Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 185

Huo Xinxin looked at Huo Mushan as if he were looking at the devil, her lips were bitten to the point of whiteness, but she was still convinced inwardly that Third Cousin would help her and Song Zhi would be taught a lesson!

She would definitely stomp on Song Zhi's face with her high heels later!

Growing up in high society, because Song Ru and her were of similar age and Huo Muxian's fiancée, everyone compared them!

Song's mother was Tang Shi, the famous Tang family's daughter, and Song inherited all her beauty, even more dynamic!

Her mother is Xu Li, the second house has never been the most favored, has always been the third house of Huo Moushen the most favored, so Xu Li from childhood to teach her to be close to the third house.

Huo Mushen's character is taciturn, not close to people, especially to the girls most annoying.

There was no way for Huo Xinxin to get close at all, she could only approach Song Zhi and curry favor with him.

She thought that she put on the Huo family's Qianjin's stature to please Song Zhi, Song Zhi will be able to obediently at her mercy, behind her ass as a follower, but ...... Song Zhi's temper is even bigger than hers, and even more princess sick than her!

Huo Xinxin to later simply do not please, anyway, she also found that there are people than she does not want to Huo Mou Shen and her together, Lu Huai Ke is Song Yanran deliberately arranged in the side of Song Zhuo, Song Zhuo really obediently took the bait, just did not think that Huo Mou Shen actually can still endure ...... endure to marry a woman who does not love him!

Huo Mou Shen slightly bent down, his spine still collapsed straight: "Still dare to dig my wife's eyes?"

Huo Xinxin shakes her head like a rattle drum, her lips shivering, "No no no, I don't dare."


The man orders domineeringly.

Huo Xinxin looks up at her, "Apologize?" Letting her go apologize to Song Zhi?

"Apologize if you still want eyes!" Huo Mushen commands expressionlessly.

"Third cousin, I ...... "Huo Xinxin meets Huo Moushen's irresistible brow and climbs up from the ground, her head pressed down towards Song Zhi and mumbles in a low voice, "I'm sorry."

Upon hearing this, the corners of Song Zhi's lips that were sitting in the stool raised in a sarcastic arc, and he pulled out his ears again, "Can't hear you, my cousin."

"I'm sorry, okay!"

Huo Xinxin reluctantly apologizes loudly.

Song Zhi pulls his spine straight, gets up from the stool, walks over to Huo Mou Shen, reaches out and directly clasps Huo Mou Shen's large palm, lazily tilts his head to his shoulder, tilts his head and beeps his mouth, "Hubby, who is Xin Xin apologizing to, why can't I hear it?"

Huo Mou Shen suddenly let go of her hand, looking at Huo Xin Xin with a smile on her face.

But the next second ......

The man furrowed his brows and pulled out disinfectant wipes from his suit pocket, carefully wiping Song Zhi's finger cracks for her, accusing in a faint voice, "Next time, don't pull on me if you touched a dirty hand!"

Song Zhi twitched the corners of her mouth in embarrassment, immediately knowing that this guy's cleanliness fetish was offended!

She spits out her tongue, "Got it, husband!"

Huo Xinxin's face is hot and painful, and her eyes are hot and red.

Is her face that ...... dirty?

Huo Mushan has always had a cleanliness fetish, so why did he hug Song Zhi just now as a matter of course, without revealing a sense of disgust!

If Song Zhi heard Huo Xinxin's inner aggression, she must have nonchalantly satirized back, "My husband just likes to hug me, what do you care?"

When Huo Mushen hears this, he's sure to be overbearing: "What principles do you need to hold my wife? I can't wait to hug my wife into a negative distance!"

"En, I'll take you to sterilize it in a while."

"I understand, husband I will definitely not touch it next time." Song Zhi spoke with his eyebrows tinted with a smile, looking askance at Song Zhi.

"Song Zhi, you're doing this on purpose! What good does it do you to deliberately humiliate me!" Huo Xinxin grits her teeth, she wants to say something else, but it's all swallowed back into her throat by Huo Muxian's sharp eye front.

"Huo Xinxin, I'm just teaching you how to behave, after all, we're family! You're also a member of Huo's family, don't be a pawn in someone else's hands and help them count their money after being sold!" Song Zhe 'kindly' reminded two sentences.

"Can't use your kindness."

Huo Xinxin snaps coldly.

It's rare for Song Ru to kindly advise Huo Xinxin, that's because she doesn't want one more enemy, since Huo Xinxin doesn't appreciate it, then she doesn't need to stick her face with a hot shoe sole.

She was still afraid of dirtying her shoes.

"There's no need for me to be kind, so apologize, I'm listening." Song Ru was too lazy to talk nonsense with her, her morning meeting hadn't started yet.

"Song Ru." Huo Xinxin inhales deeply and squeezes a few words out of her throat, "I'm sorry."

"Call out third cousin's wife to hear it?" Song Zhi can't help but flirt.

Even though Huo Xinxin is no longer reluctant in her heart, she can only face the two lingering gazes and says to Song Zhi, "Third cousin's wife."

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi smiles faintly, "That's so nice, next time I go back to the Huo family, remember to call you that as well!

I'll forgive you for messing up my wedding last time, we'll still be a good family from now on!"

"Who's family with you!" Huo Xinxin raised her eyes, and her vision darkened like fire as she glared at Song Zhi: "I didn't make a fuss about your wedding, you're lying again ......"

Huo Xinxin suddenly felt the cool whoosh of her neck and didn't dare to accuse Song Zhi again, turning her head to Huo Mushan, "Third cousin, I've already apologized to ...... third cousin's wife, and now I can be the deputy director of E-Star, right?"

Song Zhi fell silent.

One apology and you want to exchange it for a chance to enter M&R, stinky!

Huo Xinxin was truly whimsical!

She didn't wait for her to turn up the heat and dislike her back, but an imperious word penetrated in along with her figure!

"I really didn't realize that early in the morning, I was just having breakfast and someone dared to steal my spot!"

Wearing a black and white elite professional outfit, Jiang Wine steps on a black high heel, her aura opening up to one meter eight, thumping the marble floor as she walks towards the chaotic battlefield!

Huo Xinxin frowns, "Who are you!"

"E-Star's deputy director!" Jiang Wine returned in an extremely domineering manner.

She looks up and favors Song Zhi, handing Huo Muxin a pleasing smile, then wanders her eyes to look at Song Zhi, her eyes written with flair as if to say, "Don't be afraid, sis has your back."

Song Zhi looked at Jiang Jiu, who had a full imperial sister model in front of him, and inwardly nodded his head vigorously, "Xiao Jiu is so domineering!"

"What makes you the deputy director of E Star?" Huo Xinxin had long been eyeing that position and naturally couldn't give it up to anyone else!

"Because that position originally belonged to me!" Jiang Wine's domineering aura should, to Huo Xin Xin this kind of fledgling, without half a bit of work experience budding newcomer with a one-sided crushing aura, directly slap the person on the beach.

In this moment, Song Zhi almost saw Jiang Wine's body radiating light all over, so that people could not bear to move their eyes!

"You ...... I'm not convinced! Third cousin, where did this woman come from, what gives her the right to enter M&R without an assessment!"Huo Xinxin's brain doesn't think, when he opens his mouth, he's already dug himself a hole: "M&R has always been no backdoor, what's the relationship between you, third brother, and this woman, what gives you the right to just parachute in without letting her conduct an assessment! I'm not convinced!"

At the end, Huo Xinxin added sarcastically, "Are you the woman in the photo that made Third Cousin treat you like this! I'm not convinced!"


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