Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 129

Looking at Ma Wenlong's scurrying appearance, Scar Liu and Zhao Qi looked at each other in dismay.

  Was this still the overbearing and ferocious Protector Ma?

  Suddenly, Scar Liu's heart stirred.

  Could it be that the kid named Ning in front of them had some connections?

  Was that what had caused Protector Ma to be so terrified?

  Thinking of this, he hurriedly shook his head to dismiss his thoughts!

  How could the honorable Protector Ma, who was under the command of Old Monster Han, be so terrified by a kid in his early twenties that he fled in distress?

  There must be some other hidden agenda here!

  At this time, Zhao Qi walked up and whispered to Scar Liu, ''Sixth Brother, what's going on? There's nothing wrong with this Protector Ma, right?"

  "I don't fucking know!" Scar Liu covered his hot cheeks and inexplicably said.

  "Damn, can't it be that he saw something unclean just now? Otherwise how could he be scared into that ghostly state?"

  The moment these words were uttered, everyone's body was chilled for a while!

  Other than this numbing reason, there was no explanation as to why the big and burly Ma Wenlong would be scared to the point of holding his head!

  Only Ge Anping shook his head and sighed: "The son does not speak of strange power, you ......"

  Before he could finish his words, Scar Liu interrupted with a curse:

  "Grass! Are you an old bastard who doesn't fucking remember? Just now I did not take your life, you do not hurry to hide far away? Still fucking dare to open your mouth to speak?!"

  "You ......" Ge Anping was so angry that a burst of blood and gas tumbled in his chest, but still the healer kindly spoke out.

  "Young man, the tendons of your arm have been pulled off, if you don't treat it as soon as possible, I'm afraid that it will fall into the aftermath!"

  Upon hearing this, Scar Liu immediately raised his eyebrows in a fierce manner:

  "You old bastard, how dare you curse me to fall into after-effects? You're fucking tired of living, aren't you?!"

  As he spoke, he rolled up his sleeves and aggressively rushed towards Ge Anping's direction!

  It looked like he was going to make a move again!

  At that moment, all the people around him retreated in fear, making a fan-shaped open space.

  Ge Anping also "stomp, stomp, stomp" back a few steps, trembling voice: "You ...... what do you want to do?!"

  "I'll fucking open your old undead head!"

  With a violent shout, Scar Liu raised his left fist to greet Ge Anping's head!


  His hand had just been raised above his head when it was clutched by Ning Tianlang from behind!

  "I'm going to give you one last chance to apologize to Old Professor Ge!"

  Ning Tianlang's ice-cold voice entered his ears, causing goosebumps to rise on the back of his neck! Scar Liu's face turned blue, and he moved his arms vigorously, but he realized that he couldn't break free from Ning Tianlang's grip at all!

  "Let go of me! Believe it or not, I'll blow your head off with one punch!"

  His voice had just fallen!

  The door to the nearby treatment room opened!

  Han Boren came out with a dozen or so of his men!

  Several of them had gauze wrapped around their bodies, obviously having just bandaged their wounds.

  Ma Wenlong followed behind Han Bao Ren, eyes fixed on the ground, not even dare to raise his eyelids!

  He was afraid to accidentally meet Ning Tian Lang's icy eyes again!

  Once they saw that Boss Han had personally stepped forward, everyone around them sucked in a breath of cool air!

  The crowd whispered:

  "Boss Han has personally stepped in, I guess this kid is completely wasted!"

  "Yes, Boss Han's men are all experts in black boxing, if it really comes down to it, this guy is definitely no match!"

  "I think we'd better hide back, don't get splattered with blood later ......"

  Ge Anping's face also changed greatly:

  "This little friend, I think you'd better leave quickly! I'm here to help you block a bit, forgive them for not daring to lay their hands on this old man of mine!"

  If he had spoken out to help Ning Tianlang at the beginning, it was out of a doctor's benevolence.

  Then at this moment, he wanted to block this for Ning Tianlang from the bottom of his heart!

  Just now, Ning Tianlang's acupressure technique had left a deep impression on him!

  He would rather sacrifice himself to preserve a young man who had superior attainments in ancient medical techniques!

  Hearing his words, Scar Liu laughed coldly, "Oh, old man, you don't need to be so righteous! Neither of you two can run away today!"

  With that, he turned to Han Bao Ren and respectfully arched his hand, "Boss Han! This brat dares to affect your rest, you ......"

  He had wanted to say a few words to fan the flames, so that Han Bao Ren would step in to teach Ning Tian Lang a lesson!


  His words only reached halfway!

  The latter words were all swallowed back into his stomach raw!

  Only to see!

  Han Bao Ren rushed out of the door of the treatment room with a group of brothers.

  Without saying a word, he came directly in front of Ning Tian Lang!


  Boss Han bent his knees and fell to the ground in response!

  Immediately after that, all of the junior brothers behind him also fell to their knees with a loud bang!

  In an instant!

  More than a dozen strong men with big waists knelt in unison!!!



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