Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 183

"The real liar is you!" An employee pointed at Huo Xinxin's nose and cursed, "Our wife and the president have always been in love, and it's all because of you that the wedding was ruined!"

"Right, even if you're really the Huo family's daughter, your heart can't be so malicious. The wife and the president were kind enough to let you off, I didn't expect you to make a scene at the company, you're afraid that people won't know it's you!"

"Record it, let everyone know her true colors!"

Some M&R employees have already taken out their cell phones and started taking pictures, leaving Huo Xinxin's face in front of the camera with no way to hide it.

Huo Xinxin didn't expect things to actually be reversed, and didn't follow her idea to proceed, and was suddenly so agitated and angry that her brain went blank, and even spoke without thinking: "Don't shoot, you are not allowed to be afraid! If any of you want to shoot, I'll let the Huo family kill you!"

Huo Xinxin's hand was almost broken, but she didn't see any reaction from Song Zhi, and she was so angry that she glared at her: "Song Zhi, when third cousin comes, I'll see if you still dare to lie!"

Huo Xinxin naively thought that because Huo Muchen was a member of Huo's family, he would help her as a matter of course!

Upon hearing this, Song Zhe still furrows her brows.

She didn't move, just stood, and looked petite and soft, especially aggrieved.

Let people heartache and pity.

There are Huo Xinxin heartbreaking indignation roar, set off the SongZhu and how well-behaved and quiet.

"Song Zhi, I will definitely let my third cousin gouge out your eyes before stepping hard on the ground!" Huo Xinxin sweeps around, not sparing everyone, "And you guys, I'll let you all get lost when I become the general manager!"

"Whose eyes do you want to gouge out?"

A cold and stern phantom bared directly cleaves through all her harshness, silencing her in an instant.

Huo Xinxin's eyes widen in shock at the sight of a long stature, complacency and arrogance written all over his face.

"My cousin is here, Song Zhu, you're just waiting to go to jail." Huo Xin Xin excitedly looks towards the end of the corridor and shouts, "Cousin, I'm here! Xin Xin is here!

Song Ru is going to kill me, so hurry up and help me clean her up!"

When Huo Mou Shen hears Huo Xin Xin say Song Zhi, his handsome and stunningly beautiful face chafes in an instant, dark and heavy like an overturned ink stone.

The air around them is so quiet that they can't even hear each other's breathing.

Can not hear their own, can not hear other people's, can only hear the man's high-end leather shoes on the bottom of the steady footsteps, and suit pants in the robust and powerful long legs walking slightly rubbing the sound of fine sand, suit slightly rubbing the sliding through the air sound.

The man walked and twisted open two onyx buttons, the corners of his lips slanting tugging, with a body full of hostility swept.

"Whose eyes do you want to gouge out?" Huo Mushen's sharp, ink-black eyes stab straight at Huo Xinxin.

Huo Xinxin freezes, uncertainly asking, "Third cousin, I'm your cousin, how can you turn your arm outward!"


Huo Mou Shen walks over, his brows twisting into 'Chuan' characters, coldly snatching the sharp fruit knife from her hand, "Say! What happened!"

Song Zhi was hooped by his long arms around her waist, and was abruptly held down by him with her head pressed into his chest, listening to the sound of his accelerated and uneasy heartbeat.

But ......

Song Zhi quietly raised the corner of her eyes.

Her soft white face twitching, clear double pupil careful to look at Huo Mu Shen cold and resolute and brooding face, he is angry to ...... even breathing is disordered?


Huo Mou Shen big palm clutched Song Zhi's small hand, closed into a tight fist, until he noticed her eyebrows lightly stand, speechless accusation look at him, only loosened the force.

Huo Mou Shen stared at her, cold air sizzling out from his black pupils, his jawline taut, unaware that he thought Song Zhi had really done something wrong to him.

Song Zhi's face trembled terribly, dryly moving her mouth, wanting to briefly explain what had just happened, but Huo Xinxin got there first.

"Third cousin it was Song Zhi who tried to kill me and slapped me twice." Huo Xin Xin has been splashed with enough dirty water, fearing that Huo Mou Shen won't believe her, she flashes a small face swollen into a pig's hoof to Huo Mou Shen: "Third cousin, look at this, this is all from Song Zhi's beating?"

Huo Mou Shen's face turns iron blue, looking down at the woman pretending to be an ostrich in his arms, he coldly bares his face, "You beat it with your own hands?"

At these words, Song Zhi's heart 'thumped'.

Huo Xinxin, however, took advantage of the opportunity to fan the flames: "Third brother is Song Zhi's hand, you must not let her go, a moment must let the hard hit back! It's even better that third brother is beaten back by your own hands, teach this bitch a good lesson!"

"Shut up!"

The man directly threw two words, the fruit knife in his hand directly flung over.

A harsh wind-breaking whoosh rips through the air!

Huo Xinxin's eyes shrink into triangles, her face distorts into an abstract painting, and her pupils jump, her brain is completely unable to think anymore, and she can only stare at the eye-knife flying fiercely towards her, poking straight at her pupils!


Huo Xinxin is so scared that her face directly convulses, her eyes roll out of her white pupils, and her body shakes like sifting chaff.

If it wasn't for the two black-clothed bodyguards holding her up, she might have just paralyzed directly to the ground like mud.

Just when everyone thought the cold knife would be ruthlessly inserted into Huo Xinxin's eye socket, the thin cold blade rubbed her sideburns and put down, cutting off half a layer of head hair, straight and deep into the wooden railing.


All the people mentioned in their throats, high hanging heart followed the sigh of relief.

They almost thought that the president really had to ...... kill someone!

However, they thought correctly, Huo Muxian does have the urge to kill, but he has always preferred to kill without blood!

Huo Xinxin's back was directly dampened by cold sweat, and her body stiffened so much that she was straight in place, her legs unconsciously trembling non-stop!

Huo Xinxin was so shocked that she breathed for a moment, her eyes trembling violently, wanting to reach out and cover her heart to feel if it was still beating.

Just now, Huo Mushan's knife nearly did get stuck in her eye socket in order to shut her up!

"Can you shut up?"

Huo Mushan only reveals to Huo Xinxin the side of his face, his handsome face gradually becoming profoundly composed.

Huo Xinxin swallows, her pores creeping open, bites her inner lip tightly, and nods vigorously.

Huo Muchen tugs at his tie, letting the stuffiness blocked in his chest spit out slightly, and asks in a low voice, "Xiao Ru, did you do this yourself?"

Song Zhi raises his eyes to look at her, his long, trembling eyelashes, and underneath his gaze are unreadable colors: "I did it."

Huo Xinxin hears Song Zhi admit it, and her entire body breathes a sigh of relief!

Third cousin will definitely help her teach Song Zhi a lesson when he hears Song Zhi admit it, so that all her sins haven't been in vain!

"Why did you hit someone?"

The man asked lightly, his voice not laden with favor, even flat out cold.

Song Zhi's heart trembled as she listened, not daring to breathe comfortably, her voice was even lower and pitiful due to the cold air pressure: "It was Huo Xinxin who told me to beat her! She said that I would beat her if I was capable, and I beat her in order to prove that I was capable!"

"Go on."

"Huo Xinxin smashed me too." Song Zhi arched in his arms, pointing at the papers scattered in the corner, "Look over there that's what she wanted to smash, she also wanted to kill me, husband you must must do it for me!"


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