Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 123

On the other side, Zhuang Yucheng had already contacted the traffic department and told them to immediately put in place traffic control!

  Ning Tianlang picked up Wen Ruyun, who had fallen into a coma, and rushed out of the gate with an arrow step, getting into Tiankui's car!

  In an instant, dozens of luxury cars worth over a million dollars poured out from the parking lot of the Kunlun Group!

  The people who came to the bidding conference today were all celebrity plutocrats and tycoon bosses who were worth over a hundred million dollars.

  Their cars are all luxurious and expensive!

  Although they didn't recognize Wen Ruyun, they could all see the importance that Kunlun Group placed on her!

  These people were the best of the best!

  As soon as they saw an opportunity to curry favor with the Kunlun Group, all of them rushed out in their beloved cars, not willing to be left behind!


  "Buzz... buzz..."

  The engine sounds of various sports cars came one after another, directly blowing up half of the city!

  At the same time, the traffic police department that received Zhuang Yucheng's notification also moved!

  The entire traffic police brigade's entire police force poured in!

  Dozens of police motorcycles sped to various intersections!

  Along the road from Kunlun Group to the Second Hospital, all signal lights are turned off!

  The traffic police commanded the vehicles to block off all the roads in the east-west direction!

  Only the north and south avenues leading to the Second Hospital were left!

  Seeing such a big show all of a sudden, all the drivers and pedestrians couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

  Could it be that some big shot is traveling?

  Just when the crowd was uncertain!


  From the north came a deafening sound of an engine!



  The next second!

  Thirty to forty million-dollar luxury cars sped in with smoke and dust!


  Seeing this scene, those drivers who parked their cars on the side of the road to watch the fun, were all so scared that they hurriedly started their cars and scurried into the green belt next to them!

  Just kidding!

  If this hit, not to mention selling the house to lose money, it is estimated that the organs are sold in batches can not afford to lose ah!


  That's even more of a joke!

  People who can afford to drive a luxury car of this caliber can settle everything with a few words!

  Which not long eyes dare to judge others full responsibility?

  The luxury cars are arriving in a flash!

  The first car is a Bentley Mulsanne driven by Fang Zhengye!

  It's worth over 5.5 million dollars!

  As early as at Zhu Yingyi's funeral, he already looked at Ning Tianlang differently.

  At this moment, with the face of the Kunlun Group in it, he naturally didn't hesitate to take the lead!

  Moreover, as a local force, he was more familiar with the terrain, so it was most appropriate for him to lead the way! Following closely behind were Miao Wei's Aston Martin and various luxury cars of other bosses!

  These cars were methodically lined up in three columns!

  Dividing the wide eight lane road into three equal parts accurately!

  "Hiss ......"

  The pedestrians on the roadside onlookers all stared wide-eyed and sucked in a breath of cool air!

  One by one, their mouths opened wide, their hearts shocked beyond measure!

  It was the first time in their lives that they had seen so many luxury cars out at the same time!

  Even the top car shows didn't have such a luxurious scale!


  What surprised them even more was that the license plate numbers of these cars were also more awesome than one another!

  "Feng a-888888"

  "Feng b-6666666"

  "phoenix e-8888888"

  "Feng v-000000"


  These cars!

  Came from every city in the Western Phoenix Province!

  It could be said that almost all of the top license plates in the province were gathered here!

  All those who saw this scene were frozen on the spot!

  It was unknown what exactly had happened that had alarmed so many bigwigs at the same time!


  There were no vehicles blocking the road, and those luxury cars sped past like they had broken the speedometer!

  At the very back, Tian Kui also pressed the gas pedal to the bottom!

  Eight minutes!

  In the end, it only took eight minutes!

  They arrived at the Second Hospital of Qing'an City!

  Watching Wen Ruyun being pushed into the operating room, Ning Tianlang then slightly let go of his heart.

  He had already used ancient medical techniques to seal all the meridians around Wen Ruyun, so she hadn't lost too much blood.

  As long as the bullet in her body was removed through surgery, she would be fine!

  Looking at the crowd of bigwigs huddled in the emergency room, Ning Tianlang instructed Zhuang Yucheng in a low voice:

  "Tell them that the Kunlun Group owes them a favor. Let them leave afterward."

  These people's clothes and cars were too ostentatious, and if they stayed for too long, they were afraid that they would cause unnecessary commotion.

  Moreover, the identity of the person who broke into the bidding scene and shot him had yet to be ascertained, and he was worried that it was an enemy spy who had already recognized his identity.

  With so many bigwigs gathered in one place, once there was a slight accident, the entire economy of Xifeng Province would be paralyzed!

  He absolutely would not allow such an accident to happen!

  After Zhuang Yucheng received the order, he came before the group of bigwigs and said in a loud voice:

  "Everyone, Miss Wen was hurt in the Kunlun Group, we have an unshirkable responsibility in terms of reason, thank you all for coming to help, our Kunlun Group owes you a favor!"



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