Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 27: The Second Miss Tu Family

Tu Gongyan was embarrassed for a while and changed the topic, "Let's go, drive your car back to Shengjing."

Sitting in the Santana co-pilot, he had some regrets.

When he came, it was the Xiang family that sent a car to Shengjing to pick him up.

Had he known this, he would have driven himself ......

Tu Gongyan sighed:

"I didn't expect that Zhixue's son would be mixed up like this, it's my dereliction of duty as a friend ......"

Ning Tianlang didn't even bother to explain.

The first thing he planned to do when he came back from Shengjing was to get a new car!

"Clang clang clang ......"

The car's parts rattled all the way.

Finally, they arrived at the Shengjing Tu Family when the sky had just completely darkened.

It was worthy of being the number one family in the northern part of the Grand Xia Empire.

The entire Tu Family Villa covered an area of more than five hundred acres and was luxurious to the extreme!

Entering through the gate, it took a full ten minutes of traveling before they saw an antique villa with ancient colors.

Tu Gongyan said, "This is the Tu Family's main villa."

Pulling over to the side of the road, Ning Tianlang and Tu Gongyan got out of the car together.

Right at this moment, a beautiful woman in her mid to late forties with a lingering charm walked out of the villa.

Her head was pulled up in a loose bun, and she was wearing a long slim skirt, her body was plump but not bloated, and she had a dignified and noble appearance.

Seeing Tu Gongyan, she was surprised, "Big brother, didn't you come back the day after tomorrow?"

"Shiman, come, I'll introduce you."

Tu Gongyan waved at him, "Third sister, this is Ning Zhixue's son, Ning Tianlang."

"Tian Lang, this is my third sister, Tu Shi Man. You can call her Aunt Man."

"Oh my god ......," Tu Shiman opened her mouth wide with an incredulous expression, "He's the son of ...... Big Brother Ning? "

As she spoke, she cupped Ning Tianlang's face and carefully measured it:

"Like, too much like, simply carved out of the same mold!"

She exuded a peculiar fragrance of a mature woman, her flavor was introverted but seductive.


Just as Ning Tianlang was shaking his head, Tu Shiman directly cupped his face and gave him a kiss, excitedly saying:

"Back then, Big Brother Ning wouldn't let me kiss, so I'll kiss his son, and since you guys look exactly the same, it's kind of fulfilling a dream of mine!"


Tu Gongyan chided under his breath, but his face was filled with hopelessness.

Tu Shiman let go of Ning Tian Lang, and in an instant became mature and dignified again.

It was as if the actions just now were nothing more than an illusion.

Ning Tianlang wiped the lipstick on his face, somewhat speechless.

The last time he was kissed by a woman was when he was a child playing house with his sisters.

Unexpectedly, after more than ten years, his first kiss came from a beautiful aunt ......

Entering the Tu family's main villa.

On the expensive yellow pear sofa sat a middle-aged man wearing glasses.

He was holding an economic magazine, with his old pedant-like frown.

This person was the Tu Family's second master, Tu Gongbai.

"Second brother, look who's here?"

Tu Shiman smiled elegantly.

Tu Gongbai raised his head and hurriedly scanned it, impatiently saying:

"Isn't it just Big Brother and Zhixue coming? Don't affect me from reading magazines! Do you know ......"

Suddenly, his words stopped.

He threw the magazine in his hand and stared at Ning Tianlang incredulously, "You ...... are ......"

Tu Gongyan laughed, "Doesn't he look exactly like Zhixue? He is Zhixue's son, Ning Tianlang."

"Heavens, I really had an illusion at that moment just now ......"

Tu Gongbai rubbed his eyes and jumped up from the sofa in surprise.

Just as they were talking excitedly, an old crone in simple clothes came down from upstairs and said solemnly:

"The old man asks you all, what's all the noise at night, don't you know the rules?" Tu Gongyan's three siblings all looked solemn.

"Aunt Hong, I'll go upstairs to see father." Tu Gongyan's tone was very respectful.

Only after the old crone reappeared upstairs did Tu Shiman pat her towering chest and say:

"It's been decades, and I still get nervous when I see Aunt Hong."

Tu Gongyan's eyes warned her not to talk nonsense before he said to Ning Tianlang:

"After mother passed away, Aunt Hong has been with father, usually serving the old man in his life and living, she is our family."

Ning Tian Lang nodded.

To be able to serve by Tu Honglin's side, one would think that she is not an ordinary person either ......

"Tian Lang, let's go upstairs together."

Tu Hongyan patted his shoulder, signaling him to follow him to see Elder Tu.

A room on the east side of the second floor.

Tu Honglin was the only person in the room.

At this moment, he was sitting on the soft collapse and fiddling with the chess pieces.

Tu Honglin had reached his eighties this year.

However, he was still full of vigor and looked no different from someone in his sixties.

When he heard the commotion, he did not raise his head and only faintly said, "Gongyan has returned?"

The voice was thick and full of energy.

Tu Gongyan bent his body respectfully, "Father, I just returned from Qing'an City."

"Qing'an City ......"

A black seed landed on the chessboard with a "snap", Tu Honglin said in a deep voice:

"It's time to let go of Qing'an City, the Ning family has no one left."

Tu Shiman walked forward and looked at the chess game.

"Father, even if this black and white looks good, you still have to look at the people, don't you?"

"What, the three of you can still see flowers if you look again ......"

Tu Honglin raised his head and was stunned.

Inside the room, in addition to his three children, there is a mountain-like upright youth!

"You are ......" Tu Honglin seemed to be moved, "You are from the Ning family?"

Ning Tianlang was too similar to his father.

Like Tu Gongyan, Tu Honglin recognized him at a glance!

"Father, his name is Ning Tianlang, he is Zhixue's son."

"Ning Zhixue's son ......"

Tu Honglin looked at Ning Tianlang with a burning gaze, as if he wanted to see through him.

Ning Tianlang wore a smile on his face and said in a generous manner, "Tu Family Master, I've heard a lot about you."

Tu Honglin raised his eyebrows.

Even the Tu Family's juniors would be too frightened to speak when they saw him.

And this young man in front of him didn't even show a trace of nervousness!

Tu Hongyan whispered, "According to the Tu family's rules, juniors have to kowtow and ask for peace."

"I'm not a Tu family member."

Ning Tianlang still wore a faint smile and his tone was not condescending.

Having the Kunlun War God kowtow to him?

A seventy-something year old man couldn't afford to lose this life!

The moment these words came out, the three siblings of Tu Gongyan all tightened their bodies.

In the Tu Family, no one had ever dared to be this reckless!

Not only the Tu family, in the entire north of the Great Xia Empire, no one dared to refuse to kneel in front of Tu Honglin!

Tu Gongyan was just about to rebuke, when Tu Honglin raised his hand and stopped him:

"That's just it, since you don't want to kneel, then sit down."

"Yes, old master."

Ning Tianlang wasn't polite either, and directly sat on his butt on top of the soft collapse.

Sitting opposite Tu Honglin, there was only a chessboard between them.

"Hiss ......"

The Tu Clan's three siblings looked at each other, and their faces all changed color.

There were only a handful of people who had sat on this soft collapse.

Aside from Aunt Hong, only those reverends from the Great Summer Empire had the honor of sitting on it a few times!

Even their three siblings did not have this qualification!


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