Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 124

These words directly stripped Ning Tianlang from this incident.

  It made it clear that the reason why the Kunlun Group had rescued Wen Ruyun was merely out of a sense of humanitarian duty.

  Those bigwigs didn't care about these details either.

  All of their attention was focused on the word humanitarian!

  Being able to make Kunlun Group owe them a favor was much stronger than any monetary reward!

  They were all people who were not short on money, but were short on such a favor!

  Having received a satisfactory reward, those bigwigs all left in their cars one after another.

  Only Zhuang Yucheng and Tiankui stayed behind.

  Ning Tianlang glanced at them and instructed, "Zhuang Yucheng, contact all the news media and make sure to suppress this incident completely! Not a single relevant news item is allowed to appear!

  Tiankui, you hang on to that waiter's life, after the hospital side is fine, I'll personally interrogate him!"



  Zhuang Yucheng and Tiankui both answered and quickly left the hospital.

  Ning Tianlang sat on the chair in front of the operating room, his brows locked.

  No matter what kind of people sent that waiter, he would definitely make them pay in blood!

  Daring to harm his big sister!

  One would have to endure the raging fury of the Kunlun War God!

  Death, will become their extravagant hope!

  He must make the originators behind this, beg for their lives and beg for their deaths!

  Just as the anger rose in his heart, a doctor in a white coat walked towards him.

  "Hey? It's you! You kid even dared to show up!"

  The person who came was none other than Zhao Qi, who had previously fought with Ke Dong'er for the operating room!

  Ning Tianlang lifted his eyelids and glanced at him without speaking.

  He simply didn't have the heart to engage in a pointless verbal battle with the other party right now!

  Zhao Qi, however, didn't care that much as he pointed at Ning Tianlang's nose and angrily rebuked:

  "The last time you punched Director Zhou into the operating room, it's not even if we didn't look for trouble from you, but how the hell do you dare to send yourself to the door?!"

  With that, he glanced at the indicator light next to him that was displaying "In Surgery", and laughed coldly, "What's the matter, who has been punched into the operating room by you again?"

  A hint of hostility crossed Ning Tianlang's eyes, and his voice was ice-cold:

  "My big sister is in surgery right now, if you don't want to die, you'd better stay away from here!"

  "Your big sister?" Zhao Qi raised an eyebrow and said sorrowfully, "Kid, this time you've been planted in my hands!"

  With that, he kicked open the door to the operating room and shouted, "Pause! Surgery is suspended! Do not operate on this kid's some bullshit big sister!" "Seek death!!!"

  Ning Tianlang's eyes erupted with fire as he roared angrily!

  With that, he rushed forward with an arrow step and directly reached out to grab Zhao Qi's collar!

  He squeezed through his teeth and said, "I'm warning you, if anything happens to my big sister, I want your entire family to be buried with her!!!"

  Zhao Qi was carried in mid-air by him and shouted in terror, "Help! Help! Someone is committing murder in the hospital!"

  At once, many doctors and nurses gathered around.

  "Kid! You'd better let me go! Do you know who my dad is? My dad is the director of this hospital!"

  Zhao Qi waved his arm forcefully and hissed at the doctors gathered next to him, "What the fuck are you all looking at! Why don't you hurry up and call security?!"

  As soon as the words fell, a few smart doctors turned around and ran towards the security room downstairs.

  Other doctors also spoke out, "This patient's family, sit down and talk slowly about what's going on, don't do it in the hospital!"

  "Yes, making a move is not the way to solve the problem, you'd better calm down!"

  They all thought that Ning Tianlang was a patient's family member who came here to cause a medical disturbance, so they couldn't help but all speak out to dissuade him.

  Ning Tianlang threw his arm with force, directly throwing Zhao Qi out a few meters away, and said in a cold voice:

  "I'm in a bad mood right now! If you don't want to die, you'd better stay away from me!"

  "Cough cough cough ......"

  Zhao Qi coughed and got up from the ground, his face turning blue.

  He pointed at Ning Tian Lang and said fiercely, "Kid, don't leave if you're fucking capable! When the security guards come later, I'll see how arrogant you can still be!"

  He simply hated Ning Tianlang!

  Last time, it was because of Ning Tianlang's meddling that he didn't do Bai Xiaobei's rare case surgery!

  He directly missed a chance to make a name for himself in the medical world!

  Instead, he let Ke Dong'er gain both fame and fortune!

  However, the only thing that made him feel balanced was that Ke Dong'er didn't have long to be proud of herself before she resigned because of Ning Tianlang's injury to Director Zhou.

  Only then did he more or less have some comfort in his heart!

  Not a moment later, a dozen security guards armed with electric batons surged over aggressively.

  "Who is it! Who's here to cause a medical disturbance again? Shit! There are really fucking ones who aren't afraid of death?!"

  Those security guards were all jerks specially recruited by the hospital to deal with medical disturbances.

  They usually didn't have much of a chance to fight.

  At this moment, it was hard to have a use for them, and each of them roared angrily and rushed over!

  Seeing that the professional fighters had arrived, Zhao Qi was instantly energized!

  He reached out and pointed at Ning Tianlang, yelling, "That's him! Beat him down for me!!!"



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