Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 125

Those security guards all recognized Zhao Qi as Dean Zhao's eldest son.

  As soon as they heard that Grand Duke Zhao had spoken, all of them immediately closed in on Ning Tianlang with their fists clenched!

  "Kid! You don't have any fucking eyes when you go out! How dare you make a scene in the Second Hospital under my protection?"

  The leader of the group was covered in tendon meat, with a hideous scar across his face!

  He was not a character to be messed with.

  He slung his electric baton over his shoulder, banging it one on top of the other, and viciously said:

  "You fucking dare to make trouble in the place covered by Laozi Scar Liu, are you fucking tired of living?!"

  Looking at the bulging muscles on Scar Liu's body, Zhao Qi excitedly waved his fists and shouted:

  "Brother Liu! This kid has two tricks up his sleeve! He was the one who injured Director Zhou last time! If you fuck him over, I'll have my dad give you guys a fifty percent raise!"

  Upon hearing this, Scar Liu and the brothers behind him all had their eyes light up.

  Scar Liu laughed harshly and said to Ning Tian Lang:

  "Kid, it looks like I still have to thank you! If it wasn't for you injuring Director Zhou last time, how would Dean Zhao have hired our brothers at a high salary to sit here?"

  With that, he flicked his wrist and pointed the electric baton at Ning Tianlang:

  "Seeing as you have so little merit, I'll give you a chance! Kneel down and kowtow and apologize to Mr. Zhao, and I'll spare you the pain of skin and flesh!"

  Zhao Qi immediately raised his chin and said with an arrogant expression, "That's right, if you kneel down and kowtow three times to this gongzi, I can spare your dog's life for now!"

  Seeing Ning Tianlang still standing still, Scar Liu snorted coldly, "Kid, don't you dare fucking refuse to eat a penalty wine!"

  "Right! Brother Liu! Go directly on! Get this kid dead!" Zhao Qi jumped to his feet and cursed, "Little trash giving face, let's give him some color!"

  Watching the two of them sing in unison, Ning Tianlang's pair of eyes were ice-cold to the extreme, hardly seeing any fluctuation of emotions.

  "My big sister is in surgery, I don't want to kill anyone in front of her operating room, I'll give you guys one last chance, get out from in front of me right now!"

  His voice was as flat as water, but it was filled with a chilling killing intent!

  Feeling that cold murderous aura, Scar Liu unnaturally shook his neck twice, "haha" laughed dryly and said:

  "Ha ha, ha ha, kid, you fucking dead to the end still dare to pretend in front of the old man? Aren't you afraid that I'll unload your little arms and legs?!"

  Ning Tianlang's eyes narrowed slightly, "If you have that ability, feel free to try." "Crap? Calling the shots?!"

  Scar Liu was thoroughly annoyed!

  "Today, I'll let you see my Scar Liu's strength!"

  As he spoke, he waved his hand and droned to the men behind him who wore security caps crookedly, "Brothers! Do it!"

  As soon as the words fell, each of those fierce young men shook their bladders and smiled as they slowly approached Ning Tian Lang!

  Zhao Qi excitedly punched the air twice and shouted:

  "Motherfucker, how dare you stand in the way of my son's future, I have to let you know what it means to know the heights of heaven today!"

  The surrounding doctors and nurses knew that Scar Liu was a ruthless character, and they covered their eyes not daring to look directly at him.

  They were afraid to see the tragic scene of Ning Tianlang's blood splattered on the spot.

  There is also an old doctor on the age of the old whispered to discourage:

  "Young man, tolerate the wind and waves for a while, take a step back and the sky is wide, I think you should just give in to Dr. Zhao!"

  Upon hearing this, Zhao Qi immediately put on a displeased face and said:

  "Professor Ge, this matter has nothing to do with you! You'd better not meddle in it!"

  Immediately, a few young doctors chimed in:

  "That's right, this kid dared to provoke Dr. Zhao and deserved to be beaten! What are you talking about?"

  "Prof. Ge, you'd better not say too much! You're so old, why are you still so talkative?"

  "You ......" Ge Anping was so angry that his white beard was shaking, and his voice was slightly trembling with it.

  "Doctors, benevolence is also the art, and the heart of fraternity is also! Do people like you still deserve to be doctors?!"

  "Grass mud horse you old thing why so much nonsense?!" Scar Liu glared, "Do you also want to taste the taste of your fists touching flesh?!"

  Ge Anping pointed at Scar Liu and angrily rebuked, "A hospital is a sacred place to save the dead and help the injured, how can it be tolerated to be trampled on by you reckless people!"

  Professor Ge's voice had only just fallen when Scar Liu threw the electric baton in his hand violently!


  There was a muffled sound!

  That electric baton ruthlessly smashed into Ge Anping's forehead!

  In an instant, a stream of blood slowly flowed out from his white hair!

  Following his temple, it dripped down to the ground!

  It was shocking to the eyes!



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