Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 29 Take Back the Invitation!

After a long time, the three of them were able to calm down their shock.

Tu Gongyan carefully fastened the brocade box and put it into Ning Tianlang's hand:

"Tian Lang, since father gave you this Northern Dragon Order, then there must be his intentions. You ...... can't let down a piece of his expectations ah ......"

The Tu family's trees had big roots, even without the Northern Dragon Order, it wouldn't be affected by anything for a while.

But there was still some despondency in his words.

Ning Tianlang grinned:

"Uncle Tu, Second Uncle Tu, Auntie Man, you can rest assured that this Northern Dragon Order is something I'm just using for fun, and when I've had enough, I'll return it to you."

He was the Kunlun War God who was in charge of the millions of troops of the Grand Xia, so naturally, he would not go to be that laborious underground emperor.

When the enemy country's spies were cleaned up, he would return this token intact.

Upon hearing this, Tu Gongyan's three faces all softened considerably.

Although the word "play" was a bit unpleasant to the ears, at the very least, the Tu Family's foundation had finally been preserved.

Tu Shiman smiled brightly, took Ning Tianlang's hand, and enthusiastically said:

"You're exhausted after driving all afternoon, aren't you? Let's go, Auntie Mann will lead you to bed!"

Ning Tianlang was shocked.

This Auntie Man wouldn't be trying to eat young grass, right?

"Our Tu family seldom has guests, so although there are many villas, there are no guest rooms. It just so happens that my niece is not at home recently, so you can stay in her room first."


He was still thinking about the old cow eating young grass and didn't react for a moment.

"Second brother's daughter, called Tu Yangyang."

Tu Shiman brought him to a room on the second floor, "This is Sheepy's room, have a good rest."

After saying that, he directly closed the door and went out.

"Tu Yangyang Sheep ...... This name is also too strange ......"

Ning Tianlang stretched his muscles and bones, looked at the pink and tender young girl's room, and muttered.

"There's no old ox, and Sheepy isn't here, that's just it, go to sleep!"

After taking a hot shower, he directly entered the inner bedroom, laying down on the freshly scented maiden's boudoir bed, and entered dreamland ......

The next day.

He was woken up by a whip.

During his ten years of battlefield career, Ning Tianlang basically hadn't slept a few full nights.

Now that he had left Kunlun Island and unloaded all his defenses, he surprisingly slept more deeply than anyone else.


A whip cracked.

The thin quilt on his body was sent flying by a whip.

Ning Tianlang woke up violently from his sleep.

He jumped up from the bed and looked at the young girl in front of him with a horrified look on his face, "Who are you? How did you get in?"

"This is my room, I should be the one to ask you that!"

The young girl let out a bellow and raised her whip to strike.


Ning Tianlang stretched out his hand to block it, and his crotch was instantly cool.


The young girl dressed in a black leather outfit had her eyes wide open, and a whip was lashed towards Ning Tianlang's body.

Ning Tianlang kicked up the pillow with his feet, grabbed it with his right hand to block in front of his body, and grabbed the young girl's whip with his other hand as he helplessly said:

"Missy, you're a sheep-slaughtering goat, aren't you? There is a misunderstanding here ......"

Before his words were finished, the young girl directly drew back the whip and angrily shouted, "Rascal suffer death!"

As soon as the words fell, the seven-section snake skin whip suddenly whistled out again!

Ning Tianlang dodged the other party's attack while also being somewhat alarmed.

Just now, although he had only used 30% of the force to grab the whip, it was impossible for an ordinary person to have the strength to retake it.

I didn't expect that this young girl in front of me, who looked skinny and small, would have so much strength!

"You put down my pillow!"

Seeing her pillow being defiled, Tu Yangyang saw her eyes spewing fire, and she couldn't wait to directly kill Ning Tianlang to relieve her hatred.

But despite her hatred, she was very surprised in her heart. Her Seven Star Whip couldn't even touch the other party's hair strands!


