Novel Name : My Seven Beautiful Sisters

Chapter 30 - True or False Northern Dragon Order

The four sisters' voices were so loud that the three Tu siblings could hear them clearly.

Tu Gongyan had an odd smile on his face, "Tian Lang ah, I think you should hurry back after breakfast."

"Not eating." Ning Tianlang spread his hands helplessly, "I'll go back to Qingan now."

He didn't want his sisters to worry.

"Good." Tu Gongyan nodded, "I'll have someone drive you."

The Santana that didn't sound anywhere but the horn left too deep an impression on him.

Tu Gongyan intended to take the opportunity of sending Ning Tianlang home to give him a good car.

"No need Uncle Tu." Ning Tian Lang stood up, "I'll just drive myself back."

Letting the three Tu siblings not have to be sent far away, he drove the broken Santana himself onto the highway to Qing'an.

On the road, he listened to the bodywork's "cackle-la-la-la" rattling, silently calculating in his mind.

In order to find out about the fire tragedy back then, we need to start with the Xiang family first.

Although Tu Gongyan was right, we can't act rashly to scare the snakes.

However, if within a month, the Xiang family did not move out of the Xiang public house as he had said, he would never condone it again!

If spooking a snake is unavoidable, then it would be better to knock a tiger out of the mountain instead!

Right at this moment, a Land Rover with a soft pink car film overtook him from behind and drove side by side with him.

Ning Tian Lang frowned slightly and slowed down his speed.

The pink Land Rover also lowered its speed, and kept following him as if it were a car.

"What's the situation?"

Ning Tian Lang turned his head to look at the car.

Unfortunately, the other party was wearing a black sun film, so he couldn't even see what the driver was.

"Drip drip drip ......"

He honked the horn.

The window of the opposite car slowly lowered, revealing a pretty face wearing sunglasses.

Surprisingly, it was Tu Yang Yang!

Sheep Slaughter grinned and stretched out his arm to give him a middle finger.

Afterwards, he laughed and stepped on the gas pedal, and violently raised the speed of the car and scurried out!

Not more than a few seconds later, it disappeared from his view.

"Major of the Shengjing Military Region, right? When I catch you, I'll beat your ass!"

Ning Tianlang stepped on the gas twice, and the broken car didn't respond at all.

He could only watch Butcher Sheep go off in a cloud of dust, and couldn't catch up even if he wanted to ......

Not long after, the road passed by a service area.

Ning Tianlang drove down the highway, ready to smoke a cigarette and rest for a while.

When he parked his car in the parking lot, he noticed that Tuyangyang's Land Rover was also there.

He didn't want to cause more trouble, so he directly lit a cigarette, leaned against the Santana and began to gulp down the smoke.

At this time, a cocky guy in a flowery shirt walked up, "Lend me a light."

Ning Tianlang swept a glance at him and casually handed over the lighter.

Borrowing a light outside was a common thing, so he didn't think about it at all.

Who knows, after that cocky guy finished lighting the cigarette, he directly threw the lighter to the ground and turned his head to leave.

"You stop!" Ning Tianlang's voice was ice-cold, "Is this your attitude to return something?"

The man stopped in his tracks, hung back and turned around, contemptuously saying:

"It's your honor for this prince to use your things, what's the matter, you still dare to have any opinions?!"

Ning Tianlang's gaze was cold, pointing at the lighter on the ground, and said word for word: "Pick up the lighter and apologize to me."

"You're fucking asking me to apologize to you?" The man turned around and came back.

"Open your dog's eyes and see clearly, I am Liang Peng, the eldest son of the Liang family in Qing'an City!"

As he spoke, he stomped on the lighter on the ground and cursed:

"Grass, poor people will really fucking stomp on the face, borrow a fire and think you can be equal to me?" He cursed loudly, instantly attracting a group of people watching.

Tu Yang Yang was also in the crowd watching with interest.

Someone murmured, "This is the youngest master of the Liang family? My goodness, the Liang family is a big family in Qing'an City!"

"Not only is it a big family, I heard that it's also related to the forces in the jianghu!"

"This kid is ruined, if he dares to mess with Mr. Liang Peng, I guess he'll be crippled even if he doesn't die."

Everyone saw the Santana behind Ning Tianlang and decided that he was a poor bottom feeder.

Poor hangers-on definitely didn't have the slightest chance of winning against a rich second generation!

Hearing everyone's boasting, Liang Peng's brows looked even more rampant.

He raised his chin high and pointed his nostrils at Ning Tian Lang:

"Kid, do you hear me, I'm someone you can't afford to mess with!

If you don't want to die, kneel down and slap yourself ten times, maybe this son of a bitch will spare you once he gets soft!"

Ning Tian Lang looked at him coldly, not a trace of emotion in his eyes, "Is the Liang family very powerful?"

"Hahahahaha ......"

As if he heard a big joke in the sky, Liang Peng laughed out loud.

"You haven't seen my Liang family's great name on the news? You wouldn't be the one who can't even afford a cell phone, right?"

A burst of laughter came from the surroundings.

In this era of media explosion, to be able to be out of touch with society to such an extent was truly shameful!

"Since you don't know, I'll tell tell you!" Liang Peng proudly puffed out his chest.

"Do you know why this son is rushing back to Qing'an City? That's right, it's for the Kunlun Group's bidding conference!

Our Liang family has already gotten the invitation through internal channels! Now you know the Liang family's energy, right?"

The moment these words came out, a low gasp of surprise erupted from the surroundings.

These past few days, the Kunlun Group's strong rise in Qing'an had become a social hotspot.

Everyone knew that this mysterious giant group had capital and its strength.

One could only get involved with it and would surely soar overnight!

At this moment, hearing that the Liang family had already gotten the invitation from an internal channel, the crowd couldn't help but admire and envy it.

Even Tu Yang Yang's eyes fluctuated.

In his heart, he said that this stinking rascal had really kicked an iron plate!

"Kunlun Group's bidding conference?" Ning Tianlang raised an eyebrow.

"Is it impressive to be able to participate in this conference?"

This so-called bidding conference was nothing more than Tian Kui throwing out a few random cooperation projects in order to cover their tracks.

It was not the focus of their work at all.

Yet, they didn't realize that in the eyes of outsiders, even an invitation letter was so expensive and hard to find.

"What? Awesome?" Liang Peng had an expression of looking at a fool.

"There are only so many dozens of people in the entire West Phoenix Province who have the chance to enter, and our Liang family has gotten two invitations, do you think it's awesome?!"

Ning Tianlang nodded, "Well then, as long as you lick the pieces of lighter on the ground clean, I'll give you two more."


Liang Peng was first stunned, then he covered his stomach and laughed out loud.

"Hahahahaha, you're not trying to laugh me to death, are you? You're giving me two more invitations? Are you trying to fucking amuse me to death?"

The people watching around them couldn't control their laughter either.

No one believed that he really had this ability.

"Hahaha, truly an expert is in the folklore, this kid is also too capable of bragging."

"If he can get an invitation from the Kunlun Group, I'll eat shit live!"

In an instant, jeers rose in all directions.

Ning Tian Lang coldly looked at Liang Peng, "What, you don't believe it?"


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