Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 121

He jerked up from his seat and hissed, "Why? Give me a reason!"

  Shangguan Hong coldly said, "The information I got is that you have offended our chairman's woman."

  "Offended, offended the chairman's woman?"

  Miao Wei was dumbfounded!

  He didn't even know the Kunlun Group Chairman's surname, how could he have offended the Chairman's woman?


  He shivered with a jolt of excitement!

  Can't it be that ...... is Wen Ruyun?

  He seemed to have offended only one woman like her!

  "This gentleman, do you have any other objections?"

  Shangguan Hong asked.

  But without waiting for Miao Wei to answer, he continued:

  "If you have any objections, you are antagonizing our Kunlun Group! I advise you to better not ask for trouble!"


  Miao Wei crumpled into a chair, his face as gray as a dead man!

  How could he dare to antagonize the Kunlun Group?

  Next to him, a fat man in a gold-colored suit was laughing so hard that he couldn't even close his mouth!

  He arched his hand straight at Miao Wei one after another:

  "Aiya, I'm really thankful that you've been offending people everywhere, Boss Miao! Otherwise, how could our Sunrise Group have won the bid!"

  Hearing that person's words, Miao Wei only felt a sweetness in his throat, almost spitting out blood from anger!

  Their Red Heart Group and this Chaoyang Group had always been rivals in Ding Hua City!

  At this moment, the chairman of the Chaoyang Group said these words, it was simply stepping on his face and stomping his feet!

  Miao Wei turned to Wen Ruyun with an ugly face and said incredulously, "You ...... are the woman of the chairman of Kunlun Group?"

  Before Wen Ruyun could answer, Ning Tianlang said faintly, "Boss Miao, have you learned how to write the word regret?"

  "You ......"

  Miao Wei stalled!

  Then he pointed at Ning Tianlang with great horror, "It was ...... you who made Kunlun Group change its mind!"

  He had just seen Ning Tianlang texting!

  But he didn't put the other party in his eyes at all!

  Remembering it at this moment, he really regretted it!

  Miao Wei directly slid off the chair with his legs soft, kneeling at Wen Ruyun's feet and begging for mercy:

  "Ruyun ...... Chairman Wen, if I mess up this tender, my father will really kill me! Please, please, please give me a favor ......"

  Seeing that there were already people around casting strange gazes this way, Ning Tianlang said in a cold voice:

  "If you say one more word of nonsense, believe it or not, I'll uproot your entire Red Heart Group!" Listening to Ning Tianlang's icy cold and piercing voice, Miao Wei sat paralyzed on the ground with a face full of despair and a dead silence in his heart ......

  He knew that after the news spread back to Ding Hua City, what was waiting for him would be his father's crazy rage like a storm!

  He is really dead this time ......

  Looking at Miao Wei's wretched appearance, the surrounding people were all sighing for a while.

  While Wei Jiyang, the head of the Wei family sitting not far away, had a gloomy face!

  The project he bid on was the same as the one Wen Ruyun had chosen!

  It was that state-owned luxury brand construction!

  The bid that he had stayed up for half a month of nights to write out had been compared to a woman!

  He was already going crazy with anger!

  Wei Jiyang glanced at his watch and muttered:

  "What's wrong with Ying Zhou! Hasn't he finished his induction yet? To let the adopted daughter of that second-rate family get the project, what a disgrace!"

  Thinking of this, he immediately called Wei Yingzhou.

  "Sorry! The user you have dialed is temporarily unavailable, please dial again later."

  Listening to the tone on the phone, Wei Jiyang frowned even more tightly!

  "Could it be that he didn't succeed in joining? Dare not answer my call?"

  Wei Jiyang snorted coldly and dialed the Wei family housekeeper's number again, "Hey, Old Ma, has Yingzhou come home yet?"

  "Young master just came back to pack up his luggage and left for the rice country!" Butler Ma's voice came through.

  "By now it's estimated that the planes have all taken off! Don't you know, family master?"


  Wei Jiyang's forehead veins popped out, so furious that the three corpses of the gods jumped and smoke grew inside his seven orifices!

  He was still here waiting for him to succeed in his job application!

  But he was good!

  He was so angry that he was able to sneak out of the country!

  He didn't know that Wei Yingzhou had offended Ning Tianlang, and probably wouldn't dare to set foot in Daxia again in his life!

  Just when Wei Jiyang was so angry that his head was spinning, a man wearing a waiter's uniform pushed a cart of champagne and red wine through the side door.

  This was the final link designed to celebrate the successful conclusion of the bidding conference.

  When Ning Tian Lang saw the waiter, the smile on his face abruptly stalled!

  A thrilling feeling like an awn on his back instantly spread throughout his entire body!


  He detected a thick aura of blood from that person!

  That was definitely not the aura of an ordinary person!

  He was just about to speak out to warn the guard next to him!

  The waiter had already pulled out a blackened pistol from under the food cart!

  The muzzle of the gun was pointed straight at Ning Tianlang!



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