She shattered the bedside lamp with a whip and angrily cursed, "Stinking rascal, if you have the ability, don't hide!"

"Don't hide or don't hide!"

Ning Tianlang grabbed the Seven Star Whip and drifted on his feet, turning around Tu Yangyangyang in an instant.

Before Tuyangyang could react, she was already tied up by her own whip!

"You let go of me!"

She twisted and turned, but she couldn't struggle away at all.

It wasn't until this moment that Ning Tianlang was able to see the young girl's appearance.

She looked to be just eighteen or nineteen years old, her appearance was delicate and naive, but her figure was shapely to the extreme.

Typical child face giant ......

Just then, Tu Shiman, who had heard the commotion, pushed the door in.

Surprised, she said, "What are ...... you guys doing?!"

Only to see, Ning Tianlang was naked, his legs clamped to a pink pillow, and he was clutching a long whip in his hand, tightly binding Tu Yangyang's sexy body ......

Tu Shiman knew that there must be a big misunderstanding, and hurriedly stepped forward to separate the two ......

Ten minutes later.

Ning Tianlang put on his clothes and sat down in the living room on the first floor, his face embarrassed:

"That ...... I took a bath yesterday, and seeing that I didn't have any pajamas, I just went to sleep, who knows ......"

"Humph!" Tu Yang Yang snorted coldly, "Sleeping in someone's room and still not wearing clothes, I see you are a pervert!"

"Yang Yang!"

Tu Gongbai chided and said seriously, "He's our family's honored guest, you have to call him Big Brother Ning, no rudeness!"

The Northern Dragon Order was still in Ning Tian Lang's hands, they didn't dare to annoy him.

"Dad! Why are you talking to an outsider!" Tu Yangyang pouted, "He just bullied me!"

Tu Gongyan sighed, "Then is it okay for Eldest Uncle to make amends for you on his behalf?"

As soon as Eldest Uncle spoke, Tu Yangyang instantly quenched her fire.

She puffed up her little mouth and whispered, "I saw something dirty, I'm going to go wash my eyes!"

After saying that, she took the Seven Star Whip and left the villa.

Looking at his daughter's back, Tu Gongbai shook his head, "Ai, this girl is becoming more and more lawless."

Tu Shiman smiled elegantly, "Sheep is already a major of the Shengjing Military Region at this age, she should have been more lawless."

Hearing this, Ning Tianlang was also a bit surprised.

He didn't expect that this barbaric girl, Tu Yangyang, would already have the rank of Major!

He decided to take the time to ask the chief general of the Shengjing Military Region, Tian Guo, what exactly is this little girl's excellence ......

At the same time.

"Buzz buzz buzz ......"

There was a vibration from the cell phone.

Ning Tianlang took out his cell phone to see that it was his eldest sister, Wen Ruyun, calling.

When he picked up the phone, he heard his second sister, Ke Dong'er, reprimanding in a high voice:

"Tian Lang, where have you run off to again? Surprisingly, you didn't come back all night?"

Immediately after that, third sister Ling Xuanzhi's voice came quietly, "Don't think that you can escape my assassination just by running away."

"Tian Lang, where the hell have you been, big sister is so worried about you ......"

"Hey, little Tian Lang, I'm your fifth sister An Yiqiu, thanks to me pushing the big handsome guy's invitation and waiting for you for the whole night, you even didn't come home!"

The four women were chattering and making so much noise that Ning Tianlang's head was spinning for a while.

He hurriedly said, "Sisters ...... sisters! I'll go back in the afternoon, don't worry ......"

"You hurry home, big sister has been worrying about you all night!"

"Little Tian Lang, if you don't come back today, I'll use a scalpel to cut your hamstring!"

"No need to go to that trouble, just kill it."

"Oooooo ...... you accompany me a hero to save a big handsome man ......"

The four sisters one person one sentence put a cruel word, before reluctantly hung up the phone ......


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