Novel Name : Warm Marriage:Rebirth Sweet Wife

Chapter 190

Song Zhi hurriedly put down the drawings and slipped out with a slinky, cat-like step.

Huo Mou Shen couldn't help but laugh lowly as he watched.

Auntie Tang is really great, giving birth to a little heart for him to love and spoil!

Huo Moushen gradually recalled when the marriage contract was finalized.

Aunt Tang's pregnancy was checked for a daughter, and he had already decided it was her when he felt Aunt Tang's first fetal movement.

He never knew that there was such a soft little thing in the world, and his heart softened in that moment, so he lightly 'en' from his throat when his mother proposed the doll's marriage.

But in reality, his cold and taut face has long been surging with waves, and a hint of hidden amusement has rarely dyed his gloomy eyes.

Huo Mou Shen reveals a bewildered look as he mentions the past but realizes that Song Zhi doesn't know anything about it.


Song Zhi was also unaware of Huo Muk Shen's reference to the past, but only vaguely felt a bit familiar, and her heart welled up with indescribable doubts.

When she returned to the office, Jiang Jiu had completed the entry procedures and officially joined M&R as an employee.

Jiang Wine was standing in the doorway, looking with interest at Song Zhi's scarlet and shy face that would make even a woman's heart flutter when she saw it, "Growing into you like this, it's hard to believe that Third Brother can still let you come back."

A few hints of flirtation surfaced on her face, as if she was avoiding an unhappy topic, "How did Huo Xinxin know about me and the Chi family?"

"She doesn't know."

"Doesn't know? Just now, she kept asking me about tearing up and junior, and still said she didn't know! If it wasn't for Third Brother's face, I would have just kicked her in the face!" Jiang Wine's words were dripping with dominance.

Song Zhe tugged at the corner of his lips, "It turns out that the two of you actually weren't on the same page when you quarreled just now.

Huo Xinxin thought that the woman in that photo of you and my husband on the headlines was trying to get the two of us to sow discord and tear each other apart, and she sat back and reaped the benefits."

"Oh ...... so that's what happened!" Jiang Wine tugs at the corner of her lips obliquely, covering her black eyelashes, "Huo Xin Xin is also a blind one, and you used to have a match."


Song Zhe's lips curved up, not moving to misplace the topic, "Last night you told me that Huo Muchen had traveled abroad on business to look for you? What did he say to you?"

Jiang Wine's gaze dodged, rubbed her eyes, and changed the topic again, "If you want to know, ask Third Brother, there are some questions I can't say, I'm afraid Third Brother will get me killed!"

"Won't happen, your third brother even praised you yesterday, and you're a girl." Song Zhe said seriously.

Jiang Wine shook her head as she raised a finger to dislike Song Zhi's forehead, "In Third Brother's eyes, there are no men or women!

There are only you and others!

We're considered our own people, but we can't compare to you, anyway, at that time, when Third Brother broke away from the Huo family to create M&R it was more chaotic, right?"

At the end, she adds, "Third Brother loves you so much, how did he let that post still exist?"

"Huo Muchen said I could join him in the headlines."

Song Zhi didn't think too much about it, but after Jiang Jiu reminded her, she really felt it was a bit weird.

"No, he can do this kind of thing that slanders his reputation, but when it comes to wood megacolor news, Third Brother will never allow himself to dip his hands in the slightest, for fear of letting you think that he's a playboy, but he can be much more reliable than Sixth Brother.

Third Brother must have known who was behind the posting for a long time, only that he never said anything."

"?" Song Zhe wrinkled his eyebrows.

Jiang Wine's expression gave a lurch as she calmly analyzed, "Don't look at me with a look of pure innocence, I'll really think you're a little fox! Besides, Third Brother isn't as stupid as to let the posts hacking you run rampant."

"Huo Mushan knew it was Huo Xinxin who did it because he didn't want to tear his face off with the Huo family?" Song Zhe's guess is a bit off the mark, almost making Jiang Jiu spit out blood.

"You really are spoiled by third brother, really stupid ...... cute and naive.

If Third Brother is really afraid of tearing his face off with the Huo family still created what M&R!

Third brother won't easily let go of the Huo family that hurt you in the first place!"

Jiang Jiu blankly glanced at Song Zhi's intelligence and stared at her palm-sized little face, her black and white eyes twittering.

"Don't look at me with that scowl, it'll make me think you don't know what the Huo family did to you!" Jiang Wine tugged on her arm to bring her to the morning meeting.

Song Zhi frowned, her originally tangled little face even more tangled, "I indeed don't know what happened, what did the Huo family ever do to me?"

"You really don't know."

"I really don't know." Song Zu's face was full of bewilderment, Jiang Wine couldn't find half a trace of lying from her small white face, doubts rose in front of her eyes.

Jiang Wine's heart shook, it seemed that Song Zu had not been scourged deeply by the Huo family.

Huo Mushen clearly knew about this but never told her, that is, he didn't want to tell Song Zhi.

"Your look tells me that you know, so tell me." Song Zhi didn't half hesitate and asked the question straight out in a single question.

"I can't tell you, it's better to let Third Brother tell you, go to the meeting. I can't be late to report as a newcomer." Ginger Wine had always been a man of his word when it came to work, and was extremely efficient, going straight to the E-Star office.

The original vacant slots in the office were filled, which meant that Annelina never had a chance to come back, and even Su Xue Ning had to get the hell out of there!

Song Ru stood in the center of the conference room, cleared his throat, and said: ''Previously, it has been said that E-Star lacks managerial talents, I have now invited one, and from tomorrow onwards, she will be responsible for E-Star's departmental resource management and external cooperation. Any further deviation from today, as the person in charge I will not understand anymore."

Ginger Wine braced her chilled face and swept over the crowd and spoke with a smile, "Everyone my name is Ginger Wine, maybe some of you don't recognize me but you may have heard of me M&R the operator who created all the linked resources in the first place."


They had heard that when M & R was created back in the day, there was a dark force that only operated the stock market, causing many stock markets to plummet overnight, and M & R acquired them strongly, and they didn't realize that Ginger Wine was one of them, and he didn't look too old!

"I'm not saying this to show off, I want to tell you, whoever of you has a small action under my nose, I can all find out! Better not play any dirty tricks, or else I'll play you to death!"


Instantly, the crows were silent.

The atmosphere was flooded with gloom.

"Alright, everyone continue working. Director Jiang just loves to joke with everyone, the next program is about to be made."

Someone stepped forward and handed Song Ru the latest request, "Director Song, this is a request from Vice President AK Su, it seems to be a bit difficult."

Song Zhi took it and scanned the requirements.

"The design drawings and program requirements are listed at the same time."

Jiang Wine swept a glance, "This is not to tire you out, listing this kind of task at the same time is comparable to a huge mountain, you still have to go back to the Huo family to pay respects to their birthday, at the very least you will have to stay for a few days, if you finalize the first draft in these few days, you'll definitely be too late to go back to pay respects to your birthday."

Song Zhe snorted and whispered, "Yes, if I can't go back in time to celebrate my birthday, I'll make grandpa dissatisfied.

In case grandpa is not satisfied, he can just kick me out, isn't it just what they want, eh?"


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