Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 189

"But if you want me to fight for the highest decision maker, I can fulfill you." Huo Muchen said in a low, deep voice.

"What?" Song Zhe gradually familiarizes herself with Huo Mushen's set-up and raises her eyebrows, "You would be so kind? Hubby, I'm already satisfied if you don't set me up."

Huo Mou Shen laughs lowly and mute, "My Xiao Zhi is still really smart."

"I knew it was like this." Song Zhi grunts, "Say, what do you want?"

Huo Mushen looks at her, his eyes so gentle that he almost drowns her, "Xiao Ru, give birth to a son for me."


Song Ru was shocked.

"I can give it to you even if you want it now." Huo Mushen said in a low, husky voice.

"No no no." Song Zhi put on an aggrieved look, "My waist still hurts, and ...... aren't you in the midst of a career upswing right now, if I were to get pregnant and have a baby right now, would it affect your ability to deal with the Huo family?"

She subconsciously touches her flat belly against Huo Mushan's chest, there used to be a child here, but she inexplicably lost it before she had a chance to feel it!

When she miscarried, she was still in so much pain that her body curled up!

Huo Mou Shen leaned over and kissed her earlobe, said in a low choked voice: "My fault my fault ...... I made you hurt, we don't give birth."

"Xiaozhu, my fault ...... wait for you to get well, we do not give birth ...... I have you a daughter in my life is enough."

Song Zhi's nose was sore, she did not know how many times Huo Mou Shen said 'my fault', she just knew that later she never got pregnant, because of the lack of children, so that the Huo family was more and more dissatisfied with her!

Song Zhi didn't know at the time how much pressure Huo Mou Shen was under to preserve her position as Mrs. Huo.

"Huo Mou Shen, you smoked yesterday, and you even smoked two." Song Zhi compares 'two' with her little finger.

Huo Mou Shen's voice was cold, clear and stern: "I will quit smoking ...... Xiaozhu, give me a son.

You give birth, I raise, will not be too laborious for you."

Song Ru bit her lip, she is not not want to get pregnant, just do not want any more accidents, and M & R is in an upswing, most of the workload is down to her and Huo Mou Shen.

If she was pregnant, she would probably hide it honestly and Huo Mushan wouldn't let her work, so all the workload would fall on Huo Mushan.

Song Ru tilted her head to look at his condensed eyebrows with a vague hint of anticipation, and the words of rejection couldn't be uttered no matter what.

"Xiao Ru, give me a child!

I'll raise it and bring it to the company."

Huo Mu Shen rubbed her cheek, causing Song Zhi to hug him tighter, "En, but you have to quit smoking first, and even if I'm pregnant, you have to protect me."

When you're pregnant, you can't touch electronic devices.

Song Zhi thought, "The E-Star project has to be faster and faster.

By the time she was actually pregnant, she could go and switch to designing, just in time to publish comics and get in line with M&R.

Huo Mou Shen's eyes lock deep into her, his voice cold and clear: "Good, I'll protect our family's little heart with my son."

"You don't have a son yet, what are you calling it?" Song Zhi twisted and moved his body, "Anyway, you have to quit smoking first, starting today, I will supervise you every day. You can't have a baby until you've quit smoking for three months."


Huo Mou Shen responds with a bite.

"No son can have a daughter first." Huo Moushen hugged her tightly, "Why don't we make one now!"

Song Zhi stared incredulously, "I don't want one, you'd better go to a meeting to quit smoking, I'll go back to report to the E-Star sector with Xiaojiu."

She carries a faint auburn under her eyelashes, having been tired too late last night.

Huo Mou Shen didn't pester her any further, dryly picking the person up from the sofa and taking her to the washroom, properly 'sterilizing' her before releasing her.

Song Zhi looked at a pair of hands that were almost polished white and drew a breath.

"Xiao Ru, I'm not assigning you bodyguards as a pose, next time you still want to get your hands dirty, just let them." Huo Mu Shen's voice line slowed down, not tolerating any more harshness.

Song Ru nodded, faintly explaining, "I'm not personally hitting my face, it seems I'm more capable! And it's not that I want to hit her, it's that she wants me to, you don't even know that Huo Xinxin has always been at odds with me, and today she deliberately came to humiliate me, I'm sorry to my husband if I don't teach her a lesson! In M&R's territory, how can I be bullied!"

"Did you ask Xiao Jiu to come over?" Huo Muchen asked favorably, reaching out and touching her hand, his fingertips tracing over the diamond ring on it.

Song Ru was in an extraordinarily beautiful mood after being protected by her husband, raising the corners of her lips, "En, I took advantage of your drunkenness last night to talk to Xiao Jiu about this idea. Xiao Jiu is now in Huacheng and quite unsupported, I want to make her feel at home."

"Little girl has really grown up." Huo Mushen scraped the tip of her nose.

Song Zhi was puppy-like stroked her nose, her body ducked back, her hand all of a sudden pestled to the sunken wooden table, her fingertips grasped back to see a hut with a simple and humble design.

"This is ......"

Design drawings on all from the hands of Huo Mou Shen, the room sky blue-based, simple bed, bed next to a simple bookshelf, in addition to the rest of the simple can not be more simple.

The corner of her lips twitched, "This is the nursery you designed?"

"Not really, the first draft, just the bedroom where my son will live in the future." Huo Moushen pinched up a page of the first draft and pulled out a second page from it, handing it to Song Zhi, "There are a few more drafts, you can pick one."

Song Zhi looked at the second page, gray cold tone, and the last one is ...... simply the same!

She said helplessly in her heart, "Son, your father is too out of touch!"

"Huo Mu Shen, isn't your design a bit too simple!" Song Ru said politely.

"It's not simple anymore, I drew the initial draft in five minutes." Huo Moushen raised his eyebrows, rightfully so.

"Five minutes ...... is quite a long time." Song Zhi wrinkled his cheeks, the corner of his lips twitched, refracting a touch of diamond light from the diamond, "I doubt it, this diamond ring won't be you just design it."


Huo Mushan ruffles her hair.

Diamond ring is he spent ten years, the diamond is the world's unique one, he is a long time to seek diamonds, from the ring to the design, Huo Mou Shen do not know how many models of the design of the ring in order to let the design master is willing to give up the unique diamonds.

Perhaps his sincerity impressed the design master, or his successive ten years of uninterrupted design so that he improved in the level of design, in short, he longed to wear the ring on the person wearing the ring he designed.

There was a tiny mechanism at the button when the ring was designed, and the switch that would open the ring was in the wedding band on his left ring finger.

The ring finger is connected to the heart, and unless his finger is broken and his heart doesn't beat, no one can take off his wedding ring!

Huo Mou Shen collects back his sight, his eyes lowered, and he is silent for a moment before saying, "Go see Xiao Jiu, I can't help it if you're here."


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