Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 187


So damn domineering!

Song Zhi couldn't help but marvel, a pair of small hands applauding Jiang Jiu in his heart!

Huo Xinxin said, "This is a personal attack!"

"Wrong, this is a dog body attack, it's not illegal to hit a barking dog!" Jiang Wine turned her head and asked, "Mr. Huo, what do you think?"

"Indeed it's not against the law."

Huo Xinxin's calmness that she had been pretending for a few seconds collapsed all of a sudden, like a manic patient, gasping for air, her face tensed up and her pupils shook as she looked at Jiang Wine.

Jiang Wine turned back to maintain frankness to meet her line of sight: "You lost."

"No way! You also said just now that what I asked wasn't about the mall, so it doesn't count just now!" Huo Xinxin starts to weasel her way out of it, simply reneging.

Jiang Wine looks at her like a blindfolded fly bumping around and biting like a mad dog.

For the sake of unnecessary trouble, she finds face for Song Zhi again.

Jiang Wine lowered her head to cover her lips, slowly digging a hole: ''Okay, I see you are young, let you once.

You can ask again, this time I'll let you ask first, if you still lose, don't blame me for being rude to you."

Huo Xinxin snaps to attention and stares at Jiang Jiu as if she's an enemy.

Ginger Wine casually standing in front of her made people shiver.

"If the other party asked you to cut your shares, what would you do?" She asked Ginger Wine back with the same question Ginger Wine asked her.

Ginger Wine 'pfft' laughed softly and let out a long sigh, "I'm still asking the simplest of questions that an ordinary rookie could answer, and you're actually asking me back with this kind of question? What can I say about you but that you are not even as good as a rookie!

This kind of question couldn't be simpler, if the other party asks me to cut off my shares and still gives me perfect reasons, then I will find out her breaking point no matter what means I use, because as long as it's a human being saying something, it will be used to break, because the other party is asking me to cut off my shares under unreasonable conditions. To borrow a phrase you said, the person who dares to cede shares from me has not yet been born?"

Song Zhe sniffed and smoothly pinched her resume into his hand.

Fingertips lightly open, into the purpose simply ...... stunned!

Overseas study for many years, sixteen years old in many business battles with the youngest but the most outstanding results stand out, the middle twenty years old disappeared for a period of time, the above did not write her experience to change what, just write all the projects she has done, at the age of twenty-four years old to return to the United States, to have Song Ru now see her.

Her eyes skimmed over the strips, and she was shocked once and then again.

No wonder Huo Muchen said she was a rookie!

In terms of managing people's hearts and business negotiations, she and Jiang Jiu were practically one heaven and one earth!

At this moment, Song Zhi couldn't wait to bury her head in a crack in the ground, she had always known that she wasn't good enough, especially when she stayed next to Huo Mou Shen, she was crushed in every way, her eyes gradually dimmed.

Huo Muchen's eyes were pale, and he looked at Song Zhi without looking at her, pinching her shoulders, "Don't think about anything!

Xiao Jiu is good at business warfare, and you're good at what she won't be."

"Then what am I good at?" She opened her fingers and counted, thinking, "She took three majors in her undergraduate studies, computer, law, and design, but she can't seem to get any of them right, even Huo Mou Shen can't compare to one of his little fingers ......"

Life is full of sorrow ah!

"You're good at eating, you're good at drinking, and you're good at playing coy and pampering with me ......"

Huo Mou Shen in the face of the crowd hallowed pasted her earlobe, his voice dull and hoarse.

Upon hearing this, Song Zhi looked up and glared fiercely, "Then what's the difference between me and a rice worm, I'm not, don't talk nonsense! I can also design logos, draw comics and ......"

"Fighting with me, lying, let me think, what else would I get Xiaozhu?" The man's eyes lightly laughed, and he said in a low voice.

"Huo Mou Shen, you a cleansing maniac, many things, drinking and playing drunk, pestering me, but also have the nerve to talk about me! I just don't care with you in general, don't give me an inch!"

"How many inches and feet of me, doesn't Mrs. Huo try every day?" The man's thin lips curled up and arched in a subtle arc.

Song Zhi's cheeks flushed, "Huo Mu Shen, from tomorrow onwards we'll sleep in separate rooms, I won't see how many inches and feet you are?"

"Mrs. Huo, are you testing your husband's determination?" Huo Moushen touches her cheek, "My Xiao Zhi is still good at one thing."


Song Zhi's black and white eyes blink innocently, like a white doughnut.

Huo Muchen laughs lightly, his eyes almost drowning her, "Little goblin, seducing me, aren't you good at that?"

Song Zhi sniffed, pursed her lips, glared, and said nothing more, Huo Mou Shen and Jiang Wine are both ten thousand times as good at business negotiation as Jiang Wine, she couldn't say anything about him, so she directly raised her head and looked straight at Jiang Wine.

At the moment, she looked at Jiang Wine, her eyes were full of admiration!

Jiang Wine looks back and raises an eyebrow, handing her another ''How about a good basher! Old lady gave you a hand in tearing the little slut down!' She then reaches out and takes the first page of the document covered in success stories over, disliking it to Huo Xin Xin so that she can see it clearly!

Song Zhi secretly gives Jiang Jiu a thumbs up as a response.

Jiang Jiu doesn't have the slightest thought of trying to disappoint Song Zhi, whoever dares to get in her way, she guarantees to beat that person to sunshine!

"Huo Xinxin, watch this is my resume, you come to interviews without a resume, you dress informally, and you yell, you think M&R is your home! Do you not realize that M&R and the Huo family are not half related!"

Huo Xinxin scans the content above, revealing the same type of shock as Song Zhi, only after the shock is over a flood of jealousy bursts out!

"You tricked me?"

"It's you who's too stupid, I've told you that the position of E-Star's deputy director is mine, and you don't have the self-importance to rush up on your own! Get lost, seeing you makes me upset!" Jiang Wine spoke coldly.

She especially hated it when someone dug up her affair with Chi Ye and the Yan family to dislike her!

Huo Xinxin happens to hit the bull's-eye!

"Third cousin, how do you condone a woman in your company who's also in the same department as third cousin's wife, how does that make third cousin's wife look!" Huo Xinxin directly provokes Jiang Jiu and Song Zhi into a war and prepares to watch from the wall.

Song Zhi raised her eyebrows, just now she was still telling her to leave M&R with a mouthful of 'roll', and now she's saying 'third cousin's wife' with a mouthful of 'third cousin's wife', hitting her face faster than a tornado!

She said, "How else can I look at it, of course I gladly accepted it."

"You actually don't mind?"

"Of course I don't mind, I not only don't mind, but instead I'm very welcoming, what do you say?" Song Zhe is also very innocent.

Huo Xinxin is still not in the situation, looking at the always arrogant and domineering Song Zhe actually just accepting Huo Mu Shen's mistress, and also working with her, her body is numb.

"Song Zhe, aren't you afraid that third cousin won't want you?" Huo Xinxin sneers.

For Huo Xinxin to stir up trouble, Song Ru's eyes only fell on her for a second before abruptly moving to Huo Mushan, the two pieces of soft lips pursed a few times invisibly, following her words and asking, "Will you not want me?"


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