Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 186

"Hold it for me if you don't!"

Jiang Wine throws the document holder in her hand onto the table, smothering Huo Xinxin's heart with a heavy thud.

She said, "If you're not convinced, compare yourself to me!

Don't scream around here, you're in a bad mood early in the morning!"

"I'll scream, what do you care? This is my third cousin's company, what are you!" Huo Xinxin didn't smooth out the situation at all, and continued smugly, "I'll bark and bark, what can you do to me!"

"Are you a dog? Born to bark!" Jiang Wine's poisonous tongue kung fu is also superior, disliking people is no big deal: "And you keep barking! Huo Xinxin, shut up or I'll kick your teeth out!"

Huo Xinxin was so angry that her face rose and reddened, "You ...... I see you like this, born to give people as a junior material, right."

Huo Xinxin profoundly feels that the woman in front of her is the little bitch in the photo!

No wonder Third Cousin would defend her!

She would like to see how the junior and the first wife actually tear each other apart!

"I'll tell you what!" Jiang Wine took a step out, yanked her by the collar, and stiffly grabbed Huo Xinxin in front of her, "I was born to beat people up! One more word of nonsense from you, and I won't mind going to find a tailor to go and seal your mouth shut!"


Some people are just bullying soft and afraid of hard, Huo Xin Xin is such a typical example, seeing Jiang Wine's stern aura, with the line 'I'm not to be messed with, if you anger my mother again, I'll beat up your own mother and not even recognize her' written all over her face, she immediately wimped out.

Seeing that she was honest, Jiang Wine said fairly, ''But I won't bully newcomers just because I'm senior! You say it's not fair, so let's have a match, as long as you win, I'll let you have the position of E-Star's deputy director, how's that?"

Huo Xinxin smiled smugly at his words, "Then don't lose too badly in a while."

"I'm afraid you'll lose and cry." Jiang Wine said, "We'll ask one question and answer one answer, with so many of my people being impartial, whoever can't answer first or answers wrongly will be recognized as losing."

"How do I know they're all right, in case you buy them off beforehand to help you, won't I be at a disadvantage?" Huo Xin Xin has a rare quick mind, it's just a pity that the opponent she's up against is Jiang Jiu.

Jiang Wine smiles, "Then let Mr. Huo help us determine that he's a member of Huo's family, and it has nothing to do with me."

"How is it nothing to do with you, aren't you the ...... one in the photo?"

"I'll do it justice."

Huo Mo Shen's exported voice line is stern and piercing, not giving Huo Xin Xin half a chance to refuse.

"Trouble Mr. Huo."

Jiang Wine nods politely.

Song Zhi, however, is a bit worried, rubbing the back of her index finger against Huo Moushen's palm: "I'm worried about Xiao Jiu ......"

No matter how Xiao Jiu wins, she will be falsely accused of being wrong by Huo Xin Xin.

What makes Song Ru's coldness invade her heart is that Huo Xinxin has repeatedly identified Jiang Wine as the woman in the photo, and originally this post was almost disappearing from the public eye, drowning without a trace, but every time she and Huo Mou Shen hit the headlines, or reported what she did for M & R, this post will rub the flow to borrow and climb up, clearly there are people behind the scenes who don't want to let her live a comfortable life physically and mentally!

Song Ru sank his eyes, the emotion on his face was unusually calm, looking at Huo Xinxin's deer eyes were stained with cold haze, thinking, "Huo Xinxin mentioned again and again as soon as she walked in the door, she understands the post better than anyone else, then she is ...... huh, well well well! Trouble does not find her, don't want to life little bitch favor always send door, stretching out her face waiting for her to hit!"

Huo Mou Shen gazes, slightly curves his spine, lowers his voice cavity, and says in a voice that only the two of them can hear, "Xiao Jiu has always been overbearing in the business world, and this is her means of doing business!

Don't worry, she's much better than you."

Jiang Jiu had lived too hard in the first twenty years, practicing her skills and being thorny, so naturally not many people could make her suffer now!

Song Zhi secretly rolled her eyes.

Huo Mou Shen, you really don't forget to disparage your wife every now and then?

She seems to think that when they are old and grey, one of them will sit in a rocking chair and lie in the sun.

He'll still have to dislike her, a little old lady, when he's gray-haired!

Blah blah blah!

She was the most beautiful and definitely couldn't grow old!

Huo Mu Shen is seven years older than her, but ...... he is simply human and godly looking, even if he ages into old age, he will still be very handsome, right?

Good gas ah, there is wood?

Huo Mou Shen rubs her head, taking her grunting little dissatisfaction into his eyes, and looks up, "Start."

Jiang Jiu nods and takes the lead, asking, "If the company asks you to cut your shares and for reasons you can't refute, what should you do?"

"I'm the Huo family's daughter, who dares to make me cede my shares!" Huo Xinxin takes it for granted.

Jiang Wine draws in the corners of her mouth, "Even the Huo family will have you die in the mall, should I say you're naive, or just stupid! How about letting Mr. Huo be the judge?"

"There are only interests in the business world, no affection." Huo Mushen said expressionlessly.

"But ......"

"No buts, you've already lost, everything is about a willingness to gamble." The corners of Jiang Wine's lightly pursed lips raise, spilling out a sarcastic smile, glancing at Huo Xin Xin who is swollen into a pig's head and still has a saucy-purple face, immediately reminding her of a dish 'braised pig's hooves'!

"What are you so proud of, I haven't asked you a question yet, if you lose, we'll only be even one to one!" Huo Xin Xin said.

"Fine, you ask, I'll wait." Jiang Jiu paralyzed one hand and let her speak.

Huo Xinxin pondered for a minute, and said in desperation, "You said that if some women are someone's mistress, and they still want to come in through the back door, how would the main house get along with the mistress?"

Is this a nifty question?

What does this have to do with business?

The words were sneered at Song Zhi and Jiang Jiu.

Jiang Jiu laughed, smiling extraordinarily falsely, "Huo Xin Xin, this has nothing to do with the business world. You're asking this question because An has a point."

"Hmph! No matter what I ask, you have to answer!" Huo Xinxin determines that she can't justify it and becomes even more arrogant.

"Fine, fine, I'll fulfill the bitch's idea, what else can I do?" Jiang Jiu remembers that Ji also engaged to the Yan family, Huo Xin Xin is aware of her identity and purposely picks on her sore spot to poke her straight in the face!

"You'd rather say ah!" Huo Xinxin thought that Jiang Jiu was the woman that Huo Muchen couldn't see the light of day, so answering this answer would be incredibly embarrassing!

But Jiang Jiu just smiled and rightfully said, "What I don't want as second-hand goods dumped on other women, other women eat the rest, like swallowing a fly, it's her who has a hard time not me!"

At the end, she added: "Huo Xinxin, you're so curious to know if the mistress and the first wife will tear each other apart, do you have this idea, so you're too embarrassed to open your mouth to ask me for experience on how to be a mistress?

But I'm really sorry, I only have the experience of tearing a little bitch apart with my hands, so I can't teach you!"


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