Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 130


  Watching this scene, everyone present all had their mouths wide open in shock!

  None of them had expected that Boss Han, one of the legendary Seven Old Monsters, would kneel to Ning Tianlang as soon as he appeared on stage!

  Scar Liu was dumbfounded!

  He stood there with a dumbfounded look on his face, almost like a retard who had lost his soul!

  Ning Tianlang had already let go of his arm, but he still didn't realize it!

  He was still holding his fists up like a fool, not moving a muscle!

  He didn't know that after Han Baoren left Zhu Yingyi's funeral, he immediately contacted Song Jinshan and Song Junshi.

  He spent thirty thousand dollars to treat Song Jinshan to a one-stop shop for food, drink and enjoyment before Song Jinshan mysteriously told him--

  "Ning Tian Lang is someone who should never be messed with!"

  "In his hand, he has the Northern Dragon Order of the Tu family!"

  At that time, when he heard the words "Northern Dragon Order", Han Bao Ren was so scared that he almost had a heart attack!

  After drying three bowls of wine in a row, his shivering legs slowly relaxed!

  He had thought that as long as he was careful, he wouldn't meet Ning Tianlang again!

  However, he didn't expect to run into Ning Tianlang's gun again today!

  Just now, he heard someone clamoring outside, so he sent his subordinate Ma Wenlong out to investigate.

  When Ma Wenlong panicked and came back to tell him that the devil from Zhu San Shao's funeral was outside, his scalp exploded!

  He knew that Ma Wenlong's arrogant mouth was used to arrogance and must have offended the other party with his words!

  So he immediately slapped the injured man who was resting awake and brought all his men out to apologize to Ning Tian Lang!

  That's why there was this scene at the moment!

  Han Bao Ren knelt down on the ground, shivering, and said:

  "Mr. Ning ...... Ning, just now, if my men have offended you in any way, please be kind enough to let him go as a fart ......"

  With that, he grabbed Ma Wenlong's collar behind him and angrily chided, "Still not hurrying to kowtow and apologize to Mr. Ning?!"

  Ma Wenlong was about to cry, "Boss, I really didn't say anything disrespectful just now ...... I just slapped Scar Liu three times ......"

  "Scar Liu?"

  Only then did Han Bao Ren notice that there was a Scar Liu next to him who was holding his arms up like the Goddess of Liberty with a dull face.

  He was surprised, "Mr. Ning, is this ...... this Scar Liu one of your men?" "No." Ning Tianlang said indifferently, "He had to blow my head off just now."

  "Sh, what?!"

  Upon hearing this, Han Bao Ren was immediately so scared that his eyes fell out!

  Blow Ning Tianlang's head off?

  This is not the way to find death!

  "Scar Liu! What the hell is going on here?

  Han Bao Ren bellowed, scaring Scar Liu back to his senses with a sharp jolt!

  "Han, Boss Han ......"

  Scar Liu's face was pale to the core!

  The originally hideous and terrifying scars on his face were all out of breath!

  His two legs were frantically wobbling, shivering so much that they were close to appearing as virtual shadows!

  In the jianghu, the most valued thing was seniority!

  And his old boss, Wang Tiger, was only Han Bao Ren's little brother's little brother!

  In front of old monster Han, he was not even a grandson!

  At this moment, when he saw his "grand master" kneeling like a dog in front of Ning Tianlang, he was so scared that his lips turned purple!

  "Han ...... Han boss ...... just now this kid ...... is not, this boss he messed with Mr. Zhao ... ..."

  Saying this, his spirit jolted as if he had grabbed a life-saving straw, pointing at Zhao Qi:

  "It's him! It's all him! He messed with Boss Ning! I'm just getting paid to do a job!"

  Zhao Qi had been scared silly long ago!

  At this moment, when he heard Scar Liu put all the shit on his head, he only felt a throbbing pain in his bladder, almost shitting himself in fear!

  Ning Tian Lang glanced at him coldly, and said to Scar Liu lightly, "He can't run away, you don't want to get off the hook either, what did I just say to you?!"

  "I ...... I ......"

  Scar Liu's brain was blank, his eyes were full of blankness.

  "How about I remind you of it." Ning Tianlang's icy cold voice slowly sounded.

  "I just gave you one last chance to kneel down and apologize to Professor Ge Lao!"

  At those words, Scar Liu didn't dare to hesitate for a second!

  With a "plop", he directly knelt down in front of Ge Anping!

  He hugged Ge Anping's thigh and cried bitterly:

  "Professor Ge, I was wrong! I shouldn't have spoken disrespectfully to you! I shouldn't have hit you! You just forgive me!"



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