricious that she wanted to lift the lid off the room, doing her best to play the role of a 'domineering, spiteful and bossy' brainwashed young lady, directly throwing whatever she could smash or throw at hand, frantically throwing it at them.

Magazines, ashtrays, and drugged tea ......

The two mothers and daughters who were suddenly splashed by the tea, the pupils of their eyes exuded a look of horror, they didn't have time to accuse Song Ru, they directly drew out paper towels, and ran towards the kitchen in a sorry state.

Song Yanran in particular was so angry after washing her face that she drove straight out.

She was going to find Gu Qingjia to get the medicine that poisoned Song Ru!

Song Yuancheng snatched the cane in the butler's hand and jerked it up towards Song Ru's delicate and flawless face, his mouth roaring, "Fine, I'll beat you to death today so that Yanyan can marry you!"

Song Zhi's eyes were quick to dodge, thumping and running quickly towards the upstairs, his eyes were already clouded with gloom, and his head didn't turn back.

Abruptly, a word in the middle of the air came from behind!

"Song Zhi, stop right there!"

It was strange to stand still!

Was she really stupid enough to stand there and wait for you to fight?

Song Yuancheng's body was so weak that he couldn't even catch up, but instead stepped on an empty step, and his knee thumped directly onto the ground, causing him to spit and curse out in pain.

The air was filled with a heavy smell of gunpowder, and she snorted coldly, "Retribution!"

Back when Song Yuancheng kicked her into jail with his foot and betrayed his mother, that little bit of father-daughter bond wore away.

Song Zhi clenched her fists and returned to her room just in time to bump into the trash that the maid had finished cleaning up, coming out of the study, she took a glance at it, as much as she could, it was all glass shards.

Her and her mother's photo albums were all scratched up.

Song Zhi's brows knit tightly, her mind floated over He Meiping wearing her mother's relics, her heart was wrung, and she drew a breath backwards, pretending to be tricky and savage as she cried downstairs, "Anyway, there's no place for me in this house anymore, so I'll take everything my mother left for me today, and I'll never come back."

He Meiping had just washed the tea stains off her face when she heard that Song Zhi was going to take away Tang shi's things, and her eyebrows jumped fiercely.

She touched her wrist, chills running down her spine, and the hand hanging at her side was tightening, revealing that she was terrified and terrified.

No wonder Song Zhi was looking straight at her, it turned out that he could tell that all the things on her body were Tang shi's.


Outside Tang Zhuang.

Chu Huaibei heard the chaotic screams through his headphones and immediately let the bodyguards in.

As soon as he saw his wife being bullied, he immediately stepped in.

The president's order was that no matter who the other party was, as long as they bullied the wife, then there was no need to hesitate to directly step in and teach her a lesson!

If you touch your wife's arm, you'll lose your hand!

If you touch your wife's leg, you'll lose your leg!

If she touches someone, she's a dead man!

In Huacheng, Mrs. Huo can walk sideways.

Anyone who gives Mrs. Huo a hard time is giving Huo Mu-shen a hard time!

If Mrs. Huo is bullied, the other party will be greeted with boundless anger and stormy retaliation from the president.

Chu Huaibei looked down at his wristwatch and saw the time, eleven thirty at noon, and came out for nearly an hour or so, just in time for Huo's lunch break.

He organized the recording and sent it to the president's cell phone.

And Huo Mu Shen stride long legs sharp eyes are sweeping through the empty lounge, the eyes of the extreme I do Jie arduous and sinister, the depths of the pupils flooded with waves of horror, as if the surrounding are no longer exist, by his gaze tightly strangled.

He hooked his lips in self-deprecation.

He let out a light laugh, his sinewy bones pushing open the doorknob.

There were still snacks Song Zhi had eaten on the coffee table, pillows sprawled across the sofa, his straight body sitting in the sofa, his eyes smiling, his fingertips crossing the pillows as if they were crossing her skin.

She left.

Song Zhe, you left me again.

Without a sound, without a word.

So the fact that you were nice to me and relied on me infinitely was all guilt, making up for me.

Instead of loving me.

Is it?

Something flickers in Huo Mu Shen's eyes, then he hooks up an arc of ulterior meaning, his handsome features are covered in frost, and he casually picks up the magazine she's been flipping through.

A dozen or so pages fell out from the ground, and he looked down at them for a few seconds of silence.

The papers were all covered in various logo patterns, and they matched the E-Star program extremely well.

Huo Muchen smiles deeply, the corners of his lips crossing over in favor as he idly sorts out the pages from the ground, just in time to see Lu Ziyan run over quickly holding the 'hot potato' that keeps ringing.

"Third brother, you left your phone in the conference room, it keeps ringing." Lu Zi Yan handed it over, looked around and did not find Song Zhi's figure, and let out an 'eek', "Where's third sister-in-law? Wasn't the person still here just now."

Huo Mou Shen's eyes are slightly lowered, his eyes that are also positive and evil are tinted with cold sharpness as he immerses himself in the design.

Indeed ......


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