Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 184

Huo Mu Shen follows her soft wrist towards the corner and sees the scattered papers.

Song Zhe frowned and held back her lips, ''I fulfill her demands, she's not thankful for me and wants me to get out of the Huo family! Said I was in her way! And then was about to gouge my eyes out ...... I was in a hurry before I took away the knife."

Huo Xinxin nearly didn't die of anger when she heard this!

Song Zhe blurts out, unashamedly tugging at his sleeve: "Huo Mou Shen, Xin Xin is still young, even if she intends to ruin our wedding, how about we let her off the hook this time!"

The employees next to him are afraid that Huo Mou Shen won't believe his wife and favor the Huo family, and one by one they stand up and open their mouths for Song Zhi!

"Mr. Huo, when we came this crazy ...... person was threatening and moving her hands against Mrs. If it wasn't for the bodyguard appearing in time, Mrs. would have been injured!"

"Mr. Huo, you must believe Mrs., Mrs. is especially aggrieved!"


Song Zhi wants to laugh inwardly as he listens, and for the first time, he feels that an innocent and pure face is still important.

Only a few seconds passed, but it made it feel as if a century long had passed.

Two cold laughs rolled from Huo Mo Shen's bulging throat.

His face is calm and steady, and when he hears her words of explanation, his expression rises and falls in the slightest, his eyes quiet and cool.

Huo Moushen raises his eyebrows, takes a lazy step, the bottom of his eyes are hidden with a treacherous light leaking out a little bit, and he kicks out at Song Zhi worrying about the smoothness of a kick.


The stool was kicked over!

Everyone is scared neck back!

Huo Mou Shen's complexion is covered with gloom, his gaze locks onto the black-clothed bodyguards on the opposite side of the room, "I asked you to protect Mrs., this is how you protect Mrs., letting Mrs. do it herself and dirtying her hands?"



It turns out that Huo Mou Shen is not angry with his wife, but angry that she is personally involved!

Song Zhi pursed her lips straight, her face was well hidden, but in her heart, she thought, "She just seemed to have dramatized in public again, and just happened to have been caught by Huo Mushan, will it end badly?"

She rubs her pumped hand and can't help but sigh, "The Huo family's second house is really thick-skinned, pumping her hand numb!"

Next time?

No, no, no!

Song Zhi shook his head and threw the 'next time' idea to the back of his mind, Huo Muchen said 'there will be no next time', and the Huo family's second house would not have another chance to take a shot at her. He wouldn't let them have another chance to harm her either!

Hearing Huo Shao's words, the bodyguard immediately hangs his head and admits his mistake: "Mr. Huo, it's our fault, we'll take the punishment ourselves."

Huo Mushen waves his hand.

The bodyguard immediately loosens the bundle around Huo Xinxin's arm, and she falls directly to the ground like a rag!

Pausing for a moment, Huo Moushen's eyebrow bones jumped as he commanded in a cold voice, "The next time something ungrateful bumps into your wife, just gouge out your eyes directly. Even my Huo Moushen's wife dares to bump into her, and those eyes are of no use.

If something goes wrong, with me Huo Mushan around, I want to see who dares to gouge out my Mrs. Huo's eyes!"

Huo Mou Shen was in the middle of an international conference when he was called out, and once he heard that his little sweetheart was going to have her eyes gouged out, he couldn't help but be creeped out from the marrow of his bones, causing fear to well up from the depths of his heart!

After he finished speaking, the two black-clothed bodyguards immediately and firmly returned, "Yes!"

Directly gouging out eyes?

Huo Xinxin swallows, her heart having a bad feeling that things are evolving in a bad direction!

"Third cousin ......"

Huo Xinxin also learns from Song Zhi and pouts towards Huo Moushen, lifting her watery eyes to look at Huo Moushen in a pitiful manner, praying that she can make Huo Moushen believe in her and let her go!

