Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 28: Pick it up and apologize!

"Tian Lang, that's not where you sit!"

Tu Gongyan broke out in a cold sweat and shouted in a low voice.

"Why can't I sit?" Ning Tianlang moved inside the soft collapse, "Uncle Tu, why don't you sit next to me?"

Tu Gongyan took a step back and waved his hand repeatedly, "I don't dare to ......"

"Why don't you dare? Isn't this soft collapse for people to sit on?" Ning Tianlang heatedly smiled at Tu Hongyan.

"Don't you think so, Elder Tu?"

Tu Honglin's pair of sharp eyes stared tightly at Ning Tianlang, "Of course it's for people to sit on, however, there are some sayings."

"Oh? What sayings?"

"If you sit here, you have to accompany me to play a game of chess." Tu Honglin faintly said, "If you win, you can sit however you want in the future."

"What if you lose?"

"If you lose, the Tu Family's back mountain is where you will be buried."

Upon hearing this, Tu Shiman hurriedly stepped forward, "Father, he's not a Tu family member and doesn't know the rules, so you just ......"

Before she finished her words, Tu Honglin spoke, "He doesn't know the rules, you don't know the rules either?"

"It's ...... a true gentleman who watches chess and doesn't speak."

Tu Shiman didn't dare to say anything else and retreated to the side with a worried face.

Tu Honglin pointed at the stalemate in front of him and said to Ning Tianlang, "Let's just move on to this game, how about it?"

Ning Tianlang nodded, "Both sides are evenly matched, it's fine."

"You play white, I'll play black."


After saying the word good, Ning Tianlang picked up a white piece with two fingers and put it on top of the chessboard ......

Thirty minutes later.

Tu Honglin was frowning tightly.

His black pieces had fallen into a desperate situation.

Ning Tianlang had all the advantages and was only left to surround and intercept.

As long as he dropped his pieces to close the net, he would wipe out Tu Honglin's black pieces.

On the side, Tu Honglin's three men were holding their breath, so nervous that they almost forgot to breathe.

Tu Honglin was a 9-dan national player, and his chess skills had reached the state of perfection.

Over the years, no one had ever been able to win a single move in front of him!

He didn't expect Ning Tianlang to directly break the old man's winning streak as soon as he arrived!

"Kid, are you letting me?"

Tu Honglin's eyes were shining, "You can clearly cut me down at any time, so why are you letting me live?"

"I'm waiting."

"Waiting for what?"

"Waiting for you to admit defeat and surrender."

The corners of Ning Tianlang's mouth hooked up slightly, his complexion bland.

"Hiss ......"

Upon hearing these words, the three Tu siblings nearly went into cardiac arrest from fear.

Tu Honglin had been a lord for a lifetime, sitting in the northern rivers and lakes of the empire.

In this lifetime, no one had ever dared him to admit defeat and surrender!

Tu Hongyan's palms were sweaty with nervousness, fearing that the old man would bury Ning Tianlang into the back of the mountain with a command!

"You three go out." Tu Honglin waved his hand, "I have something to say to him alone."

"Father ......"

Tu Gongyan, Tu Gongbai, and Tu Shiman shouted in unison.

"What, do I have to say it a second time?"

Tu Honglin glared, and the three siblings didn't dare to be disobedient, so they could only slowly retreat out with worried faces.

Only the two of them remained in the room.

Tu Honglin looked at Ning Tianlang fixedly, "Your name is Ning Tianlang?"


"You're too heavy-handed in killing when you play chess."

"As long as I can win."

"Playing chess is about cultivating your body and mind." Tu Honglin shook his head slightly, "Too much killing intent is not the right path after all."

Ning Tianlang smiled faintly, "When I kill all my enemies and foes, I will naturally be like you, old master, and cultivate my body."

Tu Honglin froze.

After a few seconds, he laughed up to the sky.

"Hahahahaha ...... good boy, quite a bit of my style when I was young!"

With that, he took out a brocade box from the box cabinet behind him.

"In all these years, you are the second person to win over me."

