Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 122

At this instant, everyone's hairs immediately rose!

  The guards disguised as Kunlun Island warriors all felt for their own backs at the same time!

  Including Tian Kui, who was monitoring the whole scene from a hidden place on the second floor, he also rushed out with lightning speed!

  However, human reaction speed is not as fast as bullets!

  It was just a split second's effort!


  The sound of a gunshot suddenly rang out!


  The crowd screamed and crouched to the ground holding their heads.

  For a moment, the scene was a mess!

  And just as the gunshots rang out!

  Wen Ruyun flew up with a reaction speed beyond normal!

  She blocked in front of Ning Tianlang!

  A bullet was fired directly into her chest!

  Instantly, bright red blood stained the white suit, giving birth to a crimson flower!

  "Big sister!!!"

  Ning Tianlang's eyes were wide open!

  The eyes were already dripping blood!

  He hissed and bellowed with a grimace on his face, "Catch me alive!!!"

  With a command!

  The guards in black suits beside him all drew their guns and fired with astonishing speed!


  "Bang! Bang!"

  A dense burst of gunfire rang out, and all the bullets were fired on top of the waiter's limbs!

  This was the combat habit of the Kunlun Island warriors!

  Firstly, to chop off his mobility first, and secondly, to prevent the opponent from having a bomb strapped to his body!

  In the blink of an eye, the waiter's limbs had been beaten to a bloody pulp!

  "He fell to the ground with a bang!

  A warrior instantly rushed forward and crushed the man's jaw with a kick!

  This was to prevent him from taking poison!

  It's also the usual way of treating prisoners of war and spies!

  The crowd in the arena all looked dumbfounded!

  Shocked beyond words!

  Are these the security guards of the Kunlun Group?

  This marksmanship is simply comparable to that of a special forces warrior!

  At this time, Tian Kui had also rushed into the hall.

  He ordered in a loud voice:

  "Team one! Take control of the enemy and bring them to the 17th building to be imprisoned, pay attention to the survivors!"

  "Team two! Team three! Seal off the entire Mansion One and investigate the accomplices! Don't let a fly out!"

  "The rest of you, escort Ms. Wen to the hospital!"

  After all the arrangements were made, he came to Ning Tianlang's side and blamed himself in a low voice, "Boss, it's my fault!" Both of Ning Tian Lang's eyes were bloodshot as he gritted his teeth and said, "Don't let that person die, I'm going to personally torture him!"

  "Pfft ......"

  Right at this moment, Wen Ruyun in his arms spat out another mouthful of blood.

  A pretty face was pale and bloodless, and her breathing gradually became weaker.

  Ning Tianlang sealed the two major meridians around her wound one after another and softly said, "Big sister, don't be afraid, I've already stopped the bleeding, you'll be fine ......"

  "I ...... am not afraid ......"

  Wen Ruyun tried her best to show a smiling face, still comforting Ning Tianlang, "Big sister is fine ......cough ......don't you worry ...... "

  Looking at the snow-white suit that was already blood-red with blood, Ning Tianlang's heart ached so much that it was almost hard to breathe!

  When she left the house this morning, big sister was still asking herself excitedly at home, "Tian Lang, do you see how I look in this? Does it look good?"

  That excited smiling face is still clearly visible ......

  But at this moment, she was dying and collapsed in her arms ......

  "Boss, the car is already parked at the entrance, we can send Ms. Wen to the hospital immediately!"

  For the first time, Tiankui saw Ning Tianlang reveal such a sad and angry look!

  His voice was trembling slightly with fear!

  "Miss Wen's shot location is right on her chest, and she needs immediate surgery to get there! It's best to get to the hospital within ten minutes!"

  The Gu family members also came closer, and Gu Ningyu clamored with anxiety:

  "Even if we go to the nearest second hospital, it'll take nearly half an hour ah!

  Unless ...... unless there is a car driving the road and all the way to the green light, it is possible to arrive within ten minutes!"

  A word startled the dreamer!

  Ning Tian Lang hissed, "Immediately! Find a car to clear the way!"

  Miao Wei, who was on the side, saw that the opportunity to take credit had arrived and hurriedly volunteered:

  "I drove an Aston Martin db11 here, I can open the road! I'll see who fucking dares to hit me!"

  The chairman of the Sunrise Group also said in a loud voice: "My car is a Maybach, I can also open the road!"

  When the average person sees this kind of luxury car on the road, they can't wait to hide far away!

  Fearing that if they accidentally cut off a bit, their years of salary would be accounted for!

  So having a luxury car open up the road was even more effective than a police car opening up the road!

  As soon as these two people opened their mouths, the other bosses also understood what they meant, and all of them opened their mouths:

  "I drive a Bugatti, I can open the road!"

  "I drive a Maserati, I can open the road!"

  "I drive a Rolls Royce, I can also drive the road!"




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