Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 26 - Northern Dragon Order

"There's no rush."

Ning Tianlang hemmed and hawed.

Looking forward to recognizing his fifth sister at night.

I'm sure she'll be very surprised!

"Cough cough ......"

Hearing their conversation, Tu Gongyan dryly coughed twice.

"Didn't you promise to return to the Shengjing Tu Family with me after the birthday banquet?"

Ning Tianlang slapped his head, "Right, right, right, I forgot."

He glanced sideways at An Yiqiu and secretly said, "Fifth sister is sorry, I'm going to miss my appointment for the night ......"

At the same time.

Xiang Chen, who had a red forehead, saw his father's face turning cold and hurriedly picked up the microphone, saying in a loud voice:

"According to the rules, the next should be the birthday gift offering session, but my father said that the birthday banquet is only meant to be lively, so he won't accept any birthday gifts from you all."

As soon as these words came out, the crowd said, "How can that be! The birthday gifts must be accepted!"

"That's right, this is a piece of our heart, please ask Xiang Dong to accept it!"

Ninety percent of the people here have business dealings with the Xiang family, among them, there are many distant relatives of the Xiang family, waiting to send gifts to climb the relationship.

Listening to everyone's boasting, Xiang Zhongyuan recovered a trace of smile and said:

"Since that's the case, then Xiang Mou will accept the honor!"

As the words fell, everyone took out their carefully prepared birthday gifts.

For a moment.

Jewelry and jade, antique paintings ......

were piled up in the center hall like they didn't want money!

Looking at these gifts, Xiang Zhongyuan's face was flushed, sweeping away the gloomy color from just now.

Only after everyone had offered their congratulatory gifts one by one did Xiang Chen look at Ning Tian Lang with sinister eyes:

"That brat, you came to the birthday banquet, you wouldn't have brought no gifts, right?"

In an instant, everyone's gazes turned to Ning Tianlang:

"Look at how poorly dressed he is, what kind of congratulatory gift can he take out?"

"Isn't he related to Mr. Tu? He can't be so ignorant of the rules, right?"

"That's right, how could he come to the birthday banquet of his elders without bringing a gift?"

"Hehe, I saw it all at the door just now, Mr. Tu probably helped him out because he felt sorry for him, I just hope that he doesn't degrade Mr. Tu's face!"

Listening to the crowd's comments, Xiang Chen looked at Ning Tianlang triumphantly, just waiting for him to make a fool of himself in public!

Tu Gongyan said in a low voice, "I have an unencrypted bank card here, let's take it as the birthday gift you prepared?"

"No need."

Ning Tianlang shook his head slightly.

He then stood up, and under the attention of all the people, he beckoned to Qi Xiaoyun, "Come over here and take the birthday gift."


Qi Xiaoyun froze and looked at Xiang Chen's eye color.

Xiang Chen nodded, "Go, I'll see what he can get up to!"

Ning Tianlang wore a smile, "I prepared two birthday gifts today, and the first one is ......"

Saying that, he looked at Qi Xiaoyun with cold eyes.

Coldly, a slap hit him!


A resounding slap.

It directly sent Qi Xiaoyun's incisors flying out!

"The first birthday gift is to teach Young Master Xiang a lesson to your dog-eyed little lover!"

"Hiss ......"

Everyone present was stunned.

No one had expected that he would dare to directly hit someone!

Ning Tian Lang turned around and softly said to An Yiqiu, "Does she often bully you?"

Without waiting for An Yiqiu to answer, he kicked Qi Xiaoyun hard in the small of her back again and coldly said, "This congratulatory gift, like it?!"


Qi Xiaoyun was kicked so hard that she spat out blood from her mouth and directly fell to the ground!

The small cheongsam that could only cover her hips had long since been rolled up, revealing a piece of sexy ...... Unfortunately, the people present were still in the mood to enjoy this gorgeous scenery.

All of them looked at Ning Tian Lang in horror, not knowing what would happen next.


Xiang Zhongyuan was so angry that his whiskers flared as he pointed at Ning Tianlang and roared, "How dare you spill your guts at my birthday banquet, you ......"

Before he could finish his words, Ning Tian Lang walked straight up to the main stage, snatched the microphone from Xiang Chen's hand, and said in a loud voice:

"The second birthday gift is that I'm giving the Xiang Family one month to get out of the Xiang Mansion!"


The entire birthday banquet was abuzz with these words!

This person is too rampant!

How dare he tell the Xiang Family to move out of the Xiang Public Hall?

"Unbridled!" Xiang Chen hissed, "Don't think you can do whatever you want just because you have Mr. Tu backing you up!"

"What? You don't like this birthday gift?" Ning Tianlang's gaze pierced the bone with coldness.

"I've already been merciful, giving you all a full month's time!"

Xiang Zhongyuan was on the verge of going mad!

The birthday banquet he had prepared for so long was ruined by a nameless kid!

If he could still endure this, how would his Xiang family gain a foothold in Qing'an City in the future?

"Come on people! Arrest this kid for me!"

Xiang Zhongyuan gave an order, and immediately a dozen security guards poured in from outside the hall, raging!

"Xiang Family Master!"

Tu Gongyan stood up, his aura bursting out around him, "You dare to touch him?!"

Xiang Zhongyuan's eyes were crimson: "Mr. Tu, it's about my Xiang Family's dignity, I'll personally make amends to you afterward!"

The implication was that even if Tu Gongyan stepped in, he would definitely not let Ning Tianlang go!

Tu Gongyan's face was icy cold, and he said word by word, "Do you want me to go back to the Shengjing Tu Family to ask for the Northern Dragon Order?!"

Northern Dragon Order!

The moment those three words came out, everyone all but banned their voices!

In the northern part of the Grand Xia Empire, the Northern Dragon Order meant absolute power of life and death!

Once this order is issued, all the forces in the Jianghu will have to bow down!

Not to mention this little Xiang family of his!

Xiang Chen gulped down his saliva and said with fear in his heart:

"Dad ...... Why don't we let him off the hook first? When Mr. Tu leaves Qing'an, we'll think of a way to clean up this brat!"

Xiang Zhongyuan took a deep breath and forced himself to hold back his killing intent to glare at Ning Tianlang:

"Since Mr. Tu has brought out the Northern Dragon Order, I'll let you off this time. But if you fall into my hands again, I will take your life!"

Ning Tianlang hooked up the corners of his mouth, "That depends on whether you have the ability to do so."

After saying this, he ignored the shocked gazes of the crowd and rubbed An Yiqiu's long hair:

"Let's go, I'll send you home."

Xiang Zhongyuan was in no mood, nor did he have the face to continue enjoying the birthday banquet.

He directly flung his sleeves and left the center hall.

A grand to the core birthday banquet ended in a sorry state!

Walking out of Xiang Gong Gong's door, An Yiqiu shyly lowered her head:

"That ...... I can just go home by myself ......"

Ning Tianlang looked at his watch, it was now more than three in the afternoon.

From Qing'an City to Shengjing, the fastest drive would take four hours.

If he wanted to arrive before nightfall, he couldn't make another detour from his big sister's house.

So he nodded, "Then I won't see you off, I'll see you in a couple days."

Looking at An Yiqiu's stunningly beautiful back, Tu Gongyan said smilingly:

"She's the most popular sexy model of the Shengge Times modeling agency. Do you like her? I can get her for you."

"She's my fifth sister."

"Eh ......"


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