Huo Mou Shen abruptly raised his eyes, scared Huo Xin Xin face a moment white a few colors, panicked in the chest to jump out of the heart, the skin on the face shaking non-stop, scared almost crying like, shivering look at Huo Mou Shen, and finally stammered: "I just came to apply for internships in the company, how can I provoke Song Ru! Song Zhi is just worried that I'll push her out of the company, everything is just her plotting and scheming!"

Huo Mo Shen's eyelids cover up, his thin lips purse lightly, and he suddenly says, "Who told you to come to M&R for an internship?"

"It was my mom."

Song Ru sniffed and was surprised!

It was actually Xu Li!

I didn't expect Xu Li to have such a big face, last time encouraging Ye Mei to replace her mother-in-law, and stirring up trouble with her mother-in-law-daughter-in-law relationship, and now she's purposely sending Huo Xin Xin to come to M&R, completely undefeatable!

She heard Huo Xishen say that the second and third houses of the Huo family are in harmony on the surface, but in reality they are fighting to the death behind their backs.

In this kind of family, Song Zhi is suddenly a little happy that Huo Mushan founded M&R alone, at least he doesn't have to live in the conspiracy calculations, and he can sleep comfortably on her side, and not lose sleep all night.

As Song Ru was thinking, Huo Mushan was already on his toes and walked in front of Huo Xinxin.

"What job do you want to apply for?"

He raises his eyebrows and asks lightly.

Huo Xinxin's face turns joyful, "Third cousin, I want to apply for the job as the deputy director of the E-Star department, and I believe that I'm completely capable of doing it with my abilities. Third cousin, what's more, we're all family, all surnamed Huo."

The last 'Huo' was bitten especially tightly, Huo Xinxin's tail was almost up in the air!

Song Zhi pressed her brows as she listened, her mind still in a bit of a trance of dismay!

In her heart, she slandered, "It turns out that not only does the Song family want to utilize the Huo Mushan M&R reputation, but the Huo family also wants to come and divide it up.M&R is just something that her husband founded alone, nothing to do with the Song family or the Huo family, and everyone is justified in appropriating what isn't theirs for their own use."

She sneered.

There's no way Huo Mushan doesn't know what the second house of the Huo family has in mind for him, and if Huo Xinxin really comes to M&R for an internship, the E-Star department is the one that will truly suffer.

She wanted to open her mouth to remind her, but she was pinched by Huo Mushan's palm.

Song Zhi raised her head to meet his dark, bottomless pupils, and stopped talking, obediently listening to Huo Mushen.

Only to see Huo Mou Shen tilt half of his face sideways, slightly raising his eyebrows, "Who told you that the E-Star department is missing just the right amount of deputy director?"

"......" Huo Xinxin stuck his voice, pause for a few seconds before squeezing out a sentence, "Third cousin, it's ...... Sister Su. Sister Su went to M&R for an inspection, and we told me about it in passing after dinner yesterday."

Upon hearing this, Huo Muchen tugged at the corners of his lips, his face extraordinarily evil: "She told you to come, so you came?"

"I ......"

"The Huo family's face is at the mercy of others to hold and step on the bottom of their feet, do you dare to say that you yourself are still the Huo family's daughter?" Huo Mu Shen laughs back, his voice contemptuous and disdainful.

"Third cousin, Sister Su is also doing me a favor ...... that Song Zhu is also an outsider, who is she to dare make a move on me?" Huo Xinxin's gaze shook fiercely as she said unwillingly.

Huo Mou Shen coldly narrowed his eyes, hooking up a ghostly arc: "Song Ru is my wife, crowned with my Huo Mou Shen's surname, is your elder!"

"I ......"

"Even if I do it to you, it's you who should suffer!" Huo Mou Shen spits out knife-like words, not leaving Huo Xin Xin with half a corner to turn around, "Even if your eyes are gouged out, you dare to say the word 'no'?"

The man's tail tone picks up slightly, directly piercing Huo Xinxin's guts after a few seconds of delay!


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