Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 182


Huo Xinxin still panting heavily, opened her lips and could only get the words stuck in her throat, unable to squeeze them out.

Song Zhe stares at Huo Xinxin with deep eyes, his face chillingly cold, "Huo Xinxin, I am at least your elder, since you are so unaware of how to show respect to your elders, then I will let you know what it means to be educated today!"

"What do you want to do?"

Song Zhi smiled,, pulling out the fruit knife from the side and weighing it in his hand.

"Huo Xinxin, you don't want to see me, I won't force you, but you took the initiative to send the door to see me ......"

The white knife's bright, shimmering cold light lined Song Zhi's complexion even colder and icier.

"Song Zhi! If you dare to move me, I will definitely let you sit through the bottom of the jail!"

Sitting in jail?

In her previous life, she had not only gone to jail, she had died in prison!

What else is there to be afraid of!

No one knew better than her how cold the prison walls were and how damp the corners were.

She worked day and night with a half-crippled body, just holding on to her last breath waiting for Huo Mu-shen to wake up!

He was coming to get her!

It was all of them who made her die without being able to see Huo Mou Shen, letting her die with regrets.

It's almost as if she can't rest in peace!

The Lu family, the Su family, the Song family, the Huo family ......

But anything that stands in the way of her and Huo Mushan being together, she won't let go!

Although the Lu family is not completely bankrupt now, but she is not in a hurry, back then, she little by little to find back, one will not let go!

Song Zhi also remembered that Huo Mou Shen was the best at one thing in her past life, which was to play the enemy in the palm of her hand, and watch them fight under her eyes with cold contempt.

With a cold message emanating from her body, Song Zhi lifted her feet and slowly walked towards Huo Xinxin.

Seeing her pawing a knife in front of her, Huo Xinxin's spine stiffens and cold sweat instantly permeates her white shirt.

She can't help but take a few steps back.

"What do you want to do to me?"

"Since you don't want to see me so much, then I can only make you blind forever, but ......" Song Zhu trailed off for a second or two, embedded with indescribable coldness and treachery, like an evil spirit crawling up from hell: "From this knife to gouge out these eyes of yours, it's a pity to have this knife!"

"Ah! Song Zhe, how dare you, how dare you!"

Huo Xinxin turns around and is about to run towards the door.

Right behind her came Song Zhi's cold voice: "Catch her! Don't let her go!"

Two black-clothed bodyguards scurried out from the shadows at the doorway and immediately grabbed Huo Xinxin's thin white arms.

Song Zhi's voice came out again, "Drag the person in!"

"Help, help! Song Zhi is going to kill me, call the police quickly call the police quickly!"

Huo Xinxin kicked and stomped with her hands and feet, topping her two red and swollen cheeks, her hair was disheveled from her struggle, she was living like a madman!

M&R's employees all went out to take a look, and when they saw a crazy woman, they all ran over to her, and some of them immediately ran towards the president's office upstairs.

They all had one thought: "The wife is going to be bullied!"

Nowadays the whole company knows that code to spoil the president's wife, as long as Song Zhu is good, then the president is good, which equals good for them!

Huo Xinxin looks at someone running to her and immediately breathes a sigh of relief.

Her eyes lit up and she felt saved.

But the next second ......

"Ma'am, this woman clearly looks like a lunatic, are you alright."

"Yeah, this can't be the crazy woman who made a scene at the wedding last time, how dare she come to the company!"

"You guys see that woman is really the same as in the photo!"

A few employees run over to block Huo Xin Xin's view and make a move to protect Song Zhi, "Ma'am, don't be afraid! This kind of person is just crazy, we've already had someone call the police! This kind of crazy woman messed up your wedding, and now she dares to come to the company to wreak havoc on you, she definitely doesn't have good intentions!"

"That's right, we protect you!

This kind of crazy person, we will definitely beat her away!"

Song Zhi: "......"

Which one of your eyes saw me being bullied?

Huo Xinxin: "......" Are their eyes blind?

She hasn't suffered this kind of 'aggression' since she was a child, showing her cracked eyes and spitting with her mouth open, "You guys are blind aren't you! Obviously it was Song Zhi who wanted to kill me, you are all bitchy, you are all her tian dogs, aren't you!"

She was still kicking her legs as she spoke, her long black curly hair shaking all over her head, her eyes scarlet as she glared at the group of them, roaring out furiously, "Song Zhi! Do you dare to tell others what you just tried to do to me! Was the slap on my face not from you!"

Song Zhi pursed his lips, covered his black eyelashes, and after a flash of surprise and oddity surfaced, he raised his head, and could be aggrieved could be aggravated, "I ...... I was just defending myself, and she tried to make a move on me the last time she was at my wedding, and now she is mixing into the M&R and trying to make a move on me again!"

"Right, right, Mrs. Huo, don't be afraid, we are here, this woman has no way to hurt you, a moment later the president will be here, when the time comes to ruthlessly pack her!"

"Destroying someone's wedding, what a heartless act!"

One of the M&R female employees said with itchy teeth, her eyes glaring fiercely at Huo Xinxin as if she was some kind of enemy.

Every girl would be looking forward to her wedding, but to have it ruined would be heartbreaking, right?

The female employee turned her head, her voice soft in stark contrast to the harsh disdain of the party: "Mrs. Huo, don't be sad, this kind of crazy person will have retribution sooner or later! The president will make up for it in the future, and will organize another wedding for you."

Song Zhi is indeed touched and saddened by their words, and she is right.

The wedding was sacred and was ruined by the Song family!

Huo Xinxin inexplicably gets her hat handed to her and can't help but burst out, struggling harder and harder, twisting her arms so hard that they turn red and her high heels kick off.

"You guys are talking nonsense! The person at the wedding is Song Zhi, not me!

I'm the daughter of the Huo family, if you guys dare to frame me, I'll sue until your family is broken!"

Huo Xinxin is so angry that her eyes are scarlet and her throat is screaming.

She shouted for a while and was running out of energy, glaring at Song Zhi with a death glare, "Song Zhi, quickly say that you did it! If you dare to frame me, I will definitely not let you take a step into the Huo family!"

Hearing this, Song Zhi raised an eyebrow.

There was no reason not to use the scapegoat that was sent to the door!

In a few short seconds, after figuring everything out, then raising his head again, Song Zhi's deer eyes are moist and watery as he looks at the crowd, sniffling, his voice low and soft: "Xin Xin, why are you trying to sabotage my wedding!"

"You ......"

Didn't wait for Huo Xinxin to finish her sentence, Song Zhi again strongly jars all her words, "You came to my door today to mess with me and still let me roll, I didn't say anything, but you actually wanted to kill me, if it wasn't for me ...... I grabbed the knife in time, I was scratched in the face by you!"

"Song Ru, you fart! It was clearly you who said that you hit my face and said that it dirty your hands, and that you wanted to gouge out my eyes!" Huo Xinxin is so anxious that her face turns red, she glares at the people on both sides, and eagerly explains, "You guys believe me ah, don't be deceived by Song Zhi's fake face!"


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