Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 181

Huo Xinxin's fire 'miso'ed out, "Song Zhi, do you know who you're talking to!"

Song Zhe rinsed his tone, "And do you know if you know that you trespassed into M&R without authorization and went to my office to sow your wild oats, I have the right to have the security guards drag you out right now!"

"This is my cousin's company, the person who wants to get out should also be you, why should it be me!" Huo Xinxin swaggers over and raises her eyebrows, "Was it you who asked Sister Su to apologize to you yesterday!"


Song Zhe and quizzically wrinkled her eyebrows, she didn't know about Su Xue Ning wanting to apologize, but suddenly hearing that she wanted to apologize, her lips hooked with sarcasm.

"What kind of expression is that on your face! Sister Su is the one you threw out of the company! Everyone up and down the Huo family knows about your crimes!" Huo Xinxin raises her eyebrows in triumph, sweeping the papers in Song Zhi's hand, and mocking with acerbic sarcasm, "Song Zhi, you get out of the Huo family immediately now, I don't want to see you in the Huo family!"

"If you say you don't want to see it, you won't see it?" Song Zhi coldly heckles.

"Then of course!" Huo Xin Xin sarcastically scorns Song Zhe, "I'm a member of the Huo family, grandpa loves me the most, as long as I talk to grandpa, you won't be able to enter the Huo family's door in this lifetime!"

Huo Xinxin is harboring a fire in her heart, now all the netizens on the internet are tracking down who Huo Mushan and that woman really were in the first place.

She had wanted to take advantage of today's show of love between Song Zhi and her third cousin to have the water army push once more, so that Song Zhi would climb up to the clouds one second and fall hard into hell the next!

However, Huo Xinxin never imagined that the internet would actually be so developed that someone would directly search her ID out, causing her to be afraid to go to school now.

Xu Li just happened to ask her to come to M&R for an internship.

As soon as Huo Xinxin heard this, she agreed!

Plus last night, Su Xue Ning said to her, "Song Ru is at M&R right now, she wasn't dealing with you before, and now that you're going in, she's definitely targeting you even more!"

Huo Xinxin thinks to herself, "If I want to enter M&R and stay by my cousin's side, I'll have to kick Song Zhi out of M&R first!"

Song Zhi looks at Huo Xin Xin's face full of smugness and lowers her eyes without saying a word, and immediately knows that she's thinking about how to count on her!

After all, she and Huo Xinxin hadn't been dealing with each other for more than a day or two!

She and Huo Xinxin are both equally twenty years old and are both spoiled children, except that Song Ru has already graduated while Huo Xinxin is still in college!

"Song Ru, as long as grandpa doesn't give you an inscription, you're not third cousin's wife and need to get out!" Huo Xinxin raised her eyebrows, very smug and proud.

The rightful tone makes Song Ru sneer, looking at Huo Xin Xin really feels like looking at herself back then and in her last life.

She thinks, "So in her last life, she was such an asshole, so annoying and disgusting, it's really hard for Huo Mou Shen to still love her!"

"Why don't you say anything! If you're scared, get lost! I only recognize Su Xue Ning as my cousin's wife!" Huo Xinxin is so capricious and bratty that she's no different from a spoiled person, tricky and mean, lawless, and takes it for granted that everything should go her way.

Huo Xinxin life is indeed around the classmates are complimentary obedience to her, are never holding her, and did not know what human suffering.

Song Zhi's eyes were cold, a pair of clear and penetrating eyes unconsciously made Huo Xinxin shiver.

"Huo Xin Xin, I'm now your third cousin's wife, whether you want to see it or not, I'm your elder!" Song Zhi throws the papers away and thumps the table, saying with a smirk, "If you really don't want to see me, I won't force you.

The next time you see me, remember to hide so you can't see me.

If you really can't do that, then why don't you get the hell out of the Huo family and you'll never see me again!"

"Song Zhe, I'm the Huo family, you're just an outsider, if you want to roll out, it should be you who rolls out, why should I!" Huo Xinxin can't help but stomp her high heels and can't help but pick up the documents in her hand and slam them fiercely towards Song Zhi!

Song Zhi's eyes and hands quickly dodged over, but the white paper pages spilled all over the place!

With the sound of clattering, Huo Xinxin this breath out, see Song Zhi black face, eyebrows raised, that virtue is very beaten!

Song Zhi narrowed his cold eyes, to smile but not smile stared at Huo Xin Xin's face of complacency and arrogance.

Huo Xinxin disliked back with eyes full of provocation: "Song Zhi, you can afford to beat me up, I see what you can do to me!"

"Since you took the initiative to come to the door looking for a beating, how can I not fulfill it?"

Song Zhi goes around from the desk and quickly walks up to Huo Xinxin, ruthlessly crushing Huo Xinxin with the double absolute advantage of aura and height.

"What do you mean!"

"Since you don't understand, I'll personally teach you what it means to come to the door looking for a beating!"

Song Zhi raises a slap and throws it over with a 'snap'!

Huo Xinxin's left cheek swelled up at a speed visible to the naked eye.

Her gaze froze for a second as she froze and covered her un-slapped cheek, her entire being confused!

Song Zhe looked at Huo Xin Xin's antics and laughed, a smile that didn't reach her eyes.

"I hit you on the left side of your face, what are you doing covering your right face?" She said.

"Left face, right face ......"

Huo Xinxin muttered, and before she could react back, she heard another faintly cold voice coming from in front of her.

"Huo Xin Xin ......"

Hearing someone call her name, Huo Xinxin subconsciously looks up, only to be greeted by another thunderous slap!

This time, it hit the right side of her face!

Song Zhi hooked his lips in satisfaction and said innocently, "This time, left and right are symmetrical, so you don't have to think about which side of your face to cover, just cover them all."

Huo Xinxin is completely knocked out of her senses this time, like a bomb that explodes in place with a bang!

"Song Zhi, you dare to make a move on me!"

Huo Xinxin screamed out with an 'ah'!

Song Zhi furrowed his eyebrows and pulled out his ears, tilting his head lazily and sarcastically, "Wasn't it you who asked me to beat you up just now?

When I see this kind of request, I usually don't refuse.

How about it, is it still a good beating?"

Huo Xinxin covers her face with both hands, her originally delicate makeup instantly grimacing as she glares at Song Zhi, "You dare to hit me, I'm going to go tell my cousin right now and let everyone in the Huo family know your ugly face!

You serpentine and vicious bitch!"

Song Zhe smiles instead of being angry after being scolded and says lightly, "Huo Xin Xin, you're the one who asked me to hit you, I hit you and answered your request, and you're still picking holes in it? I didn't say that your face dirty my hands, charging you for mental damages is good enough, don't stomp on your nose!"

Huo Xinxin was so angry that her chest was heaving and she couldn't catch her breath, glaring at Song Zhi, her sentence broken, "Song Zhi, you ...... you don't bully people too much!"

Hitting someone and charging for mental damages, Huo Xinxin is simply all pissed off!

Song Zhi smiles, "When did I bully you, I'm clearly meeting your demands!"

"You ...... you bitch!"

Huo Xinxin finds such a word only after a long time!

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi narrowed his eyes, lowly concealing his black soft eyelashes, just enough to cover the coldness that swept across the bottom of his eyes, "Bitch?"


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