Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 127

Scar Liu's face squeezed into a ball in pain, and large streams of sweat instantly flowed down from his forehead!

  "Who the hell are you calling yourself an old man with?!" Ning Tianlang's arm exerted a force, and he said in a cold voice, "Do apologize or not?!"

  Scar Liu let out another miserable howl!

  He wrung his neck backward, glaring hideously at Ning Tianlang, gritting his teeth:

  "Shit! How could I, a seven-foot man, apologize to an old undead? Even if you kill me, I definitely won't apologize!"

  "You have backbone, but you're using it in the wrong place!" Ning Tianlang's tone was cold, "Moreover, do you really think that I don't dare to kill you?"

  Scar Liu laughed up to the sky:

  "Hahahaha, you're a milquetoast little brat, even if you're good with your hands, so what! You wouldn't dare to kill me even if I borrowed your guts!"

  "Is that so?"

  Ning Tianlang's tone was still cold, but his fingers were constantly applying strength!

  "Unfortunately, you guessed wrong! The one thing I, Ning, am best at is killing people!"

  As he spoke, his five fingers were already deeply inserted into Scar Liu's bony joints!


  Scar Liu's voice had changed its accent due to the pain!

  That scream was no better than the wailing of an evil spirit in hell!

  He painstakingly raised his head and shouted angrily at those men who had been stunned:

  "What the fuck are you all waiting for? Why don't you do something?!"

  At the sound, Zhao Qi also snapped out of his shock!

  His face was pale as he frantically waved his arms and hissed loudly:

  "Right! You guys fucking do it! Did Laozi pay to hire you guys to fucking watch the fun?!"

  He was scared silly just now!

  He didn't realize that Ning Tianlang's seemingly thin body had such strong explosive power!

  Even Scar Liu was no match for him!

  The only solution now was to use the tactic of the sea of men!

  Once those Scar Liu's men heard that the boss and Mr. Zhao had spoken, they all gulped and rushed over with their electric batons!

  Ning Tianlang pushed his arm hard and threw Scar Liu out like a bowling ball!


  With a muffled sound, Scar Liu directly smashed the several youths who rushed ahead to the ground in unison!

  For a while, wailing sounds rose in all directions!

  The others saw this and stopped in their tracks to assist Scar Liu and his fallen brothers.

  Scar Liu tore his heart out and yelled, "Don't fucking care about me! Fuck this kid over first!" His words just fell!


  The door to the treatment room next to him was violently kicked open!

  From inside, a big man covered in tattoos of dragons and tigers stepped out and shouted in a rough voice:

  "What the fuck are you guys up to? My brother was injured and was in the room being patched up, but I heard you guys crying all the time! Still not letting people rest?!"

  Scar Liu helped his arm to get up from the ground and said in a gloomy manner:

  "Kid, where did you come from again? I'm Scar Liu here, if you don't want to die, hide your head!"

  "Scar Liu?"

  The tattooed big man snorted coldly and took a big step forward!


  He slapped Scar Liu's face and shouted angrily in a rough voice, "Grass! The little brother of the city's King Tiger dares to talk to me like this?!"

  Scar Liu was slightly stunned by the hit, "You, you know my boss?"

  "Hehe, when the fuck can Tiger Wang be considered a boss?"

  Listening to his tone, it was clear that he was very disdainful of Tiger Wang.

  Scar Liu couldn't help but have a fleeting look in his eyes and tried, "You are ......"

  "I am Ma Wenlong, the right protector under Boss Han! Have you heard of my great name?!"

  Hearing that tattooed big man declare himself, Scar Liu couldn't help but feel a tremble in his legs!

  "Boss Han ...... Han?" The knots in his throat moved up and down rapidly, and he said in horror, "You, you mean Boss Han Bao Ren, one of the Seven Old Monsters?"

  Ma Wenlong clasped his arms and said in a cold voice, "Other than Boss Han of the Seven Old Monsters, is there any other unknowing person who dares to call himself Boss Han?!"


  The moment these words came out, all the surrounding doctors and nurses all changed their faces!

  Everyone knew that there were three major mountain ranges in the jianghu of Xifeng Province!

  Ever since Chang Xiaorong's downfall, the forces of both Master Cao Si and the Seven Old Monsters had grown rapidly!

  At this moment, one of the Seven Monsters, Han Baoren, is in the second hospital!

  Everyone was horrified!

  Zhao Qi was even trembling with fear, and respectfully trembled:

  "Ma, Protector Ma, Boss Han is here for medical treatment, why don't you inform us in advance ...... we, aren't we being slow ......"

  Ma Wenlong waved his hand, "Our boss is accompanying his brother to bandage his wounds, there's no need to make a fuss!"

  Then he frowned and asked, "What in the world is happening here? The noise and clamor made it impossible for our brothers to rest?"



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