A pair of withered hands stroked the brocade box, Tu Honglin's face was emotional. "Who was the first person?"

"It was your father, Ning Zhixue."

Hearing this, Ning Tianlang's heart stirred.

Back when his righteous father had taught him Go, after just three games, he was able to kill his righteous father without leaving a single piece of armor.

Now he realized that this was the bloodline inheritance of the Ning Family!

Tu Honglin placed the brocade box on the chessboard and pushed it in front of Ning Tianlang, "This is for you."

"What is this?"

"An item originally intended for your father."

Ning Tian Lang slowly opened the brocade box.

Inside was a wooden token placed horizontally.

It was inscribed: the Northern Dragon Order!

"Northern Dragon Order? A Northern Dragon Order that calls upon all the jianghu forces in the north?"

Even Ning Tianlang was somewhat shocked.

It was true that he was the commander-in-chief of the twelve military regions of the Grand Xia Empire.

But the Jianghu forces and the military were two completely different branches.

One is in the court.

One in the wild.

Now that he had to track down foreign spies, it was inconvenient to use the military in many cases.

With the Northern Dragon Order in hand, it would be much easier to act.

"If you take this Northern Dragon Order, you hold the power of life and death in the northern part of the empire."

Tu Honglin solemnly said, "The greater the power, the greater the responsibility. You need to grasp the scale of killing."

Ning Tianlang hemmed and hawed, "Elder, there's a sentence you said wrong just now."

"What words?"

"You said that I play chess with too much killing spirit." Ning Tianlang picked up a white stone and fiddled with it.

"However, Go is won by the word stability. Therefore, since I won against you, I can't be considered to have too much killing spirit."

The implication is that killing is only superficial, the planning and strategizing hidden underneath the killing heart, you didn't see.

Tu Honglin slapped the table, "You brat dare to let me surrender, old man still can't teach you a few words of pain and pleasure?"

"line line line, old master you want to painfully casual lesson."

Tu Honglin was nearly an armor older than him, counting him as someone of his grandfather's generation.

Of course he wouldn't take out the War God's name to suppress the other party.

"Alright, you brats are in the way, hurry up and get lost."

After saying these words, Tu Honglin directly closed his eyes, no longer paying attention to him.

Ning Tian Lang had just walked out of the room when he was surrounded by the three Tu Hongyan people.

Tu Shiman worriedly rubbed up and down for a while, "Tian Lang, are you alright? Father didn't do anything to you, did he?"

At this time, Aunt Hong came over from the other end of the corridor and said solemnly, "It's time for the old man to go to sleep, so you guys go and clamor somewhere else."

"Yes, Aunt Hong."

The three Tu Gongyan people answered in unison and led Ning Tianlang out of the Tu Family's main villa.

After driving for another ten minutes, they arrived at another villa.

This villa was much more modernized, with a European atmosphere coming out.

Entering the villa's living room, Tu Gongbai couldn't wait to ask, "Tian Lang, what did father tell you?"

The other two also opened their eyes wide, wanting to know the answer.

Ning Tian Lang pulled out the palm-sized brocade box from his pocket and threw it on the coffee table, "Here, I was given this."

Tu Gongyan picked up the brocade box and opened it.

"This is ......"

Looking at the three words "Northern Dragon Order" shining brightly on the token, Tu Gongyan's eyes were about to fall out.

"What ah, let us take a look too?"

Seeing Tu Gongyan's strange expression, Tu Shiman and Tu Gongbai both probed and looked.


Tu Gongbai, who had always been elegant and calm, suddenly saw the three words Northern Dragon Order and directly couldn't control himself from bursting into foul language!

"Isn't this ...... the Northern Dragon Order?!"

Tu Shiman's red lips slightly opened in surprise, "Tian Lang, father gave it to you?"

Ning Tian Lang nodded, "He lost at chess, so this is probably considered a trophy."

Tu Gongyan: "......"

Tu Gongbai and Tu Shiman: "......"

Losing the Northern Dragon Order that commands the world in a single game of chess?

Isn't this a joke?


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