Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 126

Ge Anping was almost seventy years old this year, how could he withstand such a heavy blow!

  At once, his eyes were lax, and he fainted on the ground with a loud bang!

  Scar Liu laughed coldly and cursed: "Damn, old undead dog thing! How dare you curse my old man! I don't know what the hell to do!"

  Those doctors and nurses beside him were stunned!

  One by one, they froze in place, and no one dared to go forward to help Ge Anping!

  Ning Tianlang's eyes flashed with a hint of coldness, and he came to Ge Anping's side in large strides.

  After checking his injuries and briefly checking his pulse, he confirmed that his life was not in danger.

  Only after confirming that his life was not in danger did he seal the veins and stop the bleeding by using the palm side hacking and palm root pressing and patting techniques one after the other at the Hundred Meetings Points, Halogen Meetings Points, and Upper Star Points of the Directing Vessel.

  A few seconds later.

  "Whew ......"

  Ge Anping exhaled a long breath of turbid air, his eyelids twitching as he slowly opened his eyes.

  He froze for a while before gradually regaining his senses.

  "This little friend, is ...... it you who saved me with the method of ancient medicine pointing?"

  Ge Anping was a professor of ancient medicine and had been immersed in it all his life.

  Therefore, he felt at once that someone had sealed his top gate supervisory chakra with the ancient medicine point-pointing technique.

  He looked at Ning Tianlang's excessively young face and was shocked beyond belief!

  Most of the achievements of ancient medical techniques relied on experience and exposure.

  To be able to have this kind of technique at such a young age was simply astounding!

  Ning Tianlang helped him up from the ground and said indifferently, "Let's not talk about this first, wait until I take care of this garbage first!"

  "Who are you calling trash, grass mud horse?!" The scars on Scar Liu's face kept wriggling like bugs, "You kid want to be opened too?!"

  Ning Tianlang reached out and pointed at Scar Liu, "You, come here and apologize to Professor Ge!"

  "You're asking me to apologize to this old scumbag?" Scar Liu rampaged incredulously, saying.

  "What the hell is wrong with you? You didn't even ask what kind of person I am, Scar Liu! How dare you ask me to apologize to him?"

  "I don't care what kind of person you are." Ning Tianlang's voice was as cold as three-nine frost.

  "If you don't kneel down and apologize to Professor Ge today, you definitely won't walk out of here alive!"

  Ning Tianlang could see that Ge Anping was a benevolent old physician. An old man who had been saving lives for most of his life, not only did he not get the respect he deserved, he even almost died under the hands of a young rascal.

  This was simply a trampling on the bottom line of morality!

  He was the Great Xia's Protectorate War God!

  In addition to protecting the border country from enemy encroachment, it was the people of Da Xia that he was protecting!

  At this time, if he couldn't even guarantee the dignity of an old physician, what else could he talk about protecting the people's peace and happiness, and blessing the Great Xia with prosperity and peace?

  Ning Tianlang's eyes were cold, and he angrily shouted, "Come here! Kneel down and apologize to Professor Ge!"

  "I grass mud horse! You're looking for death, aren't you?"

  Scar Liu's eyes glared like cow eggs!

  Ever since he started out with a mountain-opening sword, no one had ever dared to point at his nose like this and make him kneel!

  Zhao Qi immediately fanned the flames, "Brother Liu! How can you stand this? Why don't you go up and fuck him to death?"


  Scar Liu spat a mouthful of phlegm onto the ground, wrinkled his brows and glared as he rushed forward, his large fist violently swinging towards Ning Tianlang's solar plexus!

  This punch was running for its life!

  "Oh my god ......"

  The crowd of onlookers all covered their mouths in horror, afraid that they would scream out!

  Some people even said anxiously, "Quickly, quickly push the surgical bed over and prepare to save people!"

  They had already determined that Ning Tianlang would inevitably fall under this fierce punch from Scar Liu!

  If he couldn't be saved in time, he might even die!

  However, under everyone's astonished gazes, Ning Tianlang raised his right hand and lightly catches Scar Liu's fist!

  Immediately after that, his wrist rotated inward, directly flipping Scar Liu's arm over a hundred and eighty degrees alive!

  At the same time!

  Lifted his right foot and kicked Scar Liu's leg!

  A set of actions in a flowing stream, all in one breath!


  Scar Liu's knees fell to the ground with a roar, and his arm was broken into an angle that was difficult for normal people to do!


  A miserable howl like killing a pig spread throughout the entire floor in a split second!

  "It hurts me to death! Quickly let go! Shit! Quickly let go of me!"



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