Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 128

Scar Liu hurriedly bowed his body and stepped forward, slavishly lowering his eyebrows like a lackey to Ma Wenlong:

  "My little brother works as a security guard in this hospital, and just now I stepped in to teach a rowdy kid a lesson. I didn't expect to affect the rest of your several big brothers, I'm really sorry ......"

  "Heh heh ......" Ma Wenlong squinted at Scar Liu's wobbly arm, disdainfully a mouth.

  "How is it that the person being taught a lesson has nothing to do with it, but you have your arm removed instead?"

  "This ......" Scar Liu's expression stagnated, then he gritted his back teeth and said.

  "Protector Ma, this kid has good hands, if you hadn't come out just now, I would have already asked my brothers to go in together!"

  Ma Wenlong stroked his chin with interest, "I've also heard of your Scar Liu's fierce reputation, I didn't expect that there's someone who isn't even a match for you?"

  Saying that, he turned around and fixed his eyes on Ning Tianlang.

  "I would like to see, the character that can make even Scar Liu eat his words is actually ......"

  He was halfway through his sentence, but suddenly froze -

  How does this ...... face look so familiar?

  Seems like where have I seen ......

  One second.

  Two seconds.

  Three seconds.


  He stared blankly at Ning Tianlang for a full dozen seconds!

  None of them were able to say another word!

  He recognized Ning Tianlang!

  He was also at Zhu Yingyi's funeral that day!

  Only that he wasn't qualified to go up and pay his respects at all.

  He could only stand behind Boss Han to support the scene.

  At that time, he witnessed Ning Tianlang shot Wu Shanglong, who had gone up to him, and smashed Zhu Yingyi's coffin to smithereens!

  That creepy scene had left a huge shadow in his heart!

  When he thought back now, he still had palpitations!

  Later on, Boss Han was scared shitless by Ning Tian Lang and ran away, and he even secretly swore that when he encountered this person on the street in the future, he would definitely hide as far away as possible!

  He didn't want to compare his head to the hardness of a bullet!

  Looking at Ma Wenlong standing motionless like a statue, Zhao Qi wondered, "Protector Ma, what's wrong with you? Do you recognize this kid?"

  But, Ma Wenlong turned a deaf ear!

  He was still stiff, with a frozen look of a spirit out of his body!

  "Protector Ma ...... Ma?"

  Scar Liu boldly walked forward, gently touched Ma Wenlong's arm.

  Only then did Ma Wenlong come back to his senses with a jolt!

  He looked at Ning Tianlang with a horrified gaze, "You ...... you ......"

  Scar Liu thought that he suspected that Ning Tianlang had disturbed their rest, and hurriedly lowered his voice:

  "Protector Ma, please go in first and rest for a moment, I promise to take care of this brat right away! It definitely won't affect a few big brothers recovering from their injuries!"

  Upon hearing this, Ma Wenlong's heart trembled! "Pah!"

  He turned around and slapped Scar Liu's face hard!

  "Nurture your Malagobi's injuries!"

  Ma Wenlong was horrified in his heart!

  If he offended this God of Murder, it wouldn't be as simple as nursing his injuries!

  It was estimated that he would not even be able to save his life!

  Scar Liu covered his face, full of eyes are confused.

  How did this ...... get another slap?

  To say the first slap because he spoke out of turn, this second slap is too unreasonable, right?

  "Ma, Ma protector ......"

  He had just called out a sentence of Protector Ma, when Ma Wenlong slapped him again!

  "Ma you Malagobi's protector! Don't fucking call me that!"

  In Ma Wenlong's mind, Ning Tianlang was the devil with chains!

  It's not good to be thought of by the other party!

  And this blind Scar Liu, who called him "Protector Ma", was afraid that Ning Tianlang wouldn't be able to remember who he was!

  Scar Liu was completely confused!

  He didn't even know where he went wrong!

  Zhao Qi was even more dumbfounded!

  Didn't he already report to the mountain just now?

  How come they are suddenly beating up their own people again?

  Heart 10,000 inexplicable grass mud horse galloped past, but he was a word did not dare to say more.

  Even Scar Liu has received two big ears, he is now talking is not rushing to find a fight?

  The surrounding doctors and nurses were all looking at me and you, all full of doubts.

  The scene fell into an awkward silence for a moment ......

  Only Ning Tianlang had a bland face.

  He knew that Ma Wenlong had already recognized himself.

  He had a good memory, and people he had met once would basically never forget again.

  Although it was only a quick glance at Zhu Yingyi's funeral, Ning Tianlang was the one who had already memorized Ma Wenlong's face.

  "Protector Ma, hello again."

  Ning Tianlang's voice was not loud, just enough for everyone to hear clearly.

  Scar Liu and Zhao Qi's hearts sank at the same time.

  The two of them really knew each other!


  They didn't have time to think about it in detail.

  Ma Wenlong, who was more than one meter ninety in height and was covered with tattoos of dragons and tigers, unexpectedly screamed out with a voice of "Ow"!

  Head also did not return to the treatment room to run!

  As if an evil spirit was chasing him!

  He also shouted, "Boss, help! The devil is talking to me!"

  The voice of the miserable, all shouted through the sound